AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

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A space opera-like setting in the far future where the human race spread out from Terra to the stars centuries ago.

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Re: AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

Postby PMiller » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:28 pm

~ Day 20 - 16:32 - Arriving at the other tribe ~Image Image Image
Miranda and Alex dismounted upon arrival in the village of the Ul-Mor tribe and joined Trever and May as they approached the two obvious off-worlders. Alex remarked in a low voice, “That one, the human, looks like a military man. I can tell… not sure how, but I know.”

Miranda glanced at him and shrugged. She figures misogynistic soldiers could probably smell their own kind like dogs. She added her own introduction, “I am Miranda.”

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The human approached and commented to his own companion loud enough to be heard, “They don’t look like pirates.”

“Welcome to Volturnus, then. I am Commander Louis Jameson and this is my fellow castaway, Grod. We have been here for months, and outside of the Red Devils, you are the first we have seen that are not natives.”

“How came you to be here?”

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Re: AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

Postby Aura » Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:06 am

"Nice to meet you, both," Rufus leads, his tone rather casual despite the occasion. "I'm Rufus... Rufus Shaintar. I think we've run into these pirates you mention, although we haven't used the name you do, Red Devils. Hmmm, sounds as good as any." With that, the engineer thinks a moment, providing pause to his words, before continuing, "As for us, well, we're still trying to piece together all that happened to get us here, actually. Given the timing, could very well be from the same incident, but maybe not. What we are certain of is we ended up in the middle of the desert, and ran into the pirates and then the Ul-Mor. I would not be surprised the pirates are key to everything. We spent our time trying to avoid contact them after the initial incident, where they began shooting from the start before withdrawing on their helicopter-like vehicle.

"The Ul-Mor," Rufus shifts conversation to a new subject, and continues, "the Ul-Mor have been, despite somewhat ferocious appearances, rather good natured in dealing with us. And, actually, being all but lost in the desert, we needed the help. They've even been so good as to help us with our little expedition to find you two. And, so, just you two? Somehow I pictured finding a large group, but that was just an impression."
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Re: AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

Postby Herzog » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:02 am

"Volturnus? hmmm, " Maya said to herself. That was the name of the planet the group had crashed on according to this Command Jameson. The girl tried to think if the planet rang a bell with spotty memory.

Then she shoke her head slightly and focused on the two other castaways. Now that is was pointed out, Commander Louis Jameson did look like he carried himself in a way that soldiers did. The man reminder Maya of Alex in ways. She figured the soldier and commander should get along in the given circumstances. Grod on the other hand, the purple haired girl could lay a finger on as far as demeanor.

"Right, as Rufus has said, we are in similar straights, having had an encounter with these Red Devil's and their flyer. They certainly were not friendly to us. And we're not exactly sure how we came about, other than waking up in the middle of the desert..."

The girl looked to the others to see how much of their troublesome beginnings they needed to share off the bat.
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Re: AtS: Eh!? What Happened? [IC]

Postby Argo » Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:41 pm

Argo approached the new beings slowly, letting the others speak first. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. A human, and another humanoid with very different skin and no fur. It had five limbs instead of the four that he and the humans had, though three seemed to be devoted to walking and the other two to manipulating objects. The humanoid’s race was ‘dralasite’, he recalled. It struck him that humans tended to define things on their own terms. There were humans, and any other people were aliens. If the aliens were somewhat close to being like humans, they were ‘humanoid’. If not, they were defined by the closest human equivalent, like how the Ul-Mor were described as ‘octopus-like’.

He thought that was interesting. Of course, his own thinking was very similar; because he had been raised by humans and worked amongst them, he saw things by human terms too.

That was neither here nor there, but he filed it away as a matter of interest. For now, his companions were speaking to the newcomers. Argo wasn’t sure what to make of them, but he noted with interest that the human that Al had called a military man had indeed introduced himself with a title. Commander. That was a high rank, one that meant he could order others around. It also meant that he belonged to some kind of an organization.

He had spoken to his companion in their mutual language, but this Grod had not replied, nor had spoken to them himself. Perhaps he could understand Terran but not speak it, like sidekicks in stories Argo knew he had watched but couldn’t recall the details now. For his part, Jameson had a slightly unusual diction that was different than Argo or his companions, which might have meant he was from a different place, or learned Terran as a second language. It was hard to tell from such a small sample size.

Argo hoped the upshot of it all was that these new people could be trusted; perhaps having a mutual enemy in the pirates was a good sign, if he was to take Jameson’s comment to mean just that.

He sniffed at both beings, wondering if he would find their scents familiar.

“My name is Argo,” he supplied, because it was polite. “How about you two? How did you come to be here?”
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