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Re: AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:15 pm
by LMiller
Trever envisioned himself flying a jetcopter and getting away from the pirates.

"Hmm, it will be cool to try and fly one," he said, more to himself though.

"But still, I can do that some other time."

Trever kicked the pebbles beneath his feet and then looked around to search for Ul-Mor nearby. "Can I go talk to one of these creatures?" he asked Grod.

Re: AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:35 pm
by Aura
"I wonder how difficult they are to fly," Rufus wonders aloud, scratching his chin. Addressing Trever more directly, he adds, "If you get the chance, just be careful. Remember the golden rule of flight: gravity is a harsh mistress. Anyway... where were we?" He stops, thinking, until sight of the dralasite reminds him, "Oh yes, kit-bashing for fun and profit. How could I forget?"

Re: AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:16 pm
by Argo
Argo sat quietly for a while, considering the ideas that the others had forwarded. Maya had a very good one. He thought it would be good if some of them learned the Ul-Mor language, if indeed they could. It would be better than relying on poly-voxes for everything, especially considering that poly-voxes could break, especially in the desert.

“Could I learn too?” he asked Jameson, then glanced at Maya. “If it’s all right with you if you have some company, that is. I can’t help with the mechanical things, but I can talk and listen.”

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:01 pm
by PMiller
~ Day 20 - 16:54 - Meeting the other expedition ~Image
The Dralasite looked up at the boy, "Sure, kid, you can go talk to 'em. But since I got your poly-vox now, you might want to take a translator." He extended an extra digit finger to gesture towards Argo and Maya who still wore the translators as they were several meters away in a discussion with Commander Jameson.

Grog rubbed his bald pate again in thought during the discussion with Rufus, "Hmmm, a IR shoulda launched SAM would be fun, but I canna make one o' dem with spare parts o' a poly-vox. But mebbe a tangler grenade poppin' off right inta the air intake manifold... yes, that might wreck der day."

The short, blob-being had stopped walking as they reached a native lean-to structure. "This is me," he gestured to the meager abode that was all local materials for shelter and furnishings, if the crude and rustic things could even be categorized as such.

Image Image Image Image
Alex nudged Miranda, "See , I ain't the only one not wanting to get butt probed by these natives."

Commander Jameson gave the soldier a side-long look, but did not reply as he turned to Maya, "It is hard to say hold long it would take under the new circumstances. With a poly-vox, you can certainly learn faster if you make an effort to study the words used and the translation. But the mind-meld likely saved weeks of time, had I only used a more traditional method. But if we get the transmitter working, we can get a rescue here before the efforts of studying their language would make real progress, then we could have more poly-voxes available."

Argo had joined the group while the Dralasite engineer had led Trever and Rufus off a short ways to his tent to work on the transmitter.

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Inventory in 1 Spare Backpack carried by Alex
1 machete
1 first aid kit (Basic anesthetics, stimdoses, antiseptics, medscanner, antibody plus, antitox, spray hypo, etc...)
3 compasses
2 life jackets
1 pocket multi-tool
3 pairs of boots
Extra Water
3 Backpacks

Polyvoxes worn: Maya, Argo

Re: AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:32 am
by Aura
Rufus lights up at the mention of dealing with that irritating jet-copter. "I'd certainly love to see something like that. Or maybe something as simple as a reflected light attack on the pilot's eyes. We seem to be in rich supply of light around here... during the daytime, anyway. Hrm." Scratching his chin in thought, the man thinks a moment. "Or broaden a laser for the job. Then you have your weapon day or night. Has potential..." With that, he gets lost in thought once again.

"Oh yes, transmitter. The important thing. By all means, let's hop right to it." Rufus reaches for his tools as the three interested parties duck into Grog's hut.