Randarin, Half-elven Archer

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Randarin, Half-elven Archer

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AttributesName: Randarin
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male
Class: Fighter/Ranger
Age: 20

Randarin is a male elf and is known to be a good archer. He has long blonde hair and green eyes. He wears light armor and green feathered cloak with a hood. He is tall and skiny, but he even so he has strength for an elf.

Randarin is usually calm, but he will get frustrated if he is bothered too much. He loves practicing his aim. He dislikes bugs and heights. He has a goal of being the best archer in the world.

TraitsRandarin has …
    Average Strength (d12)
    Good Agility (d8)
    Decent Health (d10)
    Decent Perception (d10)
    Below average wisdom (d20)
    Average Luck (d12)
    Nature's Blessing (Req: Ranger) (d12!)

Misc DataArmor Rating: d12

Wealth: d30

Unspent XP: 0

Skills & SuperpowersRandarin is/can…
    Good with Ranged Weapons Bows (d8)
    Decent with Melee Weapons (d10)
    Resist Enchantments (Req: Half-elven) (d10!)
    * Immune to magical sleep.
    * Gains +1 rung for defense rolls against enchantments
    Specialized with Bows (d10)
    Use Medium Armor & Shields (d10)
    Rapidly Shoot (Req: Agility d10 & Bows d10) (d12!)
    * Gain extra attack per round with bows.
    * Can only be improved to -1 rung compared to skill in Bows
    Pretty Stealthy (d12)
    Decent in Tracking (Req: Ranger) (d12!)
    Pretty Knowledgeable about Nature's Lore & Animals (d20)
    Better at Fighting Humans (Favored Enemy) (Req: Ranger & Nature’s Blessing) (d20!)
    * Roll check (target 6) to gain +1 rung attack and extra damage when attacking humans.
    * Roll check (target 6) to gain +1 rung Perception or Tracking versus humans.
    * Can take additional Favored Enemies once current one reaches d8!
    See with Low-light Vision (Req: Half-elven) (d20!)

GearRandarin carries…
    Masterwork Longbow with arrows
    Masterwork Greatsword
    Backpack (Bedroll, rations, Waterskin, Mess Kit, Grooming Kit, Winter Blanket)
    Enchanted Mithral Shirt
    Masterwork Cloak for Stealth in outdoors
    Healing Potion
    Wand of CLW (10 Charges)
    Vial of Anti-plague
    Vial of Anit-toxin
    Cold Weather Gear
Randarin owns…
    Nothing he is not carrying

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Randarin lived in the Ashwood forest of Varisia. When he was a kid, his dad went to fight with a big ogre chieftain and died during the fight. So he and his mother were living together until his mother died too, from a really bad sickness. It happened when his was still a child.

A famous elven archer named Bar'Kael offered to take Randarin to his forest home back in Kyonin to live with him and teach him archery. The boy elf agreed and that is how it started. It took many years until he was ready. As an adult, he decided to go and seek adventure in Magnimar. He wanted to travel and see the human lands of the world.
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