The Trio of Superheroes

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Peter Smith (a.k.a. Spells Caster) is the leader of a group of super friends who fight crime in the Pacific Northwest city of Seacouver.

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The Trio of Superheroes

Postby PMiller » Fri Jun 07, 2013 6:33 pm

Where the cast of characters are recorded.
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Re: The Trio of Superheroes

Postby LMiller » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:07 pm

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Peter Smith (A.k.a. Spells Caster)

Leader of a group of Supers named the Trio of Justice. His two companions are not wizards, each unique in their own rights.
    One day, when Peter was in the mountains trying to find some magical ingredients, he heard stomping noises. And then he saw a dragon, Apollo. Peter touched the dragon and he was not eaten. Then it became his friend and they became the Duo of Justice. Now Peter knows Apollo is also a human.

    When Peter and Apollo were walking down a street, they saw a motorcycle. Peter tried to ride it, but is started transforming into a woman! The woman had blue hair and she was beautiful. Apollo asked if she wanted to join their group of superheroes and she said, "Sure." That's how it became the Trio of Justice.

His parents were wizards so he was born with his powers and he was taught some of the hard spells by his grandfather when he was 16 years old.

  • Electric Spells: He uses his hands to make electricity come out
  • Fire Spells: Able to cast fireballs, field shield, ring of fire, smoke, etc...
  • Water Spells: Able to cast spells about water and ice
  • Invisibility Spells: He spins two times and turns invisible, can make other things invisible
  • Teleportation Spells: Able to move himself or his possessions within the city limits

In his regular life he stays at home and reads books. He also teaches children at school every Wednesday.

Traits: Peter has...
  • Exceptional Intelligence and knowledgeable about many things (d6)
  • Proven to be really lucky (d8)
  • Very good stamina and health (d8)
  • Pretty agile (d10)
  • Good eyes and ears, able to notice things pretty well (d10)
  • Not the strongest person (d12)

Skills: Peter is...
  • Awesome at casting spells pertaining to electricity (d6)
  • An expert with fire magic and casting spells to conjure it (d8)
  • Very good at Invisibility magic and hiding himself (d8)
  • Pretty good water magic and casting spells to manipulate water and ice (d10)****
  • Pretty good teleportation magic and move himself nearly anywhere in the city (d10)
  • Pretty good at brewing his own potions and perform basic alchemy (d10)
  • Understands the basics of most sports and can play them (d12)
  • Decent at rock climbing (d12)
  • Knows his way around Seacouver (d12)
  • Understands necromancy, but is not very good at using that school of magic (d20)
  • Not very good at flying his broomstick (d20)

Old Skills | Show
  • Very Good: Casting Spells
  • Good: Making things
  • Good: Climbing
  • Good: Sports
  • Not so good: Flying a broomstick

Important Things he owns:
  • Broomstick
  • A giant pack of potions
  • A book of spells
  • A magical cloak with super-dimensional pocket
  • A crystal ball

Lucas is one of his good friends. He is not a superhero. He’s an artist, a famous artist. He draws lots of great pictures. Peter has a picture of a wizard that Lucas drew and it was a great picture of a wizard. He sometimes comes to Peter’s house.
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Re: The Trio of Superheroes

Postby PMiller » Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:23 am

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Jessica Jacobs is a cyborg human type alien that has poly-molecular skin that looks and feels like real skin when she assumes a human form. But when she transforms in a more robotic appearance, it looks like metallic alloy and machine-like. When she transforms completely into a motorcycle, she no longer resembles anything human at all.

How she acquired powers:
    Her origin is unknown, she was found in a subway sandwich shaped pod of some alien alloy that was shiny, reflective black. She was shapeless at the time she was discovered, but still encased inside the pod. Johny Reaver, an amateur motorcycle racer and mechanic found the pod in a vacant lot next door one night after it crashed. He was working late and heard the noise. Unsure what the pod was, he brought inside his garage overnight. In the middle of the night, the pod opened and she looked around. She lacked memories to resume her original shape and settled upon replicating the images she saw a pin-up poster of a model showing off the latest racing motorcyle. It looked sleeker and faster than the bike Johnny was trying to prepare for his next race.

    The next morning Johnny was still trying to get his motorcycle to work when he found the shiny blue machine in the now opened pod. He decided to try out the new motorcycle in his race that day and won! He kept trying to figure out how it worked, when it transformed into a humanoid shape and continued changing until it looked like a blue-haired young woman. He realized that she was something completely different, and he kept her secret identity to himself as they had raced a few times and he couldn't give back the prize money and trophies. He taught her about being human and helped name her. In return, she helped him win enough money to purchase a new racing bike so she could retire from racing.

  • Transforms into mechanical humanoid, armored and strong
  • Transforms into super fast racing motorcycle
  • Transforms in human woman, looks and feels totally normal
  • Self healing
  • Runs on any kind of bio-fuel, including regular food.

What she does in regular life: Pretends to be a motorcycle and helps around Johnny Reaver's shop

Traits: JJ-2000 has...
  • Exceptional health from being cyborg (d6)
  • Great agility (d8)
  • Great strength (d8)
  • Is somewhat naive (d10)
  • Pretty Perceptive (d10)
  • Not very lucky either way(d12)

Skills: JJ-2000 is...
  • Awesome at driving as a motorcycle (d6)
  • An expert in hand-to-hand combat (d8)**
  • Very good understanding mechanical things and using tools (d8)*
  • Pretty good at athletic things (d10)
  • Knows how to use modern technology (d10)
  • A pretty good driver of cars when in human form (d10)
  • Understands the basics of flying an airplane (d12)
  • Knows her way around Seacouver (d12)
  • Able to sneak around when not hampered by her form (d12)*
  • Not so good at understanding human customs and people (d20)
  • Not meant for swimming (d20)

Old Skill List | Show
  • Very Good: Driving fast
  • Good: Hand to hand combat
  • Good: Mechanics and using tools
  • Good: Athletics, except swimming
  • Not so good: Understanding human customs and people

Important things she owns:
  • Add-on utility compartments for storage, becomes a belt when in humanoid forms
  • Oil-slick dispenser
  • Shooting grappling hook with cable
  • Smoke screen canister
  • Toolkit

One of her good friends:
Johnny Reaver, a motorcycle racer and mechanic.
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Re: The Trio of Superheroes

Postby Herzog » Sun Jun 09, 2013 4:39 am

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Apollo Robinson a.k.a Paarthurnax a.k.a The Dragon

Apollo Robinson as he goes by in his human form, is one of the remaining few members of the mythical dragon race. Bored with living out an existence in hiding, the dragon decided to assume human form and involve himself in human affairs. Portraying himself an eccentric entrepreneur, Apollo soon became a very successful business man in the current modern world. He built up a vast amount of wealth and Fortune 500 mega-corporation.

Due to his longevity, Apollo had a chance to witness the evils of the world and decided to take up arms on side of justice. Falling into a group of super heroes lead by a the spell flinging Spells Caster, Apollo used his real form of the dragon to fight evil that threatens the city of Seacouver.

  • Shape-shifting - between human and dragon, and in between.
  • Dragon Abilities - Claw, wings, strength, longevity
  • Wing Assault - Wings are malleable and harden and form into metallic blades
  • Wing Defense - Wings can be hardened to act as shields
  • Dragon Breath

What he does in regular life: Running his successful business, exploring new business ventures, and adding to his horde.

Traits: The Dragon has the following Traits...

Exception Strength from being a dragon - D6
Poor Agility due to his size - D12
Good Health - D8
Good Intelligence - (knowledge) - D8
Fairly Perceptive - D10
Has been lucky in the past - D10

Skills: The dragon has the following Skills...
Innate ability at flying - D6
Excels at hand to hand combat - D8*
Very successful at business - D8
Good at history - D10
Knowledgeable of lore and legends - D10
Knowledgeable of the supernatural - D10
Has many connections - D10
Can converse in several European languages - D12
Decent at Physical activities - D12
Decent at research - D12
Not very good at socializing - D20*
Poor Fashion sense - D20
Poor at being stealthy - D20

Old Skill List:
spoiler: show
  • Very Good: Flying
  • Good: Hand to Hand fighting
  • Good: Business
  • Good: History
  • Not so good: People

Important things he owns:
  • Horde - Massive Wealth
  • Horde - Megacorporation
  • Castle Penthouse
  • Extensive Library
  • Bag of Holding

One of his good friends:
Delvin Mallory is one of the few people who know about Apollo's history. It is hard to be a friend of a dragon who will outlive a human many times over. Their friendship goes back to when Apollo first started his company, when the dragon sought out some one who could be a business partner. While Apollo is the owner of his company, Delvin is the man run who runs it. This frees up the super hero dragon to pursue his other interests, including finding other business ventures as well as fighting crime.
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