RFTS: Setting Information

The deserts of Osirion—land of pharaohs and ancient tombs—hide not just untold wonders, but also unspeakable dangers. When the vast sand dunes part to reveal the ancient pyramid of the legendary Pharaoh of Sphinxes, glory seekers from across many nations race toward it, each fighting to be the first to claim its wonders. Your group of bold adventurers are the first to arrive. Can you claim what's risen from the sands?

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RFTS: Setting Information

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Osirion, Land of the Pharaohs
Alignment: LN
Capital: Sothis (111,989)
Notable Settlements: An (38,200), Eto (9,500), lpeq (12,730), Shiman-Sekh (6,680), Tephu (19,480), Totra (52,360), Wati (7,300)
Ruler: Khemet III, the Ruby Prince
Government: Celestial monarchy
Major Races: Humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings
Major Religions: Abadar, Irori, Lamashtu, Nethys, Norgorber, Pharasma, Rovagug, Sarenrae
Languages: Osiriani

Osirion once controlled much of what are now the nations of Thuvia, Rahadoum, Katapesh, and Geb, but complacency ultimately ended Osirion's reign of cultural and martial supremacy. After 5,000 years of pharaonic rule, Qadiran agents infiltrated the corrupt bureaucracy underpinning Pharaoh Menedes XXVI's regime and quietly neutralized it. Unable to respond effectively, Osirion soon experienced a series of empire-wide slave revolts, each clandestinely engineered by the Padishah Empire of Kelesh, who soon subsumed Osirion as a satrapy.

Hundreds of years later, when Khemet I the Forthbringer emerged and purported to offer proof tracing his direct lineage to Osirion's First Age, he was quickly instated in a tidal wave of populist enthusiasm. Khemet's brief demonstrations of his divine ability to recruit the elder elementals of Osirion’s deserts to his banner persuaded the remaining sultans to evacuate and return to their homeland, paving the way for a nearly bloodless coup.

Osirion is the home of one of Golarion's most expansive deserts, punctuated by a dynamic source of freshwater: the famed River Sphinx. Fed by two tributaries called the Crook and the Asp, the River Sphinx is a lifeline for huge swaths of Osirion's population. The river, however, brings many trials to test the people who live along its banks, including enormous, black crocodiles (hetkoshu) hippos, and seasonal flooding.

Common Knowledge of History Related to Osirion:

The Inner Sea measures its years in Absalom Reckoning (AR), starting with the year that Aroden raised the Starstone from the depths.

The Age of Darkness (–5293 AR to –4295 AR)
–5293: Earthfall. Falling stars destroy Azlant and the Starstone creates the Inner Sea, ushering in the Age of Darkness. The elves depart Golarion.

Age of Anguish (–4294 AR to –3471 AR)
The world, broken and shattered, begins to mend itself as its peoples struggle for the power to heal the scarred land—or dominate it. The Spawn of Rovagug emerge from the depths for the first time.

Age of Destiny (–3470 AR to –1 AR)
–3470: Ancient Osirion is founded and stands as a beacon of civilization, reaching its peak in –3000 AR.

Age of Enthronement (1 AR to 4605 AR)
1: The hero Aroden raises the Starstone from the heart of the Inner Sea, ascends to godhood, and founds Absalom.

Age of Lost Omens (4606 AR to modern day)
4606: Rather than fulfilling prophecy and returning to Golarion, Aroden dies. Demons and Abyssal energy overrun Sarkoris, transforming the barbarian kingdom into the Worldwound. The Eye of Abendego forms off the western coast of Garund.
4609: Khemet I retakes Osirion from the Keleshite satraps.

The campaign begins in Sarenith (June), 4714 AR.

Common Knowledge of the Deities of Osirion:

Abadar (LN) is patient, calculating, and far-seeing, wishing to bring civilization to the frontiers and wealth to all who support law. He strikes a balance between good and evil, inspiring diplomats, guiding the pens of lawmakers, and steering coins to those who practice good commerce.

Aroden (LN) was the God of Humanity until his death in 4606 AR shattered empires. In the wake of his demise, almost all of his faithful have turned to other faiths, particularly that of his former herald Iomedae.

Irori (LN), the Master of Masters, is a mortal who ascended of his own volition. He is the god of knowledge, healing, and inner strength, and his worshipers are those who pursue personal perfection in their own lives, through meditation, physical exercise, and unarmed combat.

Lamashtu (CE), also called the Mother of Monsters, is venerated by monstrous races. She is said to be the origin of countless horrors on Golarion, and to be the most powerful of the demon lords of the Abyss. Humans who worship her are twisted cultists who dare practice only in secret.

Nethys (N), the patron of those who desire magical power, is the god of the shattered mind, bent on both preserving the world and destroying it—and his followers can fall anywhere along that spectrum, using the gifts they uncover to destroy, invent, or protect.

Norgorber (NE), an ascended assassin, has four distinct sets of followers: spies and politicians who seek secrets; thieves seeking fortunes; alchemists, herbalists, and assassins, who call him Blackfingers; and madmen, murderers, and maniacs, who call him Father Skinsaw.

Pharasma (N) is the Lady of Graves, the goddess of fate and prophecy, whose Boneyard is the ultimate judgment place of all mortals. Her followers minister to those who are recently departed and destined for their final reckoning, and despise the undead, seeking to cleanse their taint from the world.

Rovagug (CE) was born to destroy the world, but was bound in the Pit of Gormuz in Casmaron by the other gods. His monstrous followers believe his time of release is nigh. They believe only in destruction and hatred, and yearn to drag the world to its end.

Sarenrae (NG), the Dawnflower, is the goddess of the sun, glory, and healing, and her priests dispense gentleness and kindness. But her worshipers are also ruthless in expunging irredeemable evil; like their goddess, they hold both healing and burning purification in their hands.
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