BC: On the Whiterun River [IC]

Convicted Murderers, Thieves, and pirates. They all have a propensity towards violence. Something that the Empire of Khodar needs in its struggle against the Thelmor Dominion. As a convicted criminal, you are given the choice. Serve in the army for a chance at freedom or go to headsman. Wanting to live, you choose the former and enter the world of the Black Company.

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Re: BC: On the Whiterun River

Postby Mercevial Xenn » Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:33 am


Ataxia looks up at the massive Minotaur and opens his mouth to say something but pauses and clamps it shut. He shakes his head.

"No, no, no, no.... You can't see into the puppet masters realm," he mutters wistfully. "No one can."

"If I told you, you might start to think I was crazy," the gnome says. "We wouldn't want that!"

He eyes the corpse once more before craning his neck to see over the edge of the barge.

"Are we there yet?" he asks no one in particular.
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Re: BC: On the Whiterun River

Postby Herzog » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:31 am

944 FE, Septembus - Early Morning

The prisoner who hadn't said anything paled at the sight of the announcement of the dead prisoner. He looked like he might be sick.

"That's going to be us, Right! Except it will be on some nameless front! The Black Company is death wish! I should have let the headsman take my head!"

The prisoner was on the verge of panicking.


"Hey now!" replied Cynric. "You chose to take the Brand. Don't be a chicken shit now! We all die some day."

The crow was cawing admonishing. The unnamed prisoner was gibbering and the guards and crew men were glancing over wondering what all the ruckus was about. Ataxia's crazy antics were also not helping the situation.

The pale skinned girl lost her temper.

"Shut up!" yelled. She raised her and pointed at the prisoner "Auschlaffen! The prisoner on the receiving end stopped mid gibbering, and slumped to the deck. A second later, and loud snore was heard from the man.

"Better. Idiot should have known what he was in for."

The crow gave a definitely caw again.

She turned to Oz and shook her head. "Nay, we'll be in Ivanstead in an hour. You'll be fine until then. "

The girl glanced over at Ataxia as that answered his question as well. The girl knelt back down at the dead prisoner and covered the corpse back up with the blanket.

"Can't unshackle you if I wanted to. The smith at Ivanstead has to break the chains. The prison guards didn't think to leave us the keys."

"Anyway, need to get ready for arrival."

The girl picked up the uneaten bowl of stew. Cynric was going to say something, but after the display of the woman's temper and whatever spell she cast on the other prisoner, let it drop. Best not to mess with a spell slinger. The girl retrieved the rest of the dishes and headed back to the cabin, leaving you all in silence. The crow flapped and followed after the woman.

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Re: BC: On the Whiterun River

Postby PMiller » Tue Sep 22, 2015 4:32 am


Horns chucked as the mage put the whiner to sleep. It was deep rumble that could have been just gravel rattling around. He spoke, "Feisty. She could help knock us out on those nights we canna sleep."

Rather than be offended by the woman's beside manner, the minotaur appeared to enjoy it... maybe because it was not directed at him.

He shifted around to get comfortable and let out a burp from eating the stew. He was getting ready to resume napping to pass the time, and glanced sidelong at the little gnome beside him. He was curious if the wee man would make decent lumbar support or not. But given the crazy notions Ataxia had voiced, Horns decided to keep that to himself.
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