TSP: Ch. 1 - Into the Silent Planet (IC)

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Far beyond the edge of the inhabited universe lies the Silent Planet, a fertile but isolated world rumoured to be the final resting place for a number of lost interplanetary expeditions. Despite the planet’s deadly reputation, legends of riches, vast resource deposits, and lost alien technology tempt those brave, or foolish, enough to take the risk. Will the Silent Planet’s latest batch of colonists quell its dangerous wildlife and hostile inhabitants, or will they end up as another in a long line of expeditions that have simply ‘gone silent’?

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Re: TSP: Ch. 1 - Into the Silent Planet (IC)

Postby Delvin » Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:21 am

Devlin looked at Raden with a bit of wonder. Despite the apparent symbiosis, he took steps to shield their younger brother. Something only a brother or parent would do. The older Mallory appreciated the gesture greatly, and nodded his head in thanks.

"Good idea." he murmurer.

Those left to do the interrogating were close to the cabin now.

"So back to the questions."

"The usually, I suppose. What pirate group. Who their leader is, how big the organization. Where they are striking from. Did they attack our parents. Anything else?"

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Re: TSP: Ch. 1 - Into the Silent Planet (IC)

Postby Calvin » Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:03 am

Oleg nods when Rian suggests cleaning the hold with Jaden, and motions for the young medic to come with him. As they’re leaving, he leans down to whisper in Jaden’s ear. “Make sure to bring your laser pistol.”

Svetlana quickly responds when Rian asks if the droid could help with the interrogation. “My primary directive is ensuring that the captive remains secure, but I am happy to provide any assistance necessary provided that it does not conflict with this objective.”

The droid responds to Delvin with a few additional questions that they could potentially ask the captive pirate. “A likely corollary to the question about where they are striking from would be the location of their second fighter, whether both craft were based at the same location, and have many craft they have in their possession. We know from their first assault that the pirates have at least two, and that there are at least four more, including one known as Lobo who possessed a pistol similar to the one favoured by your father.” Svetlana pauses for a moment before continuing. “Additionally, though it seems self-evident, the reasons for their attacks may prove illuminating. The attacks only began after your parents’ death. That timing appears highly suspicious, and could be worth inquiring about.”

“When you are ready, I can provide access to the room where the captive is being held.”
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Re: TSP: Ch. 1 - Into the Silent Planet (IC)

Postby PMiller » Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:43 am

Caitlin looked at the droid, suddenly aware of some information that she either had missed earlier or had never known. "Did you just say that the pirates using this fighter have only been stopping you since about when our parents were murdered? Yet this fighter was from a ship that was missing years ago."

"Yes, I would agree finding out more about their purpose and reasons for raiding now."

She turned to her two brothers, "Who is going to lead this interrogation? Are we going to try good cop, bad cop as I offered?"
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Re: TSP: Ch. 1 - Into the Silent Planet (IC)

Postby LMiller » Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:33 am

Jaden smiled at the captain, and went back to his room. They had just completed their first mission.

"Let's go," the boy said to Oleg as he came back with his laser pistol in his pocket. He tried to act casual so his sister won't find out.
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