Star Wars -Dawn of Defiance - Re-opening for recruitment

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Star Wars -Dawn of Defiance - Re-opening for recruitment

Postby Daemon » Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:51 pm

This game is pretty old. I have been running it for about a year and some odd months, and have taken the players from level one to ten.

However, because of personal issues and such, some of the players have left the game. Others have split off into their own threads, which I need to populate with some other players.

What I am looking for fall below

-1-2 level 10 characters to go with the main party. No force users, since the party has enough of them as is. Everything else is up in the air though. The party could use a soldier, scout, techie, really anything. No sith or darkside characters allowed.

-3-4 You have to be a part of the "New Republic" to be in the newer game thread. This means you can be anything you want, ranging from a Jedi coming out of Hiding, A Sith Assassin, a veteran commander, anything. Levels will vary and change depending on the story and background.

A few notes about my dming style for those of you who haven't played with me before. I am pretty heavily rp oriented, but still throw in combat. I don't do a lot of dice rolling, and add lib a bit, since straight rules following can often gunk up and slow down PbP gaming.

I am pretty open to all and any character ideas. PM me with suggestions, or leave em here.
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