Hell has come to Earth (Esimae Only)

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Re: Hell has come to Earth (Esimae Only)

Postby Esimae Brayman » Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:50 am

Covered in demon gore and blood from the corpse on top of her, Esimae's nostrils were full of the hellish stench. The blood mess made it more difficult to find the smaller, lithe figure underneath.

The pouncing demon added its weight on top of the corpse, further pinning her down in her struggle to get out.

But the demon claws raked the dead flesh of the corpse and her right hand was free with the throwing knife in it. She stabbed the demon in the neck twice in quick motions and it reared and howled as blackish blood sprayed from the punctures. The knife was not long enough, but the holy nature made the wounds painful and deadly regardless.

Esimae continued with grim determination to slash and stab at the howling demon until it slumped to its side with the last fatal cut.

With the extra weight off of her, she wriggled, slithered out from under the mutilated corpse. Being slick with demon blood helped.

She got to her feet, short curved blade in her left hand and blackish blood soaked knife in her right. She looked horrible with demon blood smeared all over her. She spared an amused thought about what the bitches in the PTA would say if they saw the scene.
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