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Grp A: Old Posts [IC]

Postby Seftan » Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:27 pm

Gan greets his new companions with a warm smile and a pitcher of ale. He offers the mugs around and pours them full. Once all interested have a drink, Gan makes his introduction.

"Greetings friends! I am Gan, of the Bright Desert! I am very pleased to meet all of you. As we are all brothers in the guild, please know that so long as we ride together I pledge my honor and my life in defense of yours."

Gan raises his mug in salute and finishes it on one pull.

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Init: +2, Speed: 30ft
Current AC: 21 (19 Flat-footed / 12 Touch)
HP: 54 Current: 54
Weapon in Hand: DkW. Guisarme +1 (Lh/Rh), Buckler +1 (La)

Enlarge Person Potions: 8
Wand of Lessor Vigor: 50 charges
Knight's Challenge Remaining: 4/4
Turn Undead: 11/11 remaining
Law Devotion: 1/1 remaining
Spells Remaining: 0 (3/3), 1st (2/2)
Conditions in effect: none
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Re: Grp A: The Job Offer [IC]

Postby Kailus Elboran » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:29 am

Kailus was not really one for ale, but he accepted a mug so as not to appear rude.

"Thank you... Gan." he lifted the mug before sipping it. "And Nikhil. I am Kailus. I have to say that I a please to see a warrior addition to your group. I have never been one for weapons."
He took another sip before putting down the tankard, thinking that he had drunk enough of the warm ale to appear friendly.

"How soon do we need to head out to this Pemrose place?"
"Do we have time for one more night in a comfortable bed? I dare say the road will be hard enough."

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Init: +3, Speed: 30ft

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Spot+6, listen +3

Current AC: 14 (11 Flat-footed / 14 Touch)
Saves F=3/R=7/W=8
HP: 21, Current:14
Current Weapon in Hand: Staff

Staff To Hit=+2 Damage=1D6
Spells Remaining: Mage Armour, Sleep, Magic Missile; Summon Monster II, Flaming Sphere; Fly, Fireball
Conditions in effect: Auto search secret doors <5'

Sky Fury (Hawk)
Init: +3, Speed: 1-ft/60ft
Current AC: 14+4=18 (15 Flat-footed / 18 Touch)
Saves F=2/R=5/W=2
HP: 8, Current: 8
Current Weapon : Claw / Claw (To Hit=+5 Damage=1D4-2)

Conditions in effect: Weapon Finesse; Improved Evasion; Share Spells; Empathic Link; Low Light Vision; Spot +14; Speak with Master, Mage Armour (+4AC)
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Re: Grp A: The Job Offer [IC]

Postby Sandstar » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:39 pm

Olbryn accepted the mug of ale with enthusiasm, never one to look a gift drink in the mouth. She nodded in friendly greeting at the strangers; she was sure she had heard their names before, but she had never actually worked with either of them.

"Well met, the both of you", she said, "Can you tell us anything more about this job you have been sent on? As dear Kailus says, we have been rather occupied these last few days, and it would be rather nice if we could spend the night here before setting off. But needs must when the devils drive, as they say."

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Wand CLW: 45 charges
Ammo: 24 Bolts

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