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Re: Grp A: Darwell's Tower [IC]

Postby Joph » Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:06 pm

Belmar can't help but grin at Tasha's comment. It was true he needed the wand, in the sense of its powers. He debates on whether to keep it, but then Ryllian settles the matter. Shrugging, he comments, "Tasha does speak true about the horses, Kallius. It'll make our travels much quicker and let you be mobile while spellcasting. If you've an attachment to Ardent, you could use him for saddlebags and carrying other gear perhaps."

The hexblade decides to go with Kallius as he gets magical items. He figures it'll be interesting to speak with the wizard further. He asks him, "So, how long have you studied your magic? The ways of the wizard have always been...interesting to me, even if I have a tenuous grasp on them."

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Current AC: 19 (13 Touch/17 Flatfoot).
Current HP: 50/50
Current Weapon In Hand: Masterwork Guisarme.
Conditions: None.
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Re: Grp A: Darwell's Tower [IC]

Postby Kailus Elboran » Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:36 am

"I fear that keeping Ardent would just cause more problems." Kailus considers Belmar's suggestion. "If he jumps at the smell of blood, then that is one more thing to control. I think that I will have to sell him."

He glances up above to see that SkyFury has found a tit bit to nibble on and smiles.

As they walk, Kailus answers Belmar's inquiries, though with some vagueness. "I have been studying longer than I can remember, though much of it was in secret. It just was not the done thing in my family, to study magic. Indirectly, that disobedience lead to be being here."

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Current AC: 14 (11 Flat-footed / 14 Touch)
Saves F=3/R=7/W=8
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Composite Longbow To Hit=+5 Damage=1D8
Spells Remaining: Mage Armour, Sleep, Magic Missile; Summon Monster II, Flaming Sphere; Fly, Fireball
Conditions in effect: Auto search secret doors <5'

Sky Fury (Hawk)
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HP: 8, Current: 8
Current Weapon : Claw / Claw (To Hit=+5 Damage=1D4-2)

Conditions in effect: Weapon Finesse; Improved Evasion; Share Spells; Empathic Link; Low Light Vision; Spot +14; Speak with Master
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