SM: The Empire Strikes Back [IC]

A What-If Star Wars universe where the Empire is ruled by the Jedi Council, and the Rebellion is fronted by the Sith. Everything is familiar, yet totally different, as the Sith-led Rebellion battles the Jedi Order for the fate of the Empire.

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Re: SM: The Empire Strikes Back [IC]

Postby Samara » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:48 am

"Gah!" shouted Samara as the walker pirouette around on one foot. The sith instinctively grabbed a hold of the control stick and hit the firing button. The front blasters let out of a torrent of fire that did noting but chew ground vegation about 50 yards in front of the walker.

The force user was beginning to think that taking over a walker was a bad idea as the vehicle balanced on one foot. Time seemed to slow.

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Re: SM: The Empire Strikes Back [IC]

Postby Serest Riet » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:08 pm


The world spun, a blurred mass of branches and leaves and the alarming flash of metal. The ground and the sky were the same color. For a moment, Riet couldn’t tell which way was up, though it came to her in lightning-flash instinct: it was the opposite direction in which she was falling.

She activated her jetpack blind, more by feel than anything. She burst upward. Branches slapped against her helmet and shoulders, but she felt no heavy impacts. After a second, the world stopped spinning, and she eased off the throttle, and stared downward.

The walker was toppling, the others apparently having done their job with ruthless efficiency. Now was the time to make sure her comrades were safe.

Riet swooped downward in a perfect arc to pass over the walker’s hatch.

“Samara! Jump! Grab my hand!”

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