WotW: XP Tracking

The Kingdom of Talingarde is perhaps the noblest, most virtuous and peaceful nation yet founded. The royalty of this dominion has rescued a dispirited people from the brink of despair and darkness. They dealt with their enemies honorably and their allies faithfully. Talingarde is a paragon of the age, a bright shining city upon a hill. Yet the nation faces now its greatest test. US! It is our ambition to do nothing less than destroy Talingarde utterly.

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WotW: XP Tracking

Postby Joph » Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:23 am


+100 for the PCs unshackling themselves.

+150 for getting out of the cell.

+150 for gaining Grumblejack as an ally.

+100 for defeating the two Prison Guards at the Guardroom.

+50 for defeating a Prison Guard from the Great Hall Entry Way

+150 for slaying three off-duty Prison Guards in the Barracks

+67 for intimidating Gregor and Irena

+200 for making two Guard Dogs friendly.

+200 for defeating Mathias Richter, Warden of Branderscar Prison and his owl familiar Strixia.

+100 for defeating the two Prison Guards doing patrols.

+50 for defeating the Prison Guard on the Gate House Roof.

Total EXP: 1,317 so far for each character.
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