TSP: Ch. 1 - Into the Silent Planet (IC)

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Far beyond the edge of the inhabited universe lies the Silent Planet, a fertile but isolated world rumoured to be the final resting place for a number of lost interplanetary expeditions. Despite the planet’s deadly reputation, legends of riches, vast resource deposits, and lost alien technology tempt those brave, or foolish, enough to take the risk. Will the Silent Planet’s latest batch of colonists quell its dangerous wildlife and hostile inhabitants, or will they end up as another in a long line of expeditions that have simply ‘gone silent’?

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Re: TSP: Ch. 1 - Into the Silent Planet (IC)

Postby Rian Mallory » Wed May 17, 2017 2:58 pm


“It is all right, Jaden. If you study more, you will be able to learn.”

Rian put a kind hand on Jaden’s shoulder, and gave it a squeeze. Then he looked at the Delvin and Oleg.

“Yes, let us talk to him and try to get him to answer our questions. If he does not answer in a satisfactory manner, we can use…other means.” He blinked, slowly. “What shall we ask about? It would be good to compile a list of questions before we speak to him.”

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Free Action: None.
Move Action: Take amulet.
Standard Action: Knowledge (Alien) (17)
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Init +1, Speed 30ft
AC 13 , Tch 11, FF 12 CMD: 12 FCMD: 11
HP 9/9
Fort+1 , Ref +1, Will +3
Conditions: None
Weapon in Hand: 'Weiss' Piezoelectric Pistol (+1 attack) 1d8+1 dmg
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