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A What-If Star Wars universe where the Empire is ruled by the Jedi Council, and the Rebellion is fronted by the Sith. Everything is familiar, yet totally different, as the Sith-led Rebellion battles the Jedi Order for the fate of the Empire.

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SM: Setting Information

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Shattered Mirror is a alternate version of the classic Star Wars universe. The Empire is not an evil, at least as viewed by the general populace. It is not ruled by a iron fisted Sith Lord, but rather by the Jedi Order. The rebellion is a Sith led movement, hoping to topple the Empire. Similar events from the movies still happen, but possible for different reasons and different outcomes. Players will take roles in the rebellion for a chance to play evil or the jaded jedi.

An Alternate History

The Separation and Clone Wars occur as normal. The clone army is ordered up as before, with the Jedi acting as generals in the war. The Jedi council still is trying to determine who the mysterious sith lord that is pulling strings with the Senate. Senator Palpatine is suspected, however he is not a sith but a Jedi Master in his own right. There is some disagreement between his involvement in the Galactic Senate and the Jedi council, but it is allowed.

Mace Windu is actually a sith and has been courting Anakin to the dark side. Hence his request that Anakin spy on Senator Palpatine as some on the Jedi Council suspect the senator.. At the very least, the senator and by extension the Senate itself are not to be trusted.

Like in Episode 3, Anakin is sent to confront the senator as he is lead to believe he is the sith lord responsible for wars. Palpatine convinces Skywalker otherwise and that some one else on the council is on the sith. The two decide to confront Mace Windu as that is who the Palpatine suspects. The two confront Mace just as he begins to the issue Order66. Together, Palpatine and Anakin defeat Mace and prevent Order66 from going out completely.

Clone regiments on Coruscant do receive Order66 and attack the Jedi Temple, killing most inside. Some other regiments off planet did receive it, but a majority of the Jedi led clones do not. Palpatine spreads the word, and those jedi ensure their clones do not backstab them by using the Force.

Anakin confronts his old master on Mustafar. Obi Wan is jaded by the actions of the Jedi Order as they take control of the republic. The older jedi argues that the order has lost it’s way. Anakin, confident with this trust in Palpatine, disagrees. The two fight it out with Obi Wan defeating Anakin in the same fashion as the movie. Palpatine rescues the limbless Anakin and inducts him as his apprentice. Obi Wan is labeled a fallen jedi and is wanted for crimes against the order.

Padme meanwhile, is whisked away by Obi Wan and Senator Organa. Both had the same reservations for the new order. She still dies in childbirth, and the fact they her babies survive is kept secret. Leia is raised by Organa, and while Luke is spirited away to Tatooine

With one sith accounted for, the Jedi began investigations to find any others. Mace Windu had many connections to Senators that were feeling resentful of the Jedi’s role in the clone wars. The feeling of resentment ran deep in the Galactic Senate. Perhaps fed by the unknown Sith master. These revelations coupled with the attack on the Jedi Temple and the slaughter of many younglings, led the Jedi Council to take control of the Senate and Republic. The motion is spearheaded by Senator Palpatine. He is then elected High Chancellor.

Mace Windu had been taken prisoner by Anakin and Palpatine. Shortly after the Jedi Order takes control, he escapes and disappears without a trace. This further convinces the order that there is corruption in the Republic to be dealt with. With most of the clone army at their backs, the Jedi begin to crack down on such corruption.

Yoda exiles himself from the Jedi Order, citing disagreements with the actions and direction of the Order. Many seem to think the old master has fallen as well.

Current Events

The years since the end of the Clone Wars to the current time have not been easy for the Republic or the Jedi Order. While no widespread wars were being fought, there were plenty of conflicts to keep the Jedi busy. Resentment in the Galactic Senate ran high, causing deadlock whenever High Chancellor Palpatine or the Jedi Council attempted to do anything. Many worlds ravaged by the Clone Wars clamored for aid to rebuild that never came. Pirates and organized crime ran unchecked. And there was the ever present sense that the Sith were still out there.

Eventually, Palpatine and the Jedi Council felt they had no choice but to dissolve the Senate and change the government over to that of Empire. A strong central government was needed to face the on going crisis that continued to plague the republic. High Chancellor Palpatine is selected to become the Emperor. The Jedi Council make up his inner circle of advisors.

The Jedi Order itself has become more of a presence in the military and political power structures. However, with the loss of life at the attack on the Jedi Temple years earlier, the Order’s ranks are thin and hard pressed. The jedi has had to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of the Empire. Some of the old guard view this with dismay, as the Order begins to stray from its original ethos. The new generation of jedi feel it is the order’s destiny.

Anakin Skywalker quickly achieves the rank of jedi master. Palpatine and the Council selects him to be head of a team of inquisitors that are charged with rooting out any Sith. Skywalker takes his duty to heart and swears he will find Obi Wan and bring him to justice. He believes the old jedi master is responsible for the death of Padme and his unborn children. Anakin and his inquisitors become a force to be reckoned with and even feared.

Despite the formation of the Empire, it only takes a matter of years before rebellion is brewing. Many who resent the dissolution of the Senate feel that their rights have been trampled on. Others fear the growing power of the Jedi Order. The Sith see opportunity.

A Sith cult or order emerges as part of the rebellion. They harken back to the old sith ways, in that they do not constrain themselves to a single master and apprentice. They feel that in order to confront the Jedi Order and topple the Empire, that they must have the numbers to match. As a result, many fallen jedi are convinced to throw their lot in with the Rebellion and call themselves sith.

Princess Leia is raised by Senator Organa and likewise is against the Empire and Jedi Council. Unbeknownst to the the Order, Leia awakes into her own force powers. She is initially trained by Obi Wan, and seeks out Yoda. While doing so, she falls for the seduction of the dark side, viewing it as a means to strike back at the Empire. Princess Leia becomes the face of the rebellion.

Luke Skywalker grows up on Tatooine and pursues his dream of becoming a fighter pilot. He applies and is accepted at the newly formed Imperial Academy. There, his own force powers manifest, catching the attention of the Jedi Order and Anakin himself. The young Skywalker is to be trained in the Order upon graduation from the Academy.

Obi Wan is found supporting the Rebellion, but trying to temper the Sith. Not fully embracing the darkside, yet still against the Empire. The jedi master walks a fine line.

Withe failure of keeping Leia from the dark side, Yoda finally succumbs to the corruption of the dark side in his old age and has gone mad.

The original Sith lord responsible for the Clone Wars and Order 66 remains unknown, as is the whereabouts of Mace Windu.
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