First Run: Shadowrunners

In the harsh reality of the 2070s where profit is the most important mistress, the bigger the metroplex, the deeper the shadows. In the cracks between the giant corporate structures, criminals of all shades find their homes. When the megacorps want a job done but don’t want to dirty their hands, they turn to the only people who can pull it off: shadowrunners, deniable assets.

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First Run: Shadowrunners

Postby PMiller » Wed May 11, 2016 12:11 am

This thread is to contain the character sheets for all players. One post per player only.

Copy what is in the spoiler block and paste into your post.

Character Thread Template | Show
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[fieldset=Traits][b]___ has …[/b][list]
<put the six traits first, then Magic (if applicable), then Essence>

<Skip line then list Qualities (positive & negative)>[/list][/fieldset]
[fieldset=Misc Data][b]Armor Rating:[/b] dXX

[b]Wealth:[/b] dXX

[b]Reputation:[/b] None yet

[b]Unspent XP:[/b] 0[/fieldset]
[fieldset=Skills & Superpowers][b]___ is/can…[/b][list]
<list them>[/list][/fieldset]
[fieldset=Gear][b]___ carries…[/b][list]

[b]___ owns…[/b][list]
[fieldset=Contacts][b]___ knows…[/b][list]
[url=<link to Contact Post>]_____ dXX[/url][/list][/fieldset]
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Re: First Run: Shadowrunners

Postby Sybil » Sat May 14, 2016 5:12 am

Aliases:Sybil (Handle), Lyssa Blackbriar or Maven Blackbriar, depends on which personality is dominant at the time.
Metatype: Elf

An average height elf though tall when compared to humans. Slender, lithe build matching her height, and curves in all the right places. Long wild platinum blond hair that comes down to her butt that frames a round face with blue eyes staring out.

Personal taste depends greatly on which personality is dominant at the time.

Lyssa prefers the more gentle, softer look. When in control, she wears little make up and has her hair tied up in a pony tail, bun or some kind of braid. She also prefers to dress modestly, usually in long skirts and avoids the color black.

Maven on the other hand, prefers the goth look. She often wears black eye shadow, contrasting with ruby red lipstick. The platinum blond hair is not tied back, but rather let loose to for a wild look. Black is this personality’s color, as she often is dress in black knee length boots, black skirts, or black pants, and a risque top.

Ever present for both personalities is black choker, an unknown magical artifact lifted from the Atlantean Foundation. Two foci in the form of silver bracelets adorn each wrist.
Height: 190cm
Weight: 65kg

TraitsSybil has …

    Lacking in Strength (d20)
    Average Agility (d12)
    Decent Health (d12)
    Good Perception (d10)
    Amazing Wisdom (d8)
    Fairly Lucky (d12)
    Skilled at Magicians Magic (d10)
    No cyberware or bioware (Essence: d4)

    Is an Awaken Mage (Magician d12!)
    Is a Elf (Lowlight req'd Elf d20!)
    Focused Concentration when casting spells (D12!)
    +1 rung when making Drain checks
    Follows a Mentor Spirit d20!
    -Dark Goddess, pg 181 Street Magic
    Advantages: +1 rung when casting Combat and Health spells.
    Disadvantages: Ruled by extremes of both creation and destruction, followers of the Dark Goddess often relish in confrontation. They must make a wisdom check to avoid escalating a conflict, no matter how small, into a major clash, whether physical, mental, or social.

    Diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (Neg Quality -d8!)
    -Augmentation, pg 164. The character has two or more personalities present in his mind. These different personalities will not all have access to all of the character’s skills or memories. During stressful situations, the character must make a Wisdom Check or switch personalities. In the event of a personality change, the character must make a Wisdom check Extended Test (1 minute?). Until that test is completed, the new personality cannot act. When this psychosis is taken, the player must divide the character’s skill lists into two groups. No more than half of the skills can be shared by both personalities.
    Possesses a Sensitive System (Neg Quality –d10!)
    -Essence loss for Cyberware doubled
    Made an Enemy of the Atlantean Foundation for theft of an artifact (Enemy - Neg Quality -d12!)

SpellsSybil knows …
    Manabolt (d12!)
    d20 touch only, d12 Single target , d10 Area effect
    Flamethrower (d20!)D20 single target, d12 area of effect (classic fireball)
    Lightening Ball d20 (3xp)
    D20 single target, d12 area of effect


    Detect Enemies (d20!)
    D12 Extended, increased range dramatically?
    Detect Magic (d20!)
    D12 Extended, increased range dramatically?

    Heal (d20!)
    Each rung increases amount healed?
    Increase Reflexes (d20!)
    Each rung grants more actions/attacks?

    Invisibility (d12!)
    D20 affects living things only, d12 living and non-living, including tech

    Armor (d20!)
    Each run increases armor bonus granted?
    Levitate (d20)
    Each rung, means more can be levitated? 200kg per rung?

Misc DataArmor Rating: dXX

Wealth: dXX

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 0

Skills & SuperpowersSybil is/can…
    1. Sorcery (d8) Common
    2. Assensing (d10) Common
    3. Astral Combat (d20) Common
    4. Conjuring (d12) Common
    5. Stealth (d12) Common
    6. Arcana (d20) Lyssa
    7. Athletics (d12) Common
    8. Influence (d20) Lyssa
    9. Melee Weapons (d12) Maven
    10. Intimidate (d12) Maven
    11. First Aid (D20) Lyssa
    12. Driving (d20) Common
    13. Know: Underground Politics (d30) (purchased) Maven
    14. Know: Criminal Organizations (d30) (purchased) Maven

    Free skills from Wisdom – 4 total, also 14 free xp from Wisdom buy
    15. Language: Sperethial (d12) Common
    16. Know: Magic Theory (d10) Lyssa
    17. Know: Magic Lore (d20) Lyssa
    18. Security Design: Magic (d12) Maven

GearSybil carries…
    An Unknown Magical Artifact (stolen)
    A Sustaining (Illusion) foci (d12)
    +1 rung for sustaining illusion spells
    A Counterspelling Foci (d12)
    +1 rung for counterspelling
    A Fake Sin
    A Fake License (carry foci)
    A Fake License (practice magic)
    A decent Sword with sheath
    A Commlink with subvocal mic
    Earbuds with Skinlink, audio Enhancement, and Spatial Recognizer
    Contact Lenses with Skinlink, flare compensation, vision magnification and ImageLink
    FFBA with Nonductivity, Chemical Protection and Fire Resistance

Sybil owns…

    A 1 room Flat (low lifestyle, 2 months)
    A Dodge Scoot (Scooter)

    Cred chip with 10305 left on it.

Contacts Sybil knows…

Personality | Show
Lyssa is the more gentle, friendly personality. As the more nurturing of the two, Lyssa is more protective of life and especially her friends or teammates. She does prefers words to force. Yet, if the situation calls for it, she will fight to the best of her abilities.

Meanwhile, Maven is more outgoing, rebellious and brash. She speaks her mind with confidence, and prefers force over words. Maven also has a somewhat sadistic streak that has gotten her and Lyssa in trouble on numerous occasions.

Both personalities are stubborn in their own way, a quality that sometimes makes neither back down from a confrontation, choosing to escalate it instead.

Background | Show
Lyssa Blackbriar for the most part was born to a fairly normal middle upper class elf family living in the St. Paul side of the Twin City metropolitan area in former MN. However, her childhood was far from normal. It became quickly apparent that Lyssa had the talent for manipulating magic. Fearful, her parents sheltered their child, homeschooling her rather than having her face social stigma in the public schools. For a time this worked, and Lyssa had a normal child as much as she could get. They went so far to even hire magician tutor to teach the girl how to control her latent abilities.

However, when puberty hit, things took a turn for the worse. Lyssa parents had taken her sheltering too far, and it had become oppression. This gave rise to a rebellious streak in the young girl. To make matters worse, Lyssa magic powers had matured enough to attract a mentor spirit. In the form of the Dark Goddess, this mentor spirit’s dual nature of creation and destruction was embraced by Lyssa. Unfortunately, the different aspects cause the girl’s personality to split, causing multiple personality disorder. The personality known as Lyssa became the friendly, quiet, and nurturing aligned itself with the creation aspect of the mentor spirit. Maven, the new personality, was rebellious, outgoing, and brash, aligned with the destructive side. The mental disorder broker the girl’s parents hearts, as they fought to barely control and protect their daughter's nature.

With the Matrix Crash of 64, the Blackbriar family was one of the many thousands who became SINless. While the parent themselves re-registered themselves, Maven, in control at the time, refused to go along with it. Rather than upset their daughter further, the parents finally acquiesced. Lyssa and Maven became SINLess.

Upon completing her high school education, both Lyssa and Maven had enough of their parents oppression and sheltering. With rebellious Maven dominate once again, the teenage girl fled from the her home, and never looked back. Lucky for her, an old talismonger ran across the girl, and given her SINless status and magical nature, gave Lyssa and Maven the opportunity to run in the shadows. They both agreed as the final act of rebellion against her upbringing.

For a few months, the Blackbriar girl attemped to round out her skills to be at least a competent shadowrunner. Competent enough to not killed at the least. In those short few months, both Lyssa and Maven matured somewhat. The girl was rapidly gaining a reputation of being slightly crazy. Perhaps that is what lead her to go sideways on a run for the Atlantean Foundation. The run in question had already gone south, the job was to retrieve an artifact of unknown nature from an eccentric collector. Simple and straightforward, but nothing is at it seems in the shadow. The run went south and although Sybil managed to get the artifact, she decided to keep it for herself. Needless to say, the Atlantean Foundation did not take kindly to being slighted. The resulting fallout forced both her and the old talismonger she had befriended years earlier to flee the city.

While Sybil went to ground, the talismonger fled directly to Seattle where he had family. He was able to set up shop once more, with relative ease. After things cooled down a bit, he contacted Sybil, suggesting that Seattle would be a good place to start over. While the two are still friends, the incident is a bit of a sore point between the two.

Seattle has offered a wealth of opportunities for Sybil. In the 8 or 9 months she has been in the city, she has made a couple of local contacts and found a place to live. Her mental disorder has put off some people, but the elf still has performed a few runs in order to get her name out. All in all, the two personalities love the city.

Shortly after arriving in the city, Sybil made friends with another elf mage. Sybil ran across Xanadu one night while out doing some research. Xanadu had been in a bit of state, looking lost and confused. Lyssa in charge at the time and the caring one, ensured the other elf was alright. The incident wasn't the last meeting of the two. Perhaps it was mental issues the two had that drew them together, being mages, or running the shadows for a living, Sybil and Xanadu became friends.
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Re: Franzack Forgehammer

Postby Delia2531 » Sat May 14, 2016 3:18 pm


AttributesName: Franzack Forgehammer
Aliases: Danny Stormwringer (SIN d12); Franz
Metatype: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Age: 54

Description: With fair hair and light skin Franz has a less than usual complexion for a dwarf, but not enough to stand out too much.
Height: 110cm
Weight: 50kg

TraitsFranz has …
Average Strength 1d12
Average Agility 1d12
Great Health 1d8
Average perception 1d12
Amazing Wisdom 1d8
Average Luck 1d12
Essence: d8

A high pain threshold (1d12!)
The ability to push on through the pain (1d20!)
Natural immunity to Pox (1d20!)
Very fast healing (1d12!)
An allergy to common Anti-biotics (-1d10!)
An allergy to common pain meds (-1d10!)

Misc DataArmor Rating: d10 (d8 if using shield and helmet)

Wealth: d30 d20

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 0

Skills & SuperpowersFranz has/is/can…
Thermovision (1d20!)
A resistance to pathogens and poisons (1d12!)

Pretty good at Biotech (d10)**
Okay at athletics (d12)*
A reasonable shot with firearms (d12)**
A reasonable driver/rider of ground vehicles (d12)*
Competent Parachutist (d12)*
Competent scuba diver (d12)*
Competent at demolitions (d12)
Knows a lot about Biology (d10)
knows a lot about Chemistry (d10)
Quite comfortable on the streets (d12)
Quite familiar with:
The sewers of the city (d12)
The rooftops of the city (d12)
The safe houses of the slums/barrans (d12)

GearFranz carries…
A Yamaha Pulsar taser in a QuickDraw holster with 20 rounds and 3 spare clips;
A Filchetti Security light pistol in a concealed holster with 60 rounds of regular ammo and 2 spare clips;
A narcoject pistol in a holster with 5 rounds of narcoject (and 5 rounds of Novacoke in a spare clip)
A roomsweeper in a QuickDraw holster with 30 rounds of APDS and 10 rounds Explosive ammo
A HK MP-5 TX fitted with gas vent 2, laser sight, afolding stock, a sling, a guncam, safe targeting system with RFID and image processing for up to 10 of each, 40 rounds APDS and 20 rounds Sick and Shock in clips;
2 Smoke grenades
A survival knife
An extendable Baton

Franz owns…
A top level med kit (d10)
7 biomonitors (one is fitted to himself at all times)
4x antidote d10,
2x antidote d12,
2x trauma,
2x Tranq d10,
7x Tranq d12,
4x Stim d12,
2x Stim d20

Climbing gear, including rappelling gloves
a grapple gun and 400m of microwire
Diving gear, including a dive light
A HALO parachute
A monofilament chainsaw
Wire clippers
Demolitions kit bag containing:
40m det cord,
5 electrical detonators,
4 optical detonators,
5 radio detonators,
demolition tools

5kg TNT
A top quality respirator (d10)
Micro flare launcher and 5 flares
2 magnesium flares
5 light sticks
Flashlight on helmet mount
Survival kit
a tag eraser and 20 stealth tags
Very good quality datasofts on First Aid (d8)
Very good Mapsofts for all of Seattle (10 in a set) (d8)
10 certified cred sticks
All contained in a rucksack and 2 big bags that clip on the bike.

ContactsFranz knows…
Darren Schofield - Ambulance driver d12
Muttz - Stim dealer d12
Dr. Joseph van Hillier - Doctor d10
Plex - Fixer d30

Personality | Show
Non-nonsense, sometimes gruff Franz is a pragmatic individual but with an exceptional level of determination when it comes to keeping people alive.

Background | Show
Having developed the pox as a child it became apparent during treatment that young Franz had a nasty allergy to anti-biotics. In dealing with the issues this caused, the doctors also found out that Franz had a similar reaction to pain meds! The unfortunate young Dwarf then spent weeks in pain and fever before, to everyone's surprise, making a prompt recovery but with lasting damage to eyes and ears. Franz now enjoys a natural immunity to the various forms of the Pox but still suffers painful reactions to common medical treatments and has had cyber eyes and ears fitted to recover from the lasting damage.

Despite this, and due to an interest spiked by that time in hospital, Franz began to learn medicine and first aid. Franz's skills came to the attention of local citizens, unable to afford medical services elsewhere and soon a little help here and there became an cheap clinic and a thriving small, if unauthorised, business. With this, Franz often takes patients who do not want to be noticed as requiring treatment for suspicious injuries as well as those who simply cannot afford official care.

Franz gets the equipment for the clinic from a qualified doctor looking to supplement his income to support a stim habit. Franz also has links to an official ambulance driver who drops off those who cannot afford the real thing, and Franz's under-the-radar services have necessitated a relationship with a street stim-dealer who provides the drugs those patients need.

Some of these patients seeking discrete treatment were Runners and Franz was eventually approached to provide direct medical assistance to these groups/teams. Not content to sit back in the rear, and often finding casualties in difficult to access places caused Franz to research and develop skills to assist in getting to the casualties wherever they may be. Augmentations to the artificial body parts have helped with this as well as the fitting of several pieces of bioware to improve a patient's chances of survival. The most challenging of these was a barely-human Sammy by the name of Karl, significantly more metal than meat Franz had a really hard time applying any healing but managed to keep the guy in one piece; he was a repeat customer until one day his fellow runner, and team mate Kira brought him in and despite Franz's best efforts there just wasn't enough left to save. Since then Kira has returned to Franz's clinic on the occasions that she has needed treatment, including when she lost an eye on a run; it was at this point that Kira asked Franz to accompany her on future runs and how he met Daze, having patched him up at the end of one of his very first runs. Since then Daze s bringing Kira in after a run gone bad but didn't make it before the thugs caught up with them and there was nothing Franz could do to help as he was working in the clinic at the time.

Franz now operates as a Runner, as well as running the clinic, going along to get other team members out of trouble and often in to places they need to be when quiet is not required.

updated post (Nigel's) run
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Re: First Run: Shadowrunners

Postby Vixen » Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:38 pm


AttributesName: Dmitri O’Leary
Aliases: Vixen, Vix, Black Fox
Metatype: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Description: Dmitri looks like a trid star: tall and arresting, broad-shouldered and quick. His eyes are dark and soulful, his features cast with the hard, sculpted lines of a monument to a long-lost prince. He has a mid-brown skin tone and long wavy black hair he wears tied back in a messy knot. He wears a modified version of his old costume, black armor, black hood, custom black bow.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs.

TraitsVixen has …
Good Strength (d10)
Great Agility (d8)
Decent Health (d12)
*Keen Perception (d8) (Perception is enhanced one rung by gear)
A marked lack of Wisdom (d20)
Neither good Luck nor bad Luck (d12)
An Adept’s Magic (d20!)
Great Essence (d4!)

The great need to use a Signature (Neg Quality) (-d12!)
- Uses black arrows tipped with red fletching
A standard SIN and is a citizen (Neg Quality) (-d20!)
An Enemy (Neg Quality) (-d20!)
- Rex Hunter, the new Xerxes Watanabe
A bounty on his head from Humanis Policlub (Neg Quality) (-d12!)

Misc DataArmor Rating: d8

Wealth: d30

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 2

Skills & SuperpowersVixen is/can…
An Adept (d20!) (0 xp)
Extraordinary in Aptitude for Archery (Pos Quality) (d12!)
- Unlocks Archery d4
Adept Powers: Improved Reflexes 2 (Req: Adept) (d8!)
- Allows 2 extra attacks per round
A Brilliant Archer (d6)
*Very Stealthy (d8) (Stealth is enhanced one rung by gear)
Good Athlete (d10)
Good at Driving (d10)
Decent at Close Combat (d12)
Decent Medic (d12)
A fairly talented Actor (Influence) (d12)
Somewhat knowledgeable about the metahuman rights activism movement (d20)
Fairly knowledgeable about flophouses/cheap safehouses (d20)

Fairly knowledgeable about the trideo scene (d12)
Speaks decent Japanese (d12)
Speaks kind of passable Farsi (d20)

GearVixen carries…
- Bow with internal smartgun system, improved rangefinder, personalized grip, melee hardening, chameleon coating
- Variety of arrows with regular, explosive, injection, incendiary, screamer, and stick-and-shock heads.

Screamer head - The body of this arrow is essentially a pipe that creates a high-pitched whistle as it flies through the air. It is not made to cause harm, but rather to deliver signals by using different pipes to create different kinds of sound or to distract people by drawing their attention towards the area where a screamer head is fired.

Vector: Injection
Speed: Immediate
Penetration: 0
Power: 10
Effect: Stun Damage
A common knockout drug, narcoject is often used with dart guns.
It has no side effects.

Incendiary Heads: These arrowheads pack a small quality of white phosphorous that ignites upon the arrow’s impact, setting the target on fire. Th e arrowhead contains enough white phosphorous to burn for 3 Combat Turns, causing 4 DV of fi re damage each turn (see Fire Damage, p. 155, SR4). Items worn or carried by the target or coming into contact with the burning phosphorous may also catch fire.

- FFBA with chameleon coating, chemical protection and Nonconductivity (d8 protections, +1 rung to Stealth)
- Comlink, Fake SINs/Licenses
- Sensory Gear (+1 rung of Perception) with Smartlink, Flare Suppression, Sound Dampening, Thermographic & Low-Light Vision

Vixen owns…
- Sukuzi Mirage Motorcycle (Armor d20 (including runflat tires), Agi d8, Anti-theft system, pilot program)

ContactsVixen knows…
Miranda Warrant, human Fixer d12
Konrad with a K, ork Mechanic d12
Plex, human Fixer d30

Personality | Show
Dmitri is nothing like the dark and brooding antihero he used to play in the trids. In personality, he’s good-natured and outgoing, friendly to strangers and kind to almost everyone. He’s passionate about doing the right thing, about equality to all and improving life for meta-humans. Some mistake his empathy for weakness, or naivete, but he has the kind of quiet confidence that lets him shrug off insults and smile.

Background | Show
Dmitri O’Leary is a former trideo actor, star of the popular action-adventure series Vixen, which focused on the adventures of ethnically ambiguous playboy billionaire vigilante, Xerxes Watanabe. That was, until the studio that responsible for Vixen was bought out by a corp with backdoor ties to the Humanis Policlub, and the proposed storylines took a decidedly anti-metahuman slant. When Dmitri protested the changes, he was summarily canned, replaced with a new actor, and blackballed from the trid scene.

Out of work, but possessed of the same extraordinary-but-utterly-impractical skills that had enabled his fictional alter ego to fight crime, he decided that he actually would fight crime. Instead of squirreling away the savings from his rather substantial pay from his time on the show, he invested it in real equipment, and ventured out on the streets to reclaim the name “Vixen” as a force for justice and racial equality, not the dark, anti-meta bully that now starred in the show.

His first few months were a study in minor disasters, as he found that in spite of all his training and practice, the real thing was a lot different than any scenarios he’d faced during the show. Steadily, he improved, until one day he got noticed by a real Shadowrunner who took him under his wing and helped him get established. After that, he started to make more of an impact on the shadowrunning scene. He’s also drawn the ire of both the Humanis Policlub and Vixen’s current star, Rex Hunter.
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Re: First Run: Shadowrunners

Postby Xanadu » Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:48 pm

AttributesName: Delger Zorig
Aliases: Xanadu, Gan Mongke [Steel Eternal] Trust Fund SIN, Altan Gal [Golden Fire] alternate SIN
Metatype: Elf
Age:Appears mid-twenties

Xanadu is an extremely attractive asian elf of above average height looking perhaps midtwenties in age. Ethnically he looks mixed race with some clear Mongolian features and his voice is clear with slightly accented English. He's easy going with a genuine ready smile, making friends easily.

Height: 198cm
Weight: 73kg

TraitsXanadu has …

    Average Strength (d12)
    Average Agility (d12)
    Decent Health (d12)
    Good Perception (d10)
    Great Wisdom (d8)
    Average Lucky (d12)
    Strong Magical Ability (d12)
    No cyberware or bioware (Essence: d4)

    Is an Awaken Mage (Magician d12!)
    Is a Elf (Lowlight req'd Elf d20!)
    Has a Photographic Memory (d12!)
    Has a Mastery of a Second Language (Bilingual - Sperethiel) (d20!)
    Has a Strong First Impression (d20!)
    Has a Trust Fund (d10!) [High lifestyle with 1,000 Nuyen left over per month]
    A protector in the Matrix (Erased) (d12!)
    Combat Paralysis (d8!)
    Amnesia (d12!)
    Flashbacks (d20!)
    Lost Loved One (Twin Sister) (d20!)
    SIN (d20!)

SpellsXanadu knows …
    Manabolt (Manaball) (d12!)
    d20 touch only, d12 Single target , d10 Area effect

    Detect Individual (d20!)
    Mindlink (Mindnet, Mindnet EA) (d10!)

    Invisibility (Improved Invisibility) (d12!)
    Mask (Physical Mask) (d12!)

    Mana Barrier (d20!)

Misc DataArmor Rating: dXX

Wealth: dXX

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 0

Skills & SuperpowersXanadu is/can…
    1. Insightful with Assensing (d10)
    2. Basic Training in Astral Combat (d20)
    3. Basic Training in Athletics (d20)
    4. Basic Training in Conjuring (d20)
    5. Practiced with Firearms (d12)
    6. Competent with Ground Vehicles (d12)
    7. Socially Adept (Influence) (d10)
    8. Effective at Intimidation (d12)
    9. Skilled with Sorcery (d10)
    10. Basic Training in Stealth (d20)
    11. Well schooled in Etiquette (d10)
    12. Not incompetent with First Aid (d30)

    Knowledge Skills & Languages
    13. Basic Understanding of the Seattle Shadows (d20)
    14. Passing Familiarity with the Seattle Club Scene (d30)
    15. Passing Familiarity with Magical Threats (d30)
    16. A native speaker of Khalaka (Native)
    17. A native speaker of Sperethial (Native)
    18. Fairly fluent in English (d10)
    19. Passable with Mandarin (d20)
    20. Passable with Japanese (d20)
    21. Passable with Spanish (d20)

GearXanadu carries…
    Credit Account - tied to primary SIN
    Basic Docwagon contract (tied to SIN)

    Credit Account - tied to primary shadow SIN - 3,000
    Certified Silver Credstick
    Certified Credsticks (3)
    Credits on Certified Credsticks (3) - 5,000 [1st], 2,000 [2nd], 315 [3rd]

    Fake SIN (r5) - Legal
    Fake weapon license - Predator (r5)
    Fake conceal / carry - Predator (r5)
    Fake weapon license - HK 227 (r5)
    Fake conceal / carry - HK 227 (r5)
    Fake license spellcasting (r5)
    Fake driver's license (r5)
    Fake motorcycle registration (r5)

    HK 227-X
    Ares Predator IV
    Hidden Arm Slide (Ares)
    Sound suppressor (HK)
    5 spare clips (Ares)
    6 spare clips (HK)
    60 rounds APDS (Pistol)
    140 rounds APDS (SMG)
    Concealed Holster (HK)
    30 rounds regular ammo (Pistol)
    60 rounds regular ammo (SMG)

    Lined coat
    Form-fitting body armor
    Racing Bike helmet

    AR gloves
    Reraku Sensei Commlink (Public)
    OS: Novatech Navi
    Reraku Sensei Commlink (Private)
    OS: Novatech Navi
    Reraku Sensei Commlink (Private)
    OS: Novatech Navi

    Goggles (R6)
    Flare Compensation
    Image Link
    Vision Enhancement (r3)
    Optical Vision Magnification

    Glasses (R4)
    Flare Compensation
    Image Link
    Vision Enhancement (r3)

    Earbuds (r3)
    Audio Enhance (r1)
    Select Sound Filter (r2)

    Respirator (r6)
    Tag Eraser

Xanadu owns…
    A very nice apartment (high lifestyle, trust fund)

    Suzuki Mirage
    Chameleon Coating
    Motorcycle Gyro Stabilization
    Vehicle Tag Eraser
    Shielded smuggling compartment - airtight, wi-fi, EM hardened, bioweave; Tailor made to hold the HK227, Predator, Fake SINs & licenses, 3 Commlinks (only 2 were there), tag eraser and a small amount of additional space.
    Morphing license plate
    spoof chip
    Run-flat tires

Contacts Xanadu knows…

Personality | Show

Background | Show
Xanadu (Delger Zorig) and his sister (Batu Erdene [Loyal Jewel]) were born in Mongolia near Karakorum on the fall equinox in 2011 to a human father and elven mother. Their father led the team tasked with building a new city at the site of the ancient capital, though funding over time would dwindle. Growing up they spent much of their time in and around the ruins of the city, sensing something of its presence even though most of it had yet to be excavated. Their mother taught them many things including Sperethiel and the use of their gifts. Both children were awakened and as they approached their majority schooling became a priority. With the world uncertain about metahumans, the announcement by the Salish-Shidhe Council opening their borders to metahumans seemed a sign. Fearful for their safety their father packed them off to the U.S. returning to Ulan Baatar or Urga as it would come to be known.

Upon arriving they joined the newly formed Sinsearach tribe. Fluent in Sperethiel, they become teachers given how few spoke the language. This permitted them to further their own education in exchange. Both Xanadu and <sister> became accomplished mages, building on the teachings of their mother. His sister also became quite skilled in combat. When Tir Tairngire became an independent nation in 2035, Xanadu and his sister had proven their skill and usefulness and were appointed Count and Countess. Their mother was also granted the same rank though it appeared she would have been given a higher rank.

Once the Tir had established its current borders over the next year or so, things were settled enough to bring their father to Portland. He’d been working in Mongolia, though a week before he was supposed to move, they lost touch. He’d been going back and forth to Karakorum when time allowed and it appeared he had made some sort of discovery. Spending a week and contacting people they knew made it fairly plain he was gone. For the next decade the pair disappeared into the shadows as they sought out their father. The two worked well together, Xanadu as the Face and <sister> as the muscle, with both functioning well as mages. They were eventually able to find their father only to discover he was possessed by an Ant spirit and were forced to kill him. Angered and saddened by the tragedy, they returned to Tir Tairngire after burying their father in his native Mongolia.

Less than a year after leaving Mongolia, Xanadu and <sister> found themselves back in Asia, drawn back by contacts into some of the brewing troubles. Xanadu was very sensitive to auras and able to spot things that others missed. He was able to help identify other ant spirits causing issues and with <sister> and others helped eradicate them. It took several years but they were able to root out the ant hive in Mongolia. Not a large hive, but all the better for being destroyed.

They returned to Tir Tairngire and settled back into their lives. It was a happy few years before being contacted by Assets Inc. for help with a case. Tommy Talon had discovered that the pair had extensive experience dealing with insect spirits and recruited them. Though it took time, they were successful in bringing Mary-Beth Tyre home from Aztlan. However it wasn’t without its cost. In this case they’d kicked the ant hill and the ant hill kicked back. Members of Assets Inc. started getting murdered, forcing Xanadu and his sister off the grid. For all the help they’d provided against the insect spirits and to the Draco Foundation, they were given protection. It was almost not enough.

Both Xanadu and his sister were nearly killed in early 2062. The attack came to the attention of Ghostwalker who after investigating their situation decided to take further action. In March 2062, he had them erased and set things in place to keep them that way. In the Tir, there was enough information to validate their identities and restore their rank if needed. Otherwise they were given new identities and established in London, away from where they had operated in the shadows in Asia and away from Aztlan where they apparently had kicked the ant hill.

They slipped into the shadows in London and went back to running. This went fine for a while, up until about 7 months ago (fill in present time) when they avoided what appeared to be an ant-shaman led hit squad. They were extracted from London and stayed briefly in Denver. They were to fly through Seattle on their way back to Mongolia, switching names and identities in Seattle while on an overnight layover before continuing to Urga. The brief layover would give them a chance to see their mother.

They got their bikes and headed for the meeting place. Unfortunately their plans had been compromised and their mother delayed. When they arrived, they were ambushed. They managed to kill their assailants but in the end one of them caused some sort of magical explosion which dropped Xanadu. He had only been assensing. Had he been in the Astral plane the damage would have been much worse. As it was, he’d lost his memories. He passed out again and his sister concealed him discovering that there were still others hunting. She drew them off, but her fate is unknown.

After Sibyl found him and ensured he was ok, he headed “home” based on his SIN and commlink on his bike. Heading into his place he triggered a message which was simply “Thank you.” It became clear as he spent time in “his” home, that it and his SIN are likely as fake as the others, just amazingly well done. He discovered he has a trust fund set up, though its original source is unclear. The only picture in the place being one of his sister – the family resemblance extremely clear. The closets had a wide range of clothes from formal to clubbing to ones fitting into rougher neighborhoods.

Examining his bike he remembered how to access the smuggling compartment discovering it tailor-made to hold the HK227, Predator, ammo, Fake SINs & licenses, 3 Commlinks (only 2 were there), tag eraser and a small amount of additional space that could be used for credsticks or other very small items.

He spent time getting to know and hanging out with Sybil. Seattle was unfamiliar, but something he knew he needed to get used to. He’s spent time trying to find his sister, but without luck. Using his SIN he was able to identify an address maybe 10 minutes from his and with a very similar set up at least from the outside. Looking discretely through windows, the inside seemed to be decorated with the same touch and the same lack of more personal items. Stopping back occasionally hasn’t revealed any changes. It looks kept up, but unoccupied.

Convinced he’s not going to find out what he wants sitting comfortably in his new life, he follows his instincts into the shadows.

1. The SIN he has is a legitimate SIN and crafted in a similar way to the SINs Dunklezahn granted as part of his will. The limited history associated with it is fabricated to obfuscate his trail.
2. It was to be the basis of their new identities as they headed back to Asia.
3. These wouldn’t be activated until they arrived at their residence.
4. The trust fund is tied to this account and was added as an additional level of protection after the London identity failed. The idea being that the funds would provide for a low profile lifestyle until things calmed back down.
5. The additional SINs were fall backs if needed until another permanent one could be set up.
6. His sister’s bike, fake identities and new SIN were all destroyed leaving no clue for the opposition to follow.
7. Not actively being hunted in Seattle
8. His sister may have been affected similarly in terms of memory loss
9. They are not allowed in Tir Tairngire and would be stopped at the border. Not worth the risk of them being recognized given the time the spent teaching.
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Re: Daze

Postby Daze » Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:42 pm

Big Image | Show

DescriptionName: Daze
Aliases: Kristian Darkspace
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Description: See Photo
Height: 194cm
Weight: 76kg

TraitsDaze has …

Average Strength (d12)
Great Agility (d8)
Good Health (d12)
Good perception (d10)
Poor Wisdom (d20)
Good Luck (d10)

Natural Low-Light Vision (d20)
Ambidextrous (Quality d20)
Addiction (Mild): Kamikaze (Neg Quality d20)

SkillsDaze is/can…
1. Quite Atheltic (d12)
2. A Natural with Firearms (d8)
3. Decent at Cracking (d12)
4. Good with Electronics (d12)
5. Quite Good at Forgery (d12)
6. Extremely Stealthy (d8)
7. Has a good Knowledge of the Seattle Black Market (d10)
8. Is trained at Close and Unarmed Combat (d12)
9. Is a competent escape artist (d12)
10. Knows Sperethial well (d10)
11. Good at picking locks (d12)
12. A Passable Armorer (d12)

Has a good knowledge of Seattle gangs (d12)

GearDaze carries…

2 x Ingram Smartgun X
Nitama Optimum II (Arsenal)
- Bipod
- Low-light Flashlight
Extendable Baton
A Survival Knife

Various good quality programs for cyberwarfare R5 (d10)

6 Certified Credsticks
Anonymous ID token (basically an anonymous credstick)
4 spare ammo clips for his Ingrams (2 each)
4 spare ammo clips for his assault rifle
A few doses of Kamikaze courtesy of Shalia

Daze owns…

Glasses to display Matrix and Smartlink
Commlink/OS (R5) (d10)
Simsense Module
Sleep Regulator
AR Gloves (Full Finger Rings)
4 Smart Packs for ammo

A Suzuki Mirage he inherited from Kira (upgraded recently)
- Pilot Program
- Gyro Stabilisers
- Anti-theft device

ContactsDaze knows…

Shalia d10
Officer Malone d20
ShazzWow d20
Plex (d30)

MISC DATAArmor Rating: d20 (dropped from d10)

Wealth: d12

Reputation: None yet

Unspent XP: 2

Background | Show
Daze's parents were the victims of anti-metahuman violence when he was 3. Luckily for him, the area they lived in was pretty heavily populated with family friends and he was unofficially adopted by a elf woman named Kira. He was raised with full knowledge of what happened to his parents, they were left beaten to pulps by Humanis Policlub. As a teen, Daze believed that Aunt Kira was dishonoring his parents memory by teaching him not to hate humans. It wasn't until his 16th birthday that he discovered the truth. Kira was a shadowrunner. He'd always taken her stories at face value, she worked at a rough bar in a rough part of town. Then she came back missing an eye.

So all of a sudden, Daze knew. The logical thing for him to do was get out and stay away. But young males are idiots, no matter what race they are, so of course, Daze talked Aunt Kira into teaching him how to shoot and handle himself. By his 21st birthday, he had taken a few milk runs with her as fire support and a safe cracker. It was through her that Daze met both Driver and Franz. Franz remains Daze's go-to man for medical advice seeing as he was the person that fixed him up after his first run. Apparently a couple bullet wounds require being rushed to a clinic like a 2-year-old with a bad cough.

On her last job however, the run went sideways. Daze made it out with Kira badly shot up. She looked like she was going to pull through until some Humanis Policlub thugs turned up and killed Kira. The guy they were robbing turned out to have connections. So Daze hunted them down and killed them. With a past like that, there's no way he's leaving the shadows alive. He burned the house to the ground, a funeral pyre that Kira deserved. It was with the flames turning the night red that Daze rode away on Kira's bike, the only thing of hers he kept.

To honor her though, Daze has made sure that he never hated anyone except those that wrong him personally. Humanis Policlub are the exception, they've wrecked too much.

The last few years have been pretty tough, somewhere along the line, Daze started hitting Kamikaze to get an edge. It's not taking over his life, but he definitely feels the need. But as a bonus, the Kamikaze was how he met Shalia. If it wasn't for her, he never would have started hacking. He got the required implants after dating her for 6 months. Turns out that Daze has a natural ability with firearms and hacking. But of course, he has a good teacher. It's got kind of serious and there is no way he's going to lose her to those Humanis drekheads.

Personality | Show
Daze is a man with a grudge. His grudge is with the world. There are lots of good people in it, but that hasn't stopped the world he lives in from taking everything from him so far. His parents. Dead. Kira. Dead. Add that to his Kamikaze habit and Daze is a reckless, guns blazing type of runner. Destined to live a short, violent, adrenaline-fueled life. He is brash, cocky and doesn't mince his words.

He does have a reason to want to live though. Shalia. Despite the Kamikaze, she is balanced and calm where he leans towards unstable and angry. He'll stop at nothing to keep her safe. But a runner's life is never that simple is it?
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