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Re: TJS: A Wretched Hive [IC]

Postby PMiller » Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:16 am

~ 01:25am Local - Cato Neimoidia: Darga's Palace ~Pushing a button on the door caused it to creak and stutter as it slid open, revealing a chamber that resembled a dilapidated hospital room. It had the same musty smell as the outer hallway, but in the room there was a large bed on which lay a woman well into her older years, connected to a variety of machines that seemed to be monitoring her vital functions.

A large tube of semitransparent liquid was connected to the woman intravenously, and her chest rose and fell slowly. She did not respond to Kalla’s query or the door opening.

With the door open and seeing the woman, the whispers in the minds of J’hera Zed and Teeva became stronger, and the voice claimed that she could feel them close to her. The whispers continued to beg them to free her.

UPDATED MAP for Dungeon

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Party Status:
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J'hera Zed: 32/49 HP (Thd 15)(FP7); CT: 0;
Hayole:     36/59 HP (Thd 20)(FP7); CT: 0;
Critias:    38/38 HP (Thd 17)(FP7); CT: 0;
Kalla:      58/58 HP (Thd 23)(FP7); CT: 0;
Teeva:      55/55 HP (Thd 16)(FP5); CT: 0;

J'hera's Powers Avail: Force Slam, Move Object, Force Whirlwind, Force Blast, Levitate, Negate Energy, Force Grip, Telekinetic Savant
Kalla's Rage (8 rnds): 1/1
Teeva's Powers Avail: Battle Strike, Move Object; Surge; Force Blast
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Re: TJS: A Wretched Hive [IC]

Postby Critias Nor » Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:10 pm

Crit paused, staring into the room. An older woman was lying on a bed, connected to machines and IV that Crit immediately assumed was a sedative. The woman’s eyes were closed and her expression was slack, clearly unconscious.

He shuddered inside at the sight. How long had she been kept prisoner this way? It was cruelty. Then he remembered their own prisoner back on the ship. They were doing the exact same thing to her.

He fought for a moment with his morality, then pushed it aside. Now was not the time, though it sufficed to say that they had done their fair share of terrible things while on this mission. Or rather, he had done his fair share. He couldn’t pass the blame to others when all of these things had been his idea.

He exhaled slowly, then stepped into the room.

“I will check her to see if it’s safe to wake her up or not,” he told the others.

If they had to bring her with them while she was unconscious, it could prove to be tricky to transport her. But otherwise, if she was indeed the prisoner in the coded transmission – and he had to assume that she was – then they needed to rescue her. J’hera Zed and Teeva’s reports about someone reaching out telepathically only added to the mystery.

He bent over the machines, and made his best medical assessment.

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Take 10 on a +13 Treat Injury to determine if/how she is best woken up.
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Re: TJS: A Wretched Hive [IC]

Postby LMiller » Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:44 pm

Kalla grunted as he stepped inside the room. It wasn’t a wookiee, but instead a middle-aged woman.

“Mmrowrrgh!?” (Is this the Force user?)

Then the wookiee followed Critias to the bed. He peered over and waved his furry hand over her face. She didn’t wake up.

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HP:58/58; Second Winds: 2/2 remaining
Fort: 18; Ref: 16 (FF 14); Will: 13
Damage Threshold: 22; Condition Track:
FP: 7

Weapon in Hand: Vibroax
Medpacs: 1
Special Combat Actions: Rage

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Re: TJS: A Wretched Hive [IC]

Postby J'hera Zed » Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:22 am

J’hera Zed remained on the wookiee's shoulder, clutching on to paw-fulls of fur as the tall warrior leaned over to wave his hand in front of the woman's face.

He answered, "Cee Jay confirms this is the woman speaking to him in his mind. Even though she in unconscious, her thoughts are growing stronger and she says we are very near here even if her eyes are not open. She can sense his presence through the Living Force, he presumes... Therefore she must be strong in the use of the Force. He could only hope she is a master."

"She tells him to free her."

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Still riding the wookiee mount

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HP: 32/49; Second Winds 2/2 remaining
Ref: 22 (18ff) Fort: 15 Will: 17
Damage Threshold: 15 Condition Track: None
FP: 7+1/day = 7

Weapon in Hand: None
Blaster (43/50 shots remain)
Grenades: 4 Stun, 3 Frag
Energy Balls: 5

Special Combat Actions: Telekinetic Savant
Force Powers Available (UtF +14): Force Slam, Move Object, Force Whirlwind, Force Blast, Levitate, Negate Energy, Force Grip
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