AtS: Dramatis Personae

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A space opera-like setting in the far future where the human race spread out from Terra to the stars centuries ago.

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AtS: Dramatis Personae

Postby PMiller » Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:32 am

Thread of Characters (One Post per player)
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Re: AtS: Dramatis Personae

Postby LMiller » Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:49 am


Trever (last unknown) - Human Boy, Age 13 orphan and thief

    Trever was born on a starship where his parents served; they were explorers. When they landed on a planet, evil aliens destroyed the starship. Trever and his brother were sent away in an escape pod to a city planet. He turned into a thief, because it's the only way for him to survive (his brother died).

    Trever has brown eyes and hair. He is skinny and not very tall for his age. He looks a bit Asian.

    Trever is very talkative and fearless. He sees himself as a good person, because in his past he only
    needed to steal to survive. Trever likes being with people nowadays, because he was alone always when he was younger.

Traits: Trever has...
    Below average Strength (d20)
    Pretty good Agility (d10)***
    Pretty good Health (d10)
    A lack of Knowledge of the universe (d20)
    Average Perception (d12)
    Exceptional Luck (d8)

Skills: Trever is...
    Very good with mechanical things (d8)
    Pretty good at using computers (d10)
    Average in Athletics (d12)
    Somewhat Stealthy (d12)
    Average at throwing weapons (d12)
    Average at escaping from being tied up (d12)
    Not very good at Unarmed Combat (d20)
    A little knowledgeable of Demolitions (D20)

Trever owns/carries...
    One set of blue & gray coveralls with boots
    One set of illegal lockpicks and maglock spikes
    One small laser pistol (20 shots)
    One Chronocom
    One Flashlight
    One Toxyrad gauge
    One Backpack
    One all-weather blanket
    One life jacket
    Two bottles water (2 Liters)
    Three packages of survival rations (8 days remaining)
    Two Stun grenades
    One Poly-vox
    One bottle of salt pills (4 remain)
    One pair of sungoggles
    One Machete
    One pocket multi-tool

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Re: AtS: Dramatis Personae

Postby Herzog » Wed Dec 31, 2014 9:21 am


Maya - Near Human female, unknown age, appears to be around 18 - melee / magic like user.

Maya background is a bit unknown even to herself. She would be classified as a siren, a extremely rare race that have a wide variety of supernatural abilities dealing with other dimensions and time travel. Slipping in and out of dimensions and time has caused her biological clock to stop, giving her an appearance of a young adult. It has also affected large parts of her memory and as such, her true age is indeterminate.

Maya is near human in appearance. Her hair is a natural dark purple and skin unnaturally pale and white. She has the appearance of an older teenager of about the age of 18. Spiral blue and purple tattoos start at her chest and travel down her right arms, side and leg.

Having her memories screwed up has made Maya a bit eccentric and flighty. She does have a stubborn streak that shows up occasionally, and has a habit of talking to herself. She can sometimes swing from being extrovert to introvert, making her a bit moody.

Traits: She has...
    Average Strength (d12)
    Pretty Good Agility (d10)
    Average Health (d12)
    Exceptional Knowledge (d8)
    Average Perception (d10)
    Below Average Luck (d20)
    Average Willpower (d12)*

    Armor vs Energy only (d20)(Albedo Screen)
Willpower is the equivalent of the magic trait for this character

Skills: She is...
    Average in Piloting (d12)
    Average at Persuasion (d12)
    Skilled in Melee Weapons (d8)
    Average at Deception (d12)
    Average Phase Shift (willpower) (d12!)
    Average Time Shift (willpower) (d12!)
    Student of Galactic Lore (d20)
    Proficient at Linguistics (d12)
    Proficient with Energy Weapons (d12)
    Skilled at Biotech (d10)

Skill wishlist
    Student of Galactic Lore
    Energy Weapons, personal
    Knowledgeable of alien/advanced technology
    Knowledgeable of galactic civilizations
    A related super power or two...

Spell Definitions:
Phase Shift Ability (Req: Willpower) (d12!)

Able to send objects or beings to another dimension temporarily. Objects or beings in the other dimension do not exist in reality. Able to affect number of beings at once besides herself equal to competency rungs below d30 (d12=2). Roll check (target 6): Success = effect can last full encounter or more. Failure = effect lasts about 1 round. If used as an attack, it is defended with Knowledge or Perception (defender’s choice).

Time Shift Ability (Req: Willpower) (d12!)

Able to slow or speed up time for an object or finite area. Able to affect number of beings at once besides herself equal to competency rungs below d30 (d12=2). Roll check (target 6): Success = effect can last full encounter or more. Failure = effect lasts about 1 round. If used as an attack, it is defended with Knowledge or Perception (defender’s choice). Grants a bonus rung to attack as well as extra attacks (d12 = 2, d8 = 3, d4 = 4). Agility bonus is capped by super rung. d12 super power = d10 increase, d10 = d8 increase and so forth.

Willpower abilities have a draining effect if continued to be used without getting several hours of rest. They can be used freely an equal number of times per day for the number of abilities known (Currently 2). Afterwards, a Willpower check (target 6) is required each time to use one again. Success = no adverse effect. Failure = Drops Willpower 1 rung temporarily until character can rest for the day. If Willpower drops to d30, further failures will drop Health temporarily instead. If Health gets reduced to d30 in this fashion the character will die. Healing before rest can recover the reductions to Health, but not Willpower.

    1 unknown medial instrument used as improvised club
    1 set of blue/gray stretch coveralls & boots
    1 Albedo Shield
    1 Chronocom
    1 Poly-vox
    1 Flashlight
    1 Laser Pistols (20 shots each)
    1 Toxyrad gauge
    1 Pocket mutli-tool
    1 Backpack
    1 coils of rope
    1 all-weather blanket
    1 life jacket
    2 bottles water (3 Liters left)
    1 bottle of salt pills (4 pills left)
    3 packages of survival rations (8 days left)
    1 pair of sungoggles
    1 compass
    1 first aid kit
    1 multitool
    2 tangle grenades
    1 stun grenade
    1 machete
    1 linen gown to be used as a rag

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Re: AtS: Dramatis Personae

Postby Argo » Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:30 pm


Argo, search and rescue dog

Traits: Argo has...
    Average Strength (d12)
    Average Agility (d12)
    Very Good Health (d10)
    A dog’s knowledge of the universe (d30)
    Canine perception (d6)
    Neither good luck nor bad luck (d12)

Skills: Argo is...
    Attuned to scents (Req: Canine)(d12!)
    Good at outdoor navigation, tracking and survival (d8)
    Challenged by manipulating electronics with his paws (d30)
    Attack trained (Natural Weapons) (d12)**
    Able to be quiet when necessary (d12)
    Good at running, jumping, and climbing (d10)
    Able to dog paddle (D20)
    (2 points leftover - to Natural Weapons)
    Outfitted with cyberware: Datajack Interface (d20!)
    Trained in using energy weapons (d12)

Background: Argo is a genetically uplifted dog of near-human adult intelligence who has been outfitted with a vocabulator that synthesizes speech in a pleasant male voice. He has been trained for search and rescue and protection. He is six years old.

Appearance: Argo is a German Shepherd dog with brown and black medium-length fur, a mostly black mask on his face, and a long pink tongue. He stands 25 inches at the shoulders and weighs 90 lbs.

Personality: Argo is alert and intelligent, very protective of his friends and cautious around strangers. He is a cheerful dog who tries to look on the bright side of things. He knows how to read but has a hard time manipulating computers, and that frustrates him sometimes. Sometimes he pretends to be a normal dog and listens and watches what is going on around him.

Argo owns/carries...
    Helmet with cable for datajack interface and laser weapon.
    Toxy-rad gauge
    A pack with -
    1 blanket
    2 ration packs (4 days left)
    4 thin nylon ropes
    3 spare stretch coveralls (but not the boots)
    3 bottles of water (5 Liters left)
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Re: AtS: Dramatis Personae

Postby Aura » Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:56 pm


Rufus Shaintar - Human Male, Age 31 Engineer...and Spy?

    Rufus is a human from Terra, though he can remember little about his past beyond his skills at engineering and cybernetics.

    Rufus is a slim person, not very strong but aware of his surroundings and quite intelligent - somewhat of a bookworm. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

    Rufus likes to use humor to deflect fear. He will do anything to regain his memories, not knowing who or what he is beyond basic information. He hates using computers but has a decent knowledge of how to fix them. He tends to be afraid of others at first because of his tech-savvy nature, worried that others may bully him. He is not a very competitive individual but loves to trade information with other mechanics.

Traits: Rufus has...
    Below average Strength (d20)
    Average Agility (d12)
    Pretty good Health (d10)
    Exceptional Knowledge (d8)
    Pretty good Perception (d10)
    Average Luck (d12)

Skills: Rufus is...
    Excellent with mechanical engineering (d6)
    Average at using Starship Weapons (d20)
    Average in Firearms (d12)
    Somewhat good at Stealthy Infiltrations (d12)
    Average at Repairing (d12)
    Atrocious at using Computer Software (d20)
    Decent with Biotech (D12)

Rufus owns/carries...
    Nylon Rope
    Robcom tool kit
    Laser pistol (20/20 shots)
    Stretch Coveralls
    Salt Pills (4 pills left)
    One Set of Batteries for Flashlight
    All-Weather Blanket
    Rations (4 days left)
    Water Bottle (4 liters left)

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Re: AtS: Dramatis Personae

Postby DM Bot » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:00 pm

Alex Lysander - Human Male, Age 35

    Former captain Lysander was a soldier of the Republic before deciding that working as a hired gun for smugglers was a better gig.

    Alex Lysander is a rugged looking old soldier with stern features. Numerous scars mar his face and body, each with its own story. He's got a dusting of short brown hair, beginning to gray, and dark brown eyes.

    Alex is a generally happy individual who never loses his cool. He can be impulsive although never reckless given his occupation. He tends to have trouble with authority figures.

Traits: Alex has...
    Very High Strength (d8)
    Fair Agility (d12)
    Impressive Health (d10)
    Unreliable Knowledge (d20)
    Practiced Perception (d10)
    Pretty Good Luck (d12)

Skills: Alex is...
    Proficient with Personal Firearms (d10)
    A Skilled Unarmed Combat (d10)
    Competent In Armor (d12)**
    A Decent Athlete (d12)
    Pretty Good with Demolitions (d12)
    A Fair Survivalist (d12)
    An Amateur Piloting (d20)
    **2 points left over**

Alex owns/carries...
    One set of blue/gray stretch coveralls & boots
    Armored undersuit (ballistic/melee Armor d20)
    2 Laser Pistols (20 shots each)
    1 Machete
    3 Stun grenades
    4 Tangler grenades
    1 Toxyrad gauge
    1 Pocket mutli-tool
    1 Backpack
    2 coils of rope
    2 all-weather blanket
    1 flashlight
    5 bottles water (8 liter left)
    1 bottle of salt pills (4 pills left)
    3 packages of survival rations (8 days left)
    1 pair of sungoggles
    1 compass
    1 Chronocom
    1 Flashlight
    1 Life jacket

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Re: AtS: Dramatis Personae

Postby PMiller » Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:18 am


Miranda (last unknown) - Human woman, approximately 26 years old

    Xenobiologist, linguist, and meditech from what she remembers.

    A slender woman with light brown hair down below her shoulders exited. She had slightly tanned skin and was about about hand's length shy of 2 meters in height.

    So far she is pretty nice a caring

Traits: Miranda has...
    A slender body and is not very strong (d20)
    Pretty good agility and dexterity (d8)
    Average stamina and health (d12)
    Decent perception and can notices most things (d10)
    Experienced a fair amount and has a good memory (d10)
    A reasonably amount of luck (d12)

Skills: Miranda is...
    An expert in Xenobiological Studies (d8)
    Good at linguistics and learning new languages (d10)
    Decent in athletic ability (d12)
    Shoot energy weapons (d12)
    Decent at Persuasion (d12)
    Able to do pretty well handling biotech issues and medicine (d12)
    Able to pilot most vehicles without crashing (d20)
    Not very skilled at melee combat (d20)

Miranda owns/carries...
    One set of blue/gray stretch coveralls & boots
    One envirokit (bioscanner, vaporscanner, & geoscanner)
    One Survival Kit backpack
    One laser pistol (20 shots)
    One First Aid Kit
    One Chronocom
    One poly-vox
    One all-weather blanket
    Two packs rations (4 days left)
    Two bottles of water (3 liters left)
    Two bottles of salt pills (8 pills left)
    One toxyrad gauges
    One pair of sungoggles
    One Life jacket
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