BC: A Warm Welcome - Chapter 1 [IC]

Convicted Murderers, Thieves, and pirates. They all have a propensity towards violence. Something that the Empire of Khodar needs in its struggle against the Thelmor Dominion. As a convicted criminal, you are given the choice. Serve in the army for a chance at freedom or go to headsman. Wanting to live, you choose the former and enter the world of the Black Company.

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Re: BC: A Warm Welcome - Chapter 1 [IC]

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Horns bellow grabbed the attention of the servers, and your were promptly seen to. A little while later, Aela joined the four of you and was brought up to speed on the situation. The white haired woman was annoyed to say the least and had a quite a few choice words for the Captain of the armory and his lackies. She marched out of the inn and intended to resolve this issue that evening.

The witch apparently had a bit of a reputation with army regulars in this town and after a few veiled threats, was able to cut through the paper work to get the needed supplies. In the morning, you were able to return to Ivanstead Barracks without incident.

The following weeks say both Carver and Ataxia reassigned elsewhere in the Black Company. Their unique skills in healing and explosives earned them spots where their talents would be fully utilized.
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