FF: Savage Worlds reference information

A cataclysm of flooding was destroying the world, the waters to eventually rise and leave the mountains as islands scattered throughout. The gods showed the peoples floating ore and wizards spelled it to levitate. Some of the doomed cities and realms were able to salvage themselves by quickly magicking the ore in the foundations of their cities to float them into the sky. Now sailing ships float through air and winged mounts carry transportation and trade between the islands on the roiling seas and in the sky.

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FF: Savage Worlds reference information

Postby PMiller » Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:51 am

This thread contains links and information about Savage Worlds.


Core Rules Deluxe Edition

Character Generation Summary:
1. Race: Choose or make up your own
2. Attributes: All start at d4; Then Improve die types 5 times (max to d12)
3. Skills: 15 points to spend on Skills:
- Skill cost 1pt to start at d4
- 1pt per die type raised
- 2pts per die to raise over the associated Attribute for Skill
4. Edges & Hindrances: Can take 1 Major and 2 Minor for 4 points to improve:
- Attributes (costs 2)
- Skills (costs 1)
- Buy Edges (costs 2)
5. Gear: Start with $500 for personal gear
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