TSP: Mission Log (XP & Loot)

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Far beyond the edge of the inhabited universe lies the Silent Planet, a fertile but isolated world rumoured to be the final resting place for a number of lost interplanetary expeditions. Despite the planet’s deadly reputation, legends of riches, vast resource deposits, and lost alien technology tempt those brave, or foolish, enough to take the risk. Will the Silent Planet’s latest batch of colonists quell its dangerous wildlife and hostile inhabitants, or will they end up as another in a long line of expeditions that have simply ‘gone silent’?

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TSP: Mission Log (XP & Loot)

Postby Calvin » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:01 pm

XP Tracking:
+150 XP (Goshawk pirate ambush)
150/1300 XP (Level 1)

Goshawk pirate ambush:
    200 Cr -> 50 Cr to each PC
    2x Medi-Gel Packets
    Repulsor Sphere
    Military-grade (masterwork) Vidar M/80 laser rifle
    2x 'Zap Gun' laser rifles
    Krikit-32 pistol
    UATC KMS-10 machete
    KRX LVII 'Bloodhound' combat knife
    Reinforced Leather Jacket
    2x Fighter Helmets
    Cybernetic Arm
    Silver Ouroboros Amulet
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