SM: Dramatis Persona

A What-If Star Wars universe where the Empire is ruled by the Jedi Council, and the Rebellion is fronted by the Sith. Everything is familiar, yet totally different, as the Sith-led Rebellion battles the Jedi Order for the fate of the Empire.

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SM: Dramatis Persona

Postby Herzog » Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:20 pm

Dramatis Persona and character sheets

Building a Character
6 Traits: Start them at d30, then use 44XP to improve them according to the cost listed below. Leftover XP can be allocated to traits for future improvement (need to be recorded).
- Force can be taken as a Trait, but it is brought in by the Force Sensitivity superpower. Starts at d30. It is then improved from the Trait XP pool at character gen.
- Traits are capped at d8

Purchase Trained skill initially at d30 = 1 point
Improve from d30 to d20 = 2 points (also for initial training in Untrained Skills)
Improve from d20 to d12 = 3 points
Improve from d12 to d10 = 4 points
Improve from d10 to d8 = 5 points
Improve from d8 to d6 = 6 points
Improve from d6 to d4 = 7 points

12 initial skills/feats/talents at d20. Racial features/Force sensitivity and other feats that make sense must be selected from this pool.

52xp to then improve skills/purchase feats/force powers/talents, etc. No skill greater than d10

No skill can start better than d10 at character generation.

An original Skill from the starting 12 can be dropped to d30 to gain 2XP to spend on a different skill.

For each rung below d30 of the wisdom trait, pick 1 knowledge skill at d20 for free. For each xp spent on improving wisdom during character gen, apply that much xp to the free knowledge skill. Knowledge skills would include languages.

More Skills can be purchased than the original 12 by spending 1XP to acquire a the Skill (such as Knowledge skills and Languages) at d30

Wealth can be improved with XP from the skill pool...only at character gen!

Leftover XP can be allocated to skills for future improvement (need to be recorded with an * for each XP invested).

Appearance: (with avatar picture to use with IMGSet)
In the background, please include why you've joined the Rebellion and Optionally, any Plot Hooks (adversaries, vows of vengeance - yours or against you, people that want to see you dead, bounties, etc)

Character Thread Template | Show
Code: Select all


[fieldset=Traits][b]___ has …[/b][list]
<put the six traits first, then Force (if applicable)>
[fieldset=Misc Data][b]Armor Rating:[/b] dXX

[b]Wealth:[/b] dXX

[b]Reputation:[/b] None yet

[b]Unspent XP:[/b] 0[/fieldset]
[fieldset=Skills. Talents and Powers][b]___ is/can…[/b][list]
<list them>[/list][/fieldset]

[fieldset=Gear][b]___ carries/owns…[/b][list]

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Re: SM: Dramatis Persona

Postby Herzog » Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:19 am

AttributesName: Samara
Aliases: Samara
Species: Near-human
Gender: Female
Age: 25

Description: Slender and lithe, possessing a taller than average height. Long, curly black hair contrasting with a pale complexion and complimented with grey eyes. Personal style is black dresses with stockings or tunic pants, either with blood red or silver trim, unless she is trying to disguise herself. In that case, nondescript grey and brown.
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 55kg

TraitsSamara has …
    Low Strength (d20)
    Amazing Agility (d8)
    Average Health (d12)
    Above average Perception (d10)
    Average Wisdom (d12)
    Below Average Destiny (d20)
    Skilled in the Force (d10)

Misc DataArmor Rating: d20

Wealth: d30

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 0

Skills. Talents and Powers Samara is/can…
  1. Force Sensitivity - (d20!)
  2. Darkvision - (d12!)
  3. Skilled with lightsabers (Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers)) - (d10)
  4. Stealthy - (d12)
  5. Acrobatic - (d12)
  6. Skilled at Gathering Information (d10)
  7. Fairly deceptive (d12)
  8. Jedi Talent: Block (d12!)
  9. Jedi Talent: Deflect (d10!)
  10. Force Power: Force Lightning (darkside) (d12!)
  11. Force Power: Move Object (d12!)
  12. Force Power: Fear (darkside) (d20!)
  13. a beginner survivalist Survivalist (d30)
  14. a novice fighter Pilot (fighter) (d20)
  15. Talent: Dark Side Savant d20! (3xp)
  16. Force Power: Phase d20! (3xp)
    Wisdom Free Knowledge skills (2 free , 5xp)
  17. knows a little bit about galactic geography (d20)**
  18. good Knowledge of the jedi order (d12)

Block (req Force trait and Weap Prof Lightsaber)
As a reaction, roll to negate an incoming melee attack. Must have lightsaber drawn and ignited and aware of the incoming attack. TN is that of the incoming attack -1 for each successful block that round.

Deflect (req Force trait and Weap Prof Lightsaber)
As a reaction, roll to negate an incoming ranged attack. Must have lightsaber drawn, ignited, and aware of the attack. TN is that of the incoming attack -1 for each successful block that round. Success of against a barrage attack like autofire negates part of the damage.

Darkside Savant (req Force)
Once per encounter, refresh a darkside force power.

Force Powers:
Force Lightning (darkside)
You blast the enemy with deadly arcs of Force energy. Classical force lightning attack. Opposed check vs target's Agility. Success hits for massive damage. At d10, able to hit multiple targets.

Move object (telekinetic)
You telekinetically move a target up to 60 feet in any direction using the force. Oppose wisdom check. Also, the size of object that can be effected scales with competency. D20 is up to medium size, d12 large, d10 huge, d8 gargantuan, d6+ colossal. The power can be maintained by making another check the following round. Spend a Destiny rung to increase the size you can effect by 1.

Fear (darkside,mind-affecting)
You summon the power of the dark side to instill fear into your enemies. Target has to be within line of sight and 60ft. Opposed check vs Wisdom. For each rung, the fear affect increases. At D20, target looses standard action. D12, target can only move, d10, target can only take a swift reaction, d8, no actions. Spend a destiny point to also lower target's defense by 1 rung.

You can pass through solid objects such as walls and doors. Distance able to phase scales with competency. D20 = 5ft, d12 = 10, d10 = 20ft, d8 = 40, etc

Gear Samara carries/owns…
  • Long handled Lightsaber - Red crystal
  • Sith robes (d20 rating)
  • Camouflage poncho
  • Handsfree comlink and earbud
  • Vibro-knife
  • Utility Belt (contains medkit, 3xrations, multitool, energy cell, glow rod)
  • Liquid Cable Dispenser

Personality | Show
Samara lack's some social graces, speaking her mind at times and showing little tact. The young woman is ruthless, and will not hesitate to eliminate obstacles or threats to her being and the causes she supports. Samara may not be old, but she has experienced pain and loss. One can see it in her eyes at times of focus and determination. The drive for vengeance is like wise present. Samara has fully embraced the Sith ways of the Force, and supports the the Rebellion. She wishes to see the Jedi Order burn.

The young woman also has some mannerisms that make people question her sanity. She was unhinged when the Jedi Order severed her from the Force. The lingering sith ghost in the back of Samara's mind didn't help matters either. She has recognized it for it truly was, as it has shaped some of her current beliefs. However, the woman has learned that the ghost is also very self serving. It's advice is not to always be heeded. For the most part, it doesn't not interfere with her relationships with the others, but at times, the ghost does come out. Which can be a bit unnerving to the others.

Background | Show
Samara is the unfortunate illegitimate child from between a Jedi Watchman and a near human consort. Her father had been posted out to one of the less populous worlds. A position he saw as more punishment than reward, as the world had little going in the terms of disputes or threats that needed the Jedi Order’s over watch. As such, he grew restless and was ripe for the temptations of the dark side. The temptation came in the form of a rather striking near human courtesan. The jedi watchman caught her eyes as a prize worth seducing. Before he knew what had happened, the jedi and the consort had an illicit tryst together.

Unfortunate for both of them, the tryst turned out to be something more as the courtesan found out she had become pregnant. Perhaps it was the Force, or luck, but several months later, Samara was born into the galaxy, much to the disgrace of both her parents. Luckily, the extent of the scandal had not been revealed to the public or the Jedi Council, keeping the political and social damage of the two parents to a minimum.

At first, the two unwilling parents tried to make the best of it and raise the child. But resentment grew amongst the two as nether were will suited for parenthood. Samara’s father threw himself into his duties as much as a way to redeem himself as to also avoid parenthood. In his eyes, Samara represented his shame, and he did not want to be reminded of his perceived failure to his order.

The mother, who at least attempted to raise the child, grew resentful at having her career cut short in its prime. Fearful of reprisal from the Jedi Order, Samara’s father used everything in his power to hide both mother and child from public view, lest they become further disgraced. Chaffing under the confines, Samara’s mother grew to despise her confinement and the man who caused them. After a few years, the near human courtesan managed to flee the system, dumping the young child on the Jedi father.

Now left to himself, Samara’s father struggled to be a parent as well as keep up appearances. By this time, Samara had begun to show signs of being strong in the Force. Her father feared these signs as he was ill-prepared to train a girl in the force as he was to raise one. Unfortunately, news leaked out about his old affair and his child. To make matters worse, the Jedi Council also caught wind of the affair and the child, forcing them to intervene.

Samara tested high in the force, and was still at a young enough age to be trained. The Jedi council took custody of her from her father. But it didn’t take many years before trouble appeared in the young girl. Samara had developed much resentment and anger at both her mother and father as a result of her early childhood. The strictness of the Jedi Order did not help matters, and Samara begin to rebel and cause trouble more and more as the few years went on. She also resisted the indoctrination the Order was pursuing in the wake of taking over the Galactic Republic.

Things ultimately came to a head during a training session, when Samara seriously injured several padawan during a fight. The Jedi Order had come to the realization that the anger and emotions were too strong in the girl, and that further training her would just lead to trouble. Rather than having a untrainable force user running loose, the Council severed Samara from the Force.

The anguish and loss from being cut off from the Force proved too much for Samara’s mind. She became unhinged and violent. She was especially violent towards any Jedi as they caused her this pain. The Jedi Council struck by indecision on how to handle the distraught girl’s case, kept a tight handle on her, which only resulted in making matters worse.

Relief for Samara came from an unexpected source. Perhaps it was the insanity of her mind, or her anguish rippling through the force. Either way, her plight had attracted the ghost of a former force user. The ghost attached itself to Samara, whispering in her mind’s ear and providing some comfort. To the girl itself, she began treating the ghost as an imaginary friend, naming it Babbette. The jedi couldn’t sense the ghost, and contributing the conversations Samara had with Babbette as part of the damage to her personality.

However, all was not what it seemed. The ghost attached to Samara was one of a former sith lord. To it, the girl is somewhat of a kindred spirit in regards to the jedi, and a method it could use to strike back from the grave. Samara may have recognized the ghost for what it was, but she had already vowed to vengeance on the jedi, and turned herself over to the dark side.

Showing better behavior, the jedi slowly loosened their gripe over Samara. Samara along with Babbette’s help, convinced the jedi that she was normal and stable enough to be given some free reign in and around the Jedi compound. The girl was even able to win over some sympathetic jedi to teach her how to pilot air and space craft. This skill, along wheedling information from others, was encouraged by Babbette as necessary for their escape and for the future.

After a year or so, everything was in place for Samara’s plan to escape. Sneaking into a hanger, the girl rigged a few small craft to have malfunctions in their piloting computers. The resulting accidents caused much chaos in the jedi facility, letting Samara slip from those assigned to watch her. She even managed to swipe an old long handled lightsaber from the jedi armory. Coincidentally, one used by a sith lord in the past. Samara and her ghost then stole aboard a transport and left the planet.

Now out in the galaxy and away from the jedi watchfulness, Babette told Samara that her connection to the force could be restored. The jedi who cut her off from the force to begin with had the ability, but that path is out of the question. The girl just had to find a strong force user not part of the jedi order to restore the connection. Babbette knew just the force user. With itself being part of the Force, it could sense the power of a strong Sith Lord who could restore the connection. One whose cause would undoubtedly align with Samara’s thirst for vengeance on the jedi.

But things were not always easy. With Babbette guiding by using small subtle nudges and prods, Samara traveled the galaxy in search of the one who could restore her connection to the Force. Eventually she ran across one such Sith Master that could restore her connection to the Force. The encountered nearly killed her, as the Sith Master was not to be trifled with. Impressed with determination and tenacity, the Sith restored Samara's connection.

But at a cost. The experience left her with hardly any memories of the encounter and process. Those little memories she did have the weeks up to and following were heavily fragmented. It was like Samara completely lost several months of her life. Even the sith ghost in the back of her mind was affected. It begged the question of what else had been done to her, if anything.

The important thing, however, was Samara could once again use the Force. She then turned her path towards vengeance. What better way then join the Rebellion. Besides fighting Jedi, surely she might find some clues as to who and how her Force connection was restored.
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Re: SM: Dramatis Persona

Postby PaladinIPG » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:11 am


spoiler: show
Sorry if the format is off, this is what I have so far, just wanted to get it checked

Name: Malrik Vaelin
Age: 29
Race: Human
Description: Malrik stands at 5'11. Short black hair and symbolic markings on his arms and hands. Simple white robes with blue and gray trimming.

Strength d20
Agility d12
Perception d8
Health d12
Wisdom d12
Destiny d30
Force d8

Acrobatics 20
Climb 20
Endurance 20
Persuasion 12
Sense Motive 10
Gather Information 20
Knowledge (jedi order) 10
Knowledge (Language, Bothans) 20
Craft (lightsaber) 20
Ride 20
Stealth 20
Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers) 10
Force Sensitivity 20
Force Power: Move Object 20
Knowledge (sith order) 20

(3xp leftover for future levels)

Block (req Force trait and Weap Prof Lightsaber)
As a reaction, roll to negate an incoming melee attack. Must have lightsaber drawn and ignited and aware of the incoming attack. TN is that of the incoming attack -1 for each successful block that round.

Deflect (req Force trait and Weap Prof Lightsaber)
As a reaction, roll to negate an incoming ranged attack. Must have lightsaber drawn, ignited, and aware of the attack. TN is that of the incoming attack -1 for each successful block that round. Success of against a barrage attack like autofire negates part of the damage.

Sever Force (Lightside)
You can block another force-user’s access to the Force, preventing from spending destiny and making it difficult for him to use force powers. Target is one force-using creature, in LOS and within 60ft. Opposed vs targets wisdom. If succeeds, target can’t use the force for several hours.

You gain a vague, momentary impression of events happening around a particular being in some distant place. Target must be a creature you know of have met before. If check succeeds, you know creature is dead or alive, and vague sense of immediate surroundings, what it's doing, and any strong emotions. Optionally, may spend a destiny rung to gain a clear picture as well as other objections within 30 feet of target.
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Re: SM: Dramatis Persona

Postby Mara Aragone » Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:43 am

Image Image Image Image
    A persuasive and beautiful noblewoman, traveling around the galaxy and looking for a good time, as she searches for new experiences and answers to her ultimate destiny
AttributesName: Mara Aragone
Aliases: None yet
Species: Zeltron
Gender: Female
Age: 22

Description: Slender build and very attractive. Her hair is naturally brown, but more often than not she has it lightened to be a strawberry blond. Her muscles are very toned from exercise but she does have a decent figure. She only needs subtle makeup normally. She wears earrings, bracelets and rings when appropriate. In public she is very image conscious and wears fashionable clothes. Often she is wearing either business or formal attire for her profession, so she is often wearing a skirt or dress. But, she does have some form fitting outfits as well. The outfits in her wardrobe range from classy, sexy to some conservative. She has a few slutty outfits as well for special occasions. But, all the outfits are meant to be attractive and accentuate the curves of her body.
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 55 kgs

TraitsMara has …
    Poor Strength when it comes to physical power (d20)
    Decent Agility (d10)*
    Good Health (d10)
    Decent Perception (d10)
    Average Wisdom (d12)
    A Destiny yet to be determined (d10)
    Strong in the Force (d8)

Misc DataArmor Rating: d20

Wealth: d12 (permanently d12 minimum)

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 0

Skills. Talents and PowersMara is/can…
    1. Force Sensitive (d20!)
    2. Strong in the Force (d8!) -14xp
    3. Receiving regular wealth payments from family (d12!) -3xp
    4. Quite capable of sensing conspiracies (d12!) -3xp
    >> Allows reroll of Perception vs. Deception to take better of the results
    5. Empathetic (Zeltron racial talent) (d20!)
    >> Improves Perception 1 rung vs. Deception when in range to pick up target's emotions (max d8)
    6. Always giving off influencing pheromones (d20!)
    >> Improves Persuasion 1 rung when her pheromones can be smelled (max d8)
    7. Very Persuasive (d10) -7xp
    8. Somewhat Stealthy (d20) (D12 with Stealth Generator active)
    9. Better than average at deceiving people (d12) -3xp
    10. A decent shot with pistols (d10) -7xp
    11. Better than average at gathering information (d12) -3xp
    12. Better than average at Moving Objects with the Force (d12**) -5xp
    >> Move a target up to 60 feet in any direction vs. Wisdom check. Can move up to large target. The power can be maintained by making another check the following round.
    13. Able to pilot vehicles (d20) -3xp
    14. Knowledgeable about Bureaucracy (d12) -1xp (rest from Wisdom)
    15. Knowledgeable about Galactic Lore (d20) -3xp
    16. Speak Basic (Native), Huttese, High Galactic, and understand Binary d30 (0xp, free from Wisdom)

GearMara carries/owns…
    Knife in Concealed sheath
    Licensed Pulse Wave Pistol w/ Holster
    3 Licensed Stun Grenades
    2 Licensed Frag Grenades
    6 Rebel Grenades
    Earbud Commlink
    Panic Ring, Personalized
    Stealth Field Generator
    Empty Utility belt
    Datapad, Basic & datacards
    Credit Chip
    2 Power Packs
    Repulsor Pad
    Designer Clothes & accessories
    Luggage and Toiletries
    Armored body stocking (Non-stealth version of Shadowsuit to be worn under clothes to provide some concealed armor protection for nobles, politicians, etc...)

Personality | Show
A cheerful and sensuous women, but a little secretive about herself. She enjoys being sociable and can be very persuasive. She also has her own interests at heart so she can be selfish. She does see herself as a business woman of sorts and often what she does is to make money in that respect, part of her family heritage. However, like all Zeltrons, she enjoys her entertainment pleasures and loves being in the spotlight. She also enjoys the physical aspects of sex and enjoys in hedonistic behavior without much emotional attachment.

Background | Show
The Aragone family ran an import and export trading company that did quite well for themselves in the Inner Rim. The head of the family, Maximillian ran several trade routes in and around Zeltros, dealing with luxury goods and art while importing various gourmet foods to the family resorts on Zeltros. However he was only able to father one child and unfortunately it wasn’t a boy, to his chagrin. His wife died young and he was left with this young girl that he had to raise with only the help of his brothers, who were likewise involved with the family business.

Mara, growing up as an only child in a predominantly male family, soon learned how to twist the adult males around her little finger to get what she wanted. She was attractive, even by Zeltron standards. However, her father soon recognized the handful that he had sired, and shipped her off world to a boarding school, hoping that they could tame her. Even in school she found ways to bend the rules and get exceptions made for herself. She was always surrounded by friends that she also got into mischief with her schemes, but generally she was able to persuade or deceive her way out of the worst of the trouble on her own.

She had an uncanny knack for intuition as well, often picking the correct course of action after thinking about it and sensing when someone was coming while she was trying to do something without being scene. She did not know that she was gifted being Force sensitive until later, when she found she could manipulate small objects and move them around. It certainly helped when she wanted to clean up her things and obtain little things just out of reach.

In her adolescence, she ended up learning how to defend herself, once the charming boys started trying to get her pants off. She became handy with a knife, that she always keeps concealed on her person just in case. In her late teens, she had an incident with another young noble that got a little too grabby and she had to stick him. After this dose of reality and she settled down a little bit. But, once she hit 18 she decided that dilettante parties and gambling while traveling the popular resort areas would be a fine idea. One of her favorite uncles made sure she could shoot a blaster as well just in case she got caught cheating or had to defend herself if her persuasive talents went awry.

After her first stipend ran out she decided she needed another source of income to fund her personal lifestyle pursuits. Gambling alone was difficult when people wouldn’t bet with her because they were afraid that they would always lose. It also tended to attract some unwanted attention. So after a year she moved on to pursuits that were more along the lines of being an Information Broker, while having fun doing it. She found people were willing to pay for the tidbits and secrets she could find out from socializing with other corporate officials and even some organized criminal elements. She found these people were willing to pay money for some of what she could learn. Like many Zeltrons she was not really fond of the Empire and the violence, but she didn’t have any interest in being a soldier either.

Recently she was active along the Hydrian Way trade route. Eventually she got involved with a particularly nefarious person, Tomul Farxus, who was plotting to assassinate a ranking system official Alias Krafkin so he could move up and take the job. Not being fond of the victim either, she did her own encouraging and even a little assistance in planning and coordinating with Black Sun. The assassin took out Krafkin and Farxus took over, but he then set about tying up loose ends and in an irksome turn of events tried have her taken out. He was smart enough to not let her back near him again so she could convince him otherwise. Luckily she helped arrange the Black Sun deal and could persuade them to not assassinate her for the rising official and she escaped.

Mara had since tried to keep a lower profile for awhile and got back in touch with her family to receive her next installment of her stipend. With encouragement from her uncle to avoid contact with crime syndicates in the future, she instead looked to help the Rebellion. That Princess lady was doing quite well for herself despite not being all that attractive. Mara figured she could do pretty well herself. She was also no fool when she intellectually thought about some of her uncanny luck and ability to manipulate things through the air. If the Jedi were serving the Empire, she wanted no part of their indoctrination and subjugation. At least she hoped there would be more freedom if the Sith discovered her hidden talents.
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Re: SM: Dramatis Persona

Postby Serest Riet » Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:07 pm

AttributesName: Serest Riet
Aliases: N/A
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26

Description: Riet is a tall human woman in her midtwenties, dark-skinned and dark-eyed. She wears braids woven into her dark hair and scars lace her left arm. She is muscular, with broad shoulders and strong limbs. She walks with an easy stride.

When she wears the armor, it is impossible to tell her gender, but her voice comes out of the speakers as flat and female. Her armor is Mandalorian, passed down through her family line, and bears various nicks and scratches and mismatched pieces from innumerable patch jobs and repairs.

Height: 1.82m
Weight: 72kg

TraitsRiet has …
    Good Strength (d10)
    Good Agility (d10)
    Good Health (d10)
    Good Perception (d10)
    Decent Wisdom (d12)
    Uncertain Destiny (d20)

Misc DataArmor Rating: d8

Wealth: dXX

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 0

Skills, Talents, and PowersRiet is …
    Possessed of Mandalorian heritage (d10!)
    Proficient at using heavy armor (d20!)
    A good shot with pistols (d10)
    An experienced sniper (rifles) (d10)
    Able to hold her own hand-to-hand (d12)
    A decent fighter pilot (d12)
    Fairly skilled at piloting ground vehicles (d20)
    Fairly enduring (d12)
    Trained in treating injuries (d12)
    Proficient in being stealthy (d10)
    A trained survivalist (d12)
    Skilled at security break-in (lock picking) (d12)
    Fluent in Mando'a (d10)
    Familiar with the underworld scene (d12)

Mandalorian Heritage: Allows character to start with Mandalorian equipment; d20! gives two pieces of specialized equipment (armor, weapon, or weapon/armor mods), with one more piece of equipment granted per rank.

GearRiet carries/owns…
    Mandalorian Beskar'gam armor with:
    - helmet package with environmental filter, HUD with internal overlay display, macrobinocular view plate with infrared, rangefinder, encrypted internal comlink (increases Perception and sniper shots by 1 rank)
    - Z-6 jetpack
    - wrist gauntlet (left) with grappling hook linked to internal winch
    - sniper rifle
    - blaster pistol
    - knife

Personality | Show
Riet possesses a low-key personality, even-keeled and watchful, confident. Used to being on her own, she’s content to be silent in a group, the quiet observer, but she also pitches in with a bit of dry humor now and then.

Background | Show
Riet comes from a long line of Mandalorians. Duty and honor is writ in her blood; she received training from a young age, as all Mando children do, raised in the crèche by elders. When she came of age, she went to war alongside her brother and sister Mando, learning hard lessons. With a sharp eye and a steady hand, she was uniquely suited to being a sniper.

It didn’t matter to her what side she fought on: all that mattered was loyalty to her fellow Mandalorians. But times had changed in the Mando clans, and there was no longer strong agreement about what was right for the people. The leadership was splintering, and different factions emerged. Riet paid little attention to all this, dismissing it as politics. But she was to soon learn her folly.

The missions they went on became increasingly problematic. She soldiered on, but her conscience began to nag her. Finally, when her commanding officer gave her the order to fire on a school for the children of the enemy elite, she could not. Killing children was wrong, and she could not see why her commander saw otherwise. She abandoned her post, and abandoned her clan.

If her fellow Mando found her, she would brought in, stripped of her armor and branded a traitor. Even in the splinter groups, there was agreement on that point. Operating as a simple mercenary for a time, she drifted from job to job. One thing she kept hearing was rumors of the rebellion, stories of the ‘fallen Jedi’ who fought the injustice that had grown endemic throughout the galaxy. She wasn’t sure if this was the right path or not, but it was a direction, and that was what she needed most of all.
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Re: SM: Dramatis Persona

Postby Hat » Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:48 am

AttributesName: Taanoas
Aliases: None
Species: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Description: Little can be said of Taanoas’ actual appearance, for none so far have seen it. Clad always in the ancient armor and speaking in a rich tenor voice, Taanoas strikes most initially as a man. Careful consideration however gives one pause. He appears to be wearing a Mandalorian helmet and its construction seems designed for a woman. Taanoas is tall, but not exceptionally so. The voice is clearly passed through a speaker, even on comms. Taanoas’ build is wiry and athletic and not overly bulky. The robes and cape that make up parts of the armor conceal much of the wearer. When asked if male or female by the few bold enough to do so, the response is always the same – “I am Taanoas.” Needing to select one or the others, most simply accept what they see, believing him to be male. Others still wonder.[/b]
Height: 6’
Weight: Unknown

TraitsTaanoas has …
    Sub-par Strength (d20)
    Graceful Agility (d12)
    Keen Perception (d10)
    Taxed Health (d20)
    Impressive Wisdom (d8)
    Imposing Destiny (d12)
    Strong Force (d10)

Misc DataArmor Rating: d6

Wealth: d30

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 0

Skills. Talents and PowersTaanoas is/can…
    Force Sensitive (d20!)

    Perform deft Acrobatics (d12)
    Deceive a careful Observer (d12)
    Endure difficult challenges (d20)
    Gather Information carefully (d20)
    Intimidate effectively (d20)
    Persuade eloquently (d12)
    Use Computers proficiently (d20)
    Wield a lightsaber adroitly (d10)
    Climb if careful (d30)
    Craft a lightsaber with great effort (d30)

    Well versed in the history of Revan and the Old Republic (d10)
    An apt student of the Force (d12)
    Knowledgeable of Galactic History (d20)
    Knowledgeable of the various Planets (d20)
    Passably speak Sith (d20)
    Get by with a bit of Durese (d30)

    Skillfully use the Jedi Talent: Block (d12!)
    Skillfully use the Jedi Talent: Reflect (d12!)
    Wear Medium Armor (d20!)
    Unlock an ancient legacy (d10!)
    Call upon the Power of the Dark Side (d20!)
    Inspire with his Dark Presence (d20!)
    Intimidate his foes in combat with is Presence (d20!)

    Sever the Force in the unworthy (d20!)
    Bask in the power of the Sustaining Force (d12!)

    Block (req Force trait and Weap Prof Lightsaber)
    As a reaction, roll to negate an incoming melee attack. Must have lightsaber drawn and ignited and be aware of the incoming attack. TN is that of the incoming attack -1 for each successful block that round.

    Deflect (req Force trait and Weap Prof Lightsaber)
    As a reaction, roll to negate an incoming ranged attack. Must have lightsaber drawn, ignited, and be aware of the attack. TN is that of the incoming attack -1 for each successful block that round. Success of against a barrage attack like autofire negates part of the damage.

    Power of the Dark Side (Req Force)
    Use your hatred to power your attacks. Sacrifice a destiny rung for improved damage.

    Dark Presence (Req Force, Power of dark side, wisdom d10)
    Grant a bonus to defense of all allies nearby by (30ft). Last until you fall unconscious

    Use persuasion to intimidate a creature during combat.

    Force Powers:
    Sever Force (Lightside)
    You can block another force-user’s access to the Force, preventing from spending destiny and making it difficult for him to use force powers. Target is one force-using creature, in LOS and within 60ft. Opposed vs targets wisdom. If succeeds, target can’t use the force for several hours.

    Sustaining Force
    You are able to draw on the power of the Force to sustain you. You do not need to eat or drink. Drawing on its power you are able to heal faster than others (d12).

GearTaanoas carries/owns…
    Ancient lightsaber that can be used one or two handed with a green crystal
    Ancient armor (Medium armor with commlink, superior quality protects as heavy armor, extra protection vs. lightsabers, extra protection vs. force powers)
    Others TBD
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Re: SM: Dramatis Persona

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Continued as the post was too long for a single entry.

Personality | Show

Background | Show
Taanoas was first seen a few months ago, intervening in an attack on a Rebel group led by inquisitors. He took two of them down and with the aid of the fallen jedi and the sith who were among the hunted, drove back the troopers long enough to make their escape. He offered his assistance and asked to come with them and they agreed. He was dropped off on a planet and told where a settlement was a week’s travel away. By the time he got there someone would have arrived who could speak to him about joining. Understanding the need to be cautious he accepted the proposal.

When asked for information on who he was, he told them that he was Taanoas and believed the galaxy needed to be freed from the tyranny and oppression of the Jedi and the Emperor. When they asked to see his face he refused saying that revealing more would only put himself and others at risk. The group was surprised that through a day of travel to the planet that he had not apparently eaten anything.

After spending the week traveling to the settlement, he was met on its outskirts by Leia and some of the others. Once again he spoke eloquently about the need to fight back against the tyranny of the Jedi. Like the others Leia had questions about who he was, and as with the others he politely refused to answer them beyond his name and willingness to fight with the Rebellion. They could tell he was an active Force user, strong in the Force. Despite Taanoas’ unwillingness to provide much information he persuaded them to give him a chance to prove himself. He was brought to

Full Attributes | Show
Name: Tevvek Shan
Aliases: Taanoas
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Description: Though an attractive man with brown hair and dark eyes, it is his presence that is far more notable. His once athletic build is gaunt, slowly recovering from grave injuries. He bears himself with confidence and conveys much with an expressive face. His voice is a rich baritone, as adept with a word as with a song.
Height: 6’
Weight: 160 lbs

Full Background | Show
The Force has run strong in the Shan family for millennia dating back at least to the time of Bastilla and perhaps further. Certainly starting with Vaner Shan - son of Revan and Bastilla it has made for a powerful line. The strength of this legacy resides not just in the line but in the secrets it's carried through the ages. During the time of the Old Republic there was even a strong movement of Revanites seeking to forge a true third path, drawing from both the Jedi and Sith Orders. In the end they were considered too much a threat by both sides and were ruthlessly hunted, driven underground to wait.

Since then the Shan family has been keeper of that legacy. Within each generation of the descendants of Revan are found those who will continue his teachings. Many do not have the temperament and never become aware of this hidden legacy. Revan's own teachings to the need for a single master and apprentice when he was Darth Revan has limited the threat the Sith represent for thousands of years. Some Shans have become Jedi over the ages, though others have been kept from being exposed to the Jedi until they are considered "too old" to teach. This process has kept many from the Jedi ranks, and the Shan name while known for its place in history isn't seen as anything exceptional in the eyes of the Council. Many other families bore far more Force wielders into the Jedi's ranks.

Tevanous Shan was a Senator and vocal in his opposition to the moves of the Jedi Council and their seizing control of the Republic. He was also recognized as strong in the force but untrained. Years before Tevanous had been evaluated, but considered unsuitable to be trained as a Revanite. His son Tevvek on the other hand was considered exactly what they were looking for. Passionate but tempered by reason, capable of brutal efficiency but balanced by mercy when appropriate, his instincts helped guide him on what tact to take.

As the early signs of the Rebellion rose Tevanous held a secret gathering of disaffected Senators and other powerful figures to consider a response. They were found out by the Jedi who sent in Inquisitors and Clone Troopers to capture or eliminate all those who considered fomenting rebellion against the Empire. The situation blew up as a fight broke out, resulting in much of the destruction of the estate, the death of many civilians through the use of heavy ordinance called in to support the Inquisitors as well as the elimination of many of the people in attendance. While several members of the extended Shan family were killed, no signs of Tevanous were found. It's unclear whether there wasn't enough left of him to find or if he somehow managed to escape with some of the others. Tevvek was also present at the estate when the attack happened and was badly wounded. In his escape he recovered the chest from the vault that hid the secret legacy of Revan. It was impossible to open without use of the Force.

Through his convalescence he studied with the Holocron of Revan, deepening his understanding of Revan's teachings and the history of the Old Republic and the wars between the Jedi and Sith. Unable to reach other members of his family he has donned Revan's battle armor and taken up his lightsaber to join in the cause to free the Republic from the Tyranny of Emperor Palpatine and High Inquisitor Skywalker. Within the rebellion's ranks he is known as Taanaos, and none so far have seen his face. It is clear to him that the Jedi have not found the balance in the Force and the rule they seek to forge is formed with order foremost in their minds. Spread thin, in their effort to rule and protect they sacrifice a bit of their way each day losing mercy and compassion in the name of the greater good. it presages a rule without a soul, a person whose body lives and yet the personality that made them who they are is dead and gone. Even worse, the Jedi fail to see the trap they have set for themselves and are sliding into - and it will be the people of this once great Republic who will pay the price.

The teachings of Revan have strengthened Tevvek’s mind and his connection to the Force. Some of its teachings came late and so he still slowly regains his health and vigor.

The attack on the family estate drove the various members of the family into hiding, especially as Tevanous’ fate seems uncertain. The official story is that he was killed, though rumors fly that the inquisitors still seek him and have been overeager in their questioning of known associates. Tevvek knows there are other Revanites both in his family and without you continue to lie in wait. After millennia of waiting he feels passionately that this is the time to attempt to bring Revan’s teachings and Way to light, free the Republic of their Jedi oppressors, free the Jedi from their hobbled existence and give the Sith something more than hate to hold on to.
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