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A space opera-like setting in the far future where the human race spread out from Terra to the stars centuries ago.

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AtS: Equipment Descriptions

Postby PMiller » Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:12 am

All-weather blanket
    3m x 3m blanket of soft psuedowool on one side, smooth waterproof plastic on other. Can keep a someone warm in temperatures down to freezing. Can be used to carry water as well.
First aid kit
    Basic and smaller version of a medikit. Includes: local anesthetic (5 hypo doses to relieve pain), plastiflesh (cans of spray to close up wounds and heal burns, 10 uses), omnimycin (5 hypo doses to control infections), stimdose (5 hypo sprays to revive unconscious being), antiseptic (can of spray to disinfect and clean a skin area, 5 uses), medscanner (an electric unit to diagnose ailments), antibody plus (5 hypo spray to increase resistance to disease), antitox (5 hypo spray doses to neutralize poison), spray hypo (syringe uses to give shots without needle), staydose (hypo to sustain dying creature for 20 hours, 5 uses), biocort (hypo to stimulate fast healing, 10 uses), microforceps (adjustable tool used to remove shrapnel and bullet fragments from wounds), sonic scalpel (tool for cutting plastic, metal, or flesh. Makes smooth, bloodless incision 5mm deep)
    Wrist watch combined with audio/video communicator with 5km range
Pocket multi-tool
    Includes: Pocket knife, universal screw driver, min-pliers, min-scissors, tweezers, mini-adjustable wrench, hole-puncher, mini-saw, mini-file.
    Can shine narrow beam 100 meters, last 200 hours of continuous use. Size of a large pen.
Toxyrad gauges
    Wrist worn device to detect oxygen, poison, and radioactive levels. Alerts wearer of several types of danger. Flashing lights indicate dangerous levels of low oxygen, radiation, or toxic fumes. Gauge indicates relative levels of danger.
    High quality sunglasses that form fit to one's face
Vitasalt Pills
    Special pills containing vitamins and minerals, including salt. They help reduce one's need for water in dry areas.
Stretch coveralls
    Unisex outfit of waterproof material that for fits most sizes. Keep wearer warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather, with large pockets on hips, legs and chest, with small ones on sleeves
    Throat mounted mini-computer to translate languages. Translates message that it hears from one language into another, and then repeats it. It can be programs to learn new languages based upon key phrases that can be entered into its database and from 1-100 hours of exposure. Simple device that doesn't need skill in computers to operate/program.
Tangler grenade
    Grenade that explodes with sticky polymer threads that decay in 30 minutes, Are of effect about 5 meter radius. Need a Strength check of 4 to break free
Stun grenade
    Grenade that explodes in a stunning energy blast that affects most living beings in a 5 meter radius. Need Health Check of 5 to resist
Laser Pistol
    High energy beam of light that has a range of 100 meters, 20 shots
Argo’s datalink cable and helmet device
    Plugs in a special laser pistol unit that is missing a handle grip and has the smart link instead. Special small laser pistol with 20 shots is integrated, but can be fitted with new power cell standard to any laser pistol or rifle.
Form-fitting armored undersuit
    Skin tight suit that covers from neck to knees and elbows. Provides d20 armor versus ballistic & physical melee attacks
Robcom tool kit
    Highly specialized toolkit for working on robots and computers, weighs 10kg. Contains: electrodriver (rotates all shapes & sizes of bolts and screws), ion bonding tape (10cm wide, 5 meters length, bonds to any metal surface), insulated wire (10 meters), spray lubricant (10 uses), electrosnips (powered metal cutting sheers), spray waterproofing (will insulate circuits, cloth, etc... from moisture. 5 uses), Lasoldering iron (pen-sized laser soldering iron), solder (1 meter roll of conductive soft metal), Magnetic-by-pass clips (10 small connectors used top short circuit wiring), breadboard circuits (5 standard boards for mounting robot circuitry), demagnetizer (electric tool to demagnetize fouled circuits), spray cleaner (spray solvent to remove dirt, 10 uses), minature flashlight with head band (20 hours of light to mount on forehead & magnetized case as well), calipers (capable of taking measurements as small as .001mm), needlenose pliers, sonic scalpel (tool for cutting plastic, metal, or flesh. Makes smooth, bloodless incision 5mm deep), spare components (diodes, transistors, computer chips), oscilloscope (miniature viewer to display information on electrical flow)
Albedo Screen
    Powered screen that projects a silvery aura around the wearer to absorb laser fire. Powered belt unit to provide armor d20 versus energy weapons only, when switched on will last 5 hours of continuous use. It will not stop laser fire being fire out from inside the screen.
    Can analyze organisms to determine type and edibility. Sensors attach to plant or animal, living or dead. Readout gauge displays type of organisms and whether plants are edible or poisonous.
    Small device that contains sensitive gas analyzers. It will report on a digital screen what gaseous elements are present, their quantities and whether breathing them is dangerous.
    Can break doen up to a fist-sized sample of rock or soil and then analyze it. It will report what minerals the sample contains and whether they are likely to be valuable ore, gas, or oil deposits nearby.
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