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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

Postby Tasha » Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:25 am


Race: Catfolk
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Roles: Scout, Trapfinder, Archer, Backup healing
Class: Scout-1/Ranger-2/Cloistered Cleric-1
Alignment: Neutral

Tasha is a feline woman with light brown fur and greenish brown eyes. Her head resembles a tawny furred lioness, rather than resembling other more intricately colored patterns, with the light brown fur lightening around her whiskers. The short tawny fur covers her body and tail. Despite being slender, she has good physical conditioning and stamina from adventuring and she makes up for her lack of strength with heightened agility.
    Height: 5' 2"
    Weight: 120 lbs
She wears a mottled cloak when outdoors, and brown and dull green jerkin over her shining mithral armor. Her fur-covered legs are bare, the jerkin extending to mid-thigh. Her ankle-length doeskin leather boots are brown as well, marking her as person more accustomed to being outdoors. Her longbow is of fine quality and is the most obvious of her weapons with the large sword strapped across her back.

Tasha is a cautious and suspicious feline, not easily trusting of anyone. She enjoys being in the outdoors and wilderness, but also feels that she can create her own following and teach others her trade craft. She can being polite and friendly if necessary. However, she is not afraid to use her looks and gender to get her way, and not above using deceit or threats of intimidation to do it either. She can be extremely vengeful when scorned and is not afraid of violence to accomplish her goals. Not really trusting in the laws of man or morality, she tends to just be herself and pragmatic instead of worrying about the conflicts between good and evil.

Background | Show
Tasha comes from the Screaming Hunter clan, or so she claims. She left her family years ago and has been traveling amongst the other races of the world since adolescence. She started her career working with a free spirited bard who taught her some of the tricks of the trade that complemented her natural instincts toward the skills of a ranger. They worked with a few other adventurers and did some dungeon delving. She excelled at scouting and finding the traps, preferring to stick with archery and skirmishing. However, during a particularly nasty encounter with a hydra, her mentor was killed along with half of the others in the party. The survivors scattered into the winds to escape and she had not seen any of them since. After losing her friends, she preferred it that way, not being close to the others.

Tasha relocated to a heavily forested region in the frontier, becoming loosely associated with the Adventurers Guild in the large town (Callenburg) of the area. Many other members frequently sought her help with certain types of quests, needing a good scout and trap-finder. She never stayed with those groups for very long after realizing that the dangerous business tended to make emotional attachments all the more painful when someone gets killed by an ogre.

This lesson was learned the hard way after the journeymen adventurers she was with tried to tackle more than they could handle. Ogres are big hit hard with their clubs. She is not sure how she survived, left for dead. Tasha woke up in monastery of Fharlanghn, being nursed back to health. She suffered significant internal bleeding and developed a problem with her stomach that appeared to take much longer to heal. Even after the clerics finished their treatments, she still had a weaker fortitude than before.

Lannon Fayruke was a warrior priest of Fharlanghn, staying in the monastery compound during her recovery after chancing upon the remains of the unfortunate battle. While most of his adulthood to date was in service to his god, yearned to learn other skills that would help him become a better adventurer than what he could learn cloistered in the temple library. Having accepted responsibility for Tasha's recovery, the pair stayed several months in the temple, learning from each other.

Lannon wanted to pursue adventuring and travel the realms, while Tasha saw potential in having an eager companion in her future endeavors for near future at least. Lannon was enamored with the young catwoman, particularly her ability to move quickly and fire arrows at her targets with speed and precision. Agreeing to accept the temporary partnership, Tasha began training the young man to move with stealth and be lighter on his feet. While he was not as agile, he was stronger and she ensured he was more proficient in polearms instead of archery to compliment her tactics.

Slowly over the next few months, Lannon had attached himself to the catfolk scout, but the emotional attachment was all on Lannon's part. With Tasha's past and experience in losing fellow adventurers, she remained aloof. But to pay back his kindness, she agreed to teach the cleric what she knew about the skills and abilities of being a scout. Lannon accepted his role in following her around and taking what she would give and teach until it was time to part ways.

Level Ups | Show
Add 3rd Level Scout
HP +7
Skill Points +10
+ 1 BAB, +1 Will, +1 Fort
Fast Movement +10ft, Trackless Step, +1d6 Skirmish & +1AC
General Feat: Swift Hunter (Combines Ranger & Scout for Favored Enemy and Skirmish Bonuses)
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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

Postby Kailus Elboran » Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:56 am

Kailus Elboran

STR 10
DEX 16 +3
CON 12 +1
INT 18 +4
WIS 12 +1
CHA 12 +1
HP 17
AC 14

Init 3
Base Attack 2 Melee / 5 Ranged

Kailus is about 6’ tall with violet eyes, high cheek bones and an angled jaw, typical elven features with a noticeable hint of noble blood. His hair, blond and long, is tied back. He wears a plain tunic and cloak, and carries a staff. His fine clothes are just visible sometimes, but mostly concealed by his cloak and tunic.

Friendly and gregarious, he is easy going and open to new experiences, though vague about his past. He jokes as coarsely as the rest of them, but is familiar with a number of languages. Every now and then he slips a phrase or two suggesting that he originally came from a more refined life.

Background | Show
3rd son of the elven Clan Leader Gelric Elboran

“Out playing ranger again Kailus?” It was Rhylus, his eldest brother, who asked this with his sneering tone. The eldest son would inherit the title of Clan Leader, the second son, a significant advisor, but as the 3rd son, he was destined to become one of the minor nobles in the elven court: to endlessly vie for favour from the senior nobles. It was this destiny that Kailus sort to evade by training in something worthwhile.

But he did not make a good ranger. He lacked the strength and power that the others had. The little he had in speed and agility hardly made up for it. But he was always a lover of the arcane, and ever since he was small had enjoyed spending time watching mages. That was in fact how he met the Arcane Ranger, who recognised the raw magical ability in Kailus, and offered to teach him more.

Years later, it was this ability he relied upon to augment
his ranger skills. It was this ability that had enabled him to beat other potentials to gain entrance into the Ranger academy, unbeknownst to those spectators who watched, all save the Arcane Ranger

In the academy, he had little contact with his once mentor. Instead those kindly eyes were replaced by the condemning eyes of the other entrants - those who earned their place on the merit of their ranger skills, not (as they believed) on the merit of their family connections. He had grown up with that

His family were far from supportive. His father, Gelric and brother, Rhylus thought that it would demean the family name. His other brother Tanus, and his sister Beatra thought that he was wasting his time. Only his mother, Annara, understood his desire to do something positive with his life, but with the other members of the family against him, it was all she could do to play peacemaker.

Perhaps it was the effort of suppressing the constant arguments that finally took their toll on her health, for she fell sick and died within the year. Neither elf magic nor herb could save her. Now there was no one on his side.

“It is not a game Rhylus.” Kailus replied curtly to his brother. They had never been close.
“Oh but it is, little brother. All life is a game, and this playing with silly bows is going to stop.”
“I will continue in my chosen path. You cannot stop me.” Kailus replied, wondering why Rhylus was suddenly being so direct.
“Do not underestimate me little brother,” Kailus hated being called ‘little brother’, “but in this case it is irrelevant. Father can and will stop you.”

That was the reason. Without Annara to argue with him, Gelric would remove Kailus from the academy. The Clan Leader’s guards and contacts would ensure that he would never be allowed to return, and then he would be held a virtual prisoner in the nobles’ courts until he was too old to do anything else.

In his young mind, he only saw one option: to escape now.

And so, he had gathered what he could, and left. Not even daring to stop to say goodbye to his siblings. He avoided most of the folk that were on his way. Travelled quickly and lightly, living of the land when he could and of his trail rations when he could not.

Within a few days he was far from his father’s house, and within a couple of weeks, far from the elven settlements. It was then that he though he could relax.

Working for the Adventure Guild was a task far beneath him. He hated the drop in station, even if there was no one around that would know of it. But he desperately needed the human coin if he was to survive and money this had an advantage that no one would recognise him. Most of the time he was away from town, and did not have to suffer the stench of humanity, but the days between missions were pressing upon his sensibilities.

Two missions in and he was not a lot richer. Certainly not rich enough to life without work, and no where near rich enough to buy back the life he was accustomed to. The saving grace were that the missions were by chance mostly elven in nature, and those few non elven (savages) he kept distant enough that he did not have to converse often.

Grudgingly he went to visit Deves in search for more work.

Feats & Special Abilities
Elf: +2 Dex, -2 Con
Elf: Low-light vision, +2 Listen/Spot
Elf: Immune Sleep & +2 SV vs. Enchant
Elven Weapon Proficiencies
Wizard Weapon Proficiencies
Wizard: Scroll creation
Wizard: Summon familiar
Lightning Reflexes (Gen 1st)
Iron Will (Gen 3rd)
Alertness (When familiar is near)
Ability Increases: Int (4th)
Bonus Feat (5th) Spell Mastery
Feat (6th) Spell Penetration

Spells Known / Memorised
Detect Magic
Read Magic

Mage Armor
Magic Missile
Summon Monster I
Color Spray
Unseen Servant

Summon Monster II
Flaming Sphere

Level Ups | Show
Level 5 Kailus
+3 HP (75% 1D4)+! (Now 21HP)
+2 Level 3 spells (Fly/Fireball)
No change to BAB / FRW Saves
+1 Feat .. Spell Mastery I think
+4 skills - +4 Use Magical Device (Now Level 5)

Level 5 SkyFury
+1 Natural Armour (Now 3)
+1 Int (Now 8 )
Speak with Master (Familiar Level 6)

Level 6 Kailus
+3 HP (75% 1D4)+1 (Now 24HP)
+1 Level 2&3 spells memorable (Summon Monster II / Fireball)
BAB+1 (now 3) / FRW Saves+1 (Now 2/2/5)
+1 Feat .. Spell Penetration
+4 skills - +4 Use Magical Device (Now Level 9)

Level 6 SkyFury
Natural Armour 3
Int 8
Speak with Master (Familiar Level 6)
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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

Postby Joph » Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:27 am

Retired | Show

Name: Belmar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Roles: Melee, Arcane Caster, Social Skills
Class: Hexblade-4
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Sheet: ... id=1005858

This figure standing before you is a tall, gaunt and lithe man with raven black hair and sky blue eyes visible through a black helmet. He wields a finely made guisarme in his hands, while beside him stands a panther seemingly made entirely of shadows, its very being unnerving as you draw close.

The human has a chain shirt along with an amulet made from scales. He has a longbow across his back and a pouch along his belt.

Belmar is a grim but influential figure, confident in his abilities but lacking the morals that others may have. He believes that the ends justify the means, and rarely has the time or energy to explain his actions to his companions in detail. He believes in his own version of justice, and dedicates himself to using whatever methods he can to defeat evil - especially for a good amount of coin. Though questionable, he does attempt not to be zealous in his actions. He can be relied upon to save his companions when necessary, even risking his own life due to his honorable nature.

Willing to go to almost any length to win, Belmar still has a sense of personal integrity he clashes with. He believes using evil powers to fight against evil is an overall good, but struggles with the idea of retaining his honor while doing so.

Born and raised in Callenburg, Belmar was deemed to be a cursed child from a young age for the strange abilities he had. Accidents would occur constantly when he was around his parents, and he was deemed unlucky. When his father, a logger, tripped and collapsed down a flight of stairs, breaking his neck, his mother had had enough, superstitious as she was with the then 6-year-old boy. The housewife sent him away, forbidding him to ever return.

Belmar was forced to live in poverty, sleeping in alleys and abandoned buildings. Other children would look down on him, and his strange unluckiness manifested in others having accidents constantly. It would be three years before he was approached by a teacher of sorts - a man named Gerard, who was a wealthy weapons merchant. The forty-year-old was a hexblade, one who could sense the strange arcane powers that Belmar possessed. Taking him under his wing, he had the boy learn how to channel his inner power into a debilitating curse to apply to his enemies. Gerard never showed kindness but was also never overly harsh.

It would be another seven years before Belmar fully felt at ease with the weapons and armor his master had shown him, along with the social graces he'd been taught to employ, but developing his inner powers to curse others was something he had to accomplish on his own. Satisfied, Gerard left the teen to fend for himself. Having a better grasp of his surroundings now, Belmar began taking on jobs around Callenburg for profit. His master had taught him that no method had its limits to accomplish a goal, and defeating a greater darkness could mean using what others would call evil.

The young hexblade did not entirely agree. Seeing it as his duty to avoid becoming a monster himself, he became a hunter of such creatures, always maintaining his own code of ethics. He developed his powers as he took on jobs hunting other creatures, even manifesting his own unluck into a shadowy panther creature that constantly followed him. He even developed spells similar to ones his master would use. To continue with his training, he joined the Adventurer's Guild in Callenburg, seeking ever more dangerous heights to ascend to.

While within the guild, he became a faithful of the deity Heironeous with the teachings of a human priest there named Salin, finding that the Invincible's ideals meshed well with his own. The hexblade sees Heironeous as the moral arbiter of his actions, the chain that keeps Belmar bound from straying from his path too far. Each day he offers prayers in worship of his patron, and he is especially fond of seeking followers of Hextor to eliminate. He knows his old master was a follower of the Herald of Hell, and Belmar continues to feel at a loss as to how to deal with his mentor should they cross paths again.

Level 5
+1 BAB
+10 hit points
+1 skill rank in Intimidate and Diplomacy
+2 skill points spent to get the Never Outnumbered skill trick from Complete Scoundrel
+1 Hexblade Curse per day
+Spell Focus: Enchantment for the hexblade bonus feat.
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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

Postby sirfinn » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:49 pm

Retired | Show
Galaeron Windshear
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Roles: Scout, Wilderness warrior, Healer, Booster caster
Class: Rogue1/Druid 4
Alignment: Neutral

Cloaked in dark green and brown, Galaeron isn't the easiest fellow to describe quickly. Observing Galaeron for a time, you notice thick fingers with a few calluses from hard work with a blade. His clothes are plain but well made and serviceable. Little sound comes from him, but you can feel he is watching all around him as if worried of a hidden foe. When his hood is down, a mop of dark brown hair is seen, gentle plain features with a thick moustache. A scimitar on one hip and a dagger upon the other.

Reserved, thoughtful, known to enjoy strategy games by the fire with goblet of elvish wine or cider.
Certainly not brash or foolhardy. Galaeron as a person is complex, a professional on the trail, vigilant and prepared for trouble. In an inn or relaxing around a fire with friends he is more open. Happy to tell the old yarn and give some verbal sparring with any and all.
He is a seeker, aiming to improve himself in blade and spell and at times may appear driven.

Galaeron grew up in the wild back country in a small hamlet of 200 souls in the lower Dalelands. His father a carpenter and wood shaper, his mother a herbalist and midwife. He has two older brothers and a sister. His eldest brother Olin, also a carpenter, his 2nd brother Jubal, joined the military, his sister Isolde followed in mother's work of a herbalist. Soon upon reaching apprenticeship time, he realized he wasn't ready to settle down to a professional life like his parents.

He sought out his brother Jubal. Knowing he had joined the local military but was found not to be hardy enough for the infantry like elder brother. His fleet of foot and natural nimbleness was however noted by the master scout and he was apprenticed there for a four years. Learning the crafts of the wilderness and the art of the outrider( and druid). It was also here he was first introduced to the Daggerspell Guardians.

His time spent and new paths to walk Galaeron has just strolled into town looking for work. A brace of 6 rabbits upon his shoulder, he hopes can be bartered for a meal and a bed for the night. His greatest love is the shear thrill of exploring a new area, finding a spring or patch of berries no one has touched in years, true wonders of nature. Often when he finds such a place of beauty he will set up a hide and a provision cache so he can visit again. In these caches are items needed in the woods like jars of sealed fruits and nuts, a few candles, flint and steel, a dagger, a small coil of rope, a blanket, a fishing pole, and a healing potion if available, otherwise herbal bandages stored in a clay jar sealed with wax.

He has at least a dozen such caches throughout the area. He also enjoys carving old oak or teak into forest creatures, at night he does this and it is like he mediates and relaxes while at work. He gives his work away to children he sees along the way. Galaeron as a person is complex, a professional on the trail, vigilant and prepared for trouble. In an inn or relaxing around a fire with friends he is more open. Happy to tell the old yarn and give some verbal jousting with any and all.

His dreams and desires. Acceptance and being part of something greater. It is the adventuring life he sees as a vehicle for such. To master his weapon and druidic skills. He has dreams of joining order of the Daggerspell Guardians. Respected peers has quietly spoken about the unnatural skills they have achieved. Galaeron would like to seek such mastery one day.

Animal Companion: Large hound: "Torn"
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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

Postby Sandstar » Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:59 am


Name: Olbryn of Clan Deepstone
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Age: 80
Roles: Healer, social skills, working out secrets
Class: Cleric-5
Alignment: Neutral Good

Stout for a dwarf, Olbryn is still relatively young yet appears not far from middle age. Perhaps it is the long braid she wears in a complicated pleat, in imitation of the Mother of Wisdom who she serves. Or perhaps it is an attempt at appearing more matronly than she truly is. She wears comfortable, practical loose-fitting clothing without much regard for her status as priestess of Mya, although when adventuring this is augmented by sensible chainmail. She does not seek combat but, when pressed, is happy to put her considerable weight behind a mace or morningstar. A crossbow and backpack are slung over her shoulder.

Olbryn acts and behaves like a cheerful non-judgmental spinster, happy to chat to anyone about pretty much anything, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Behind the jolly exterior she has an iron grasp of dwarven and, increasingly, non-dwarven personality flaws and is highly sensitive to signs of anything that might disrupt social cohesion, including arguments, thefts and more serious crimes. Her main goal is to ensure the continued survival of the clan, the kingdom or whatever social group she finds her attention focused on at the time, by systematically working through a problem in her mind, and then acting to resolve the situation. In so doing she aims to always act subtly and with the best intentions, although sometimes her actions are not appreciated by those immediately involved.

When out on Guild business, she has been known to take on a mothering role towards her party members, making sure they are all able to work alongside each other with a minimum of fuss. The methods she employs in working out secrets might not always be strictly legal, but she feels the end result is typically worth some temporary legal discomfort.

Olbryn is childless and, perhaps for that reason, family has always been very important to her. From an early age she has devoted herself to the priesthood of Mya, the dwarven deity representing the bonds of family and clan that hold dwarf society together. She has in the past tended to interpret the teachings of Mya in a somewhat unorthodox way, attempting to actively defuse situations that could lead to open conflict within dwarven society. Increasingly, her knack for ferreting out secrets led her into the realms of solving crimes such as thefts and even the odd murder.

Although priests of Mya seldom choose an adventuring life, Olbryn's insatiable curiosity and her ability to find out secrets had commended her to her seniors for just such a role. They realised that in order to protect the clan, they would need advanced warning of any threats appearing from the surface world, and good contacts were therefore essential. Olbryn is one of a network of dwarves scattered amongst the surface races, whose main job is to record matters of concern to the safety of the clan, the kingdom, and all of dwarvenkind (though not necessarily in that order) and inform her superiors if a major threat becomes apparent. Her membership of the Adventurer's Guild was sought for just this reason, as it frequently brings her into close contact with just such matters of concern to her clan, although not always by her own choosing. Deves is well aware of her activities but so far has chosen to not interfere. Olbryn is, in fact, a distant relation of Deves and tends to treat him the way an aunt might treat her favourite nephew, despite nominally being on his payroll.

Olbryn also is constantly on the lookout for clanless dwarves ("waifs and strays", as she calls them) despite the considerable social stigma attached to associating with such outcasts. She always seeks to reintegrate such unfortunate souls back into dwarven society whenever possible.

Level Ups | Show
Cleric Level 6:
BAB: +3 -> +4
Fort save: +6 -> +7
Ref save: +2 -> +3
Will save: +7 -> +8
Gained 1 extra 2nd & 3rd-lvl spell slot
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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

Postby Civit » Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:17 pm

Pulled from the roster | Show

Name: Finoula Belmar
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Roles: Tank, Melee damage
Class: Fighter-5
Alignment: Neutral Good

Finoula is proud of her fiery hair and pale complexion, but is shy about her body. She is most comfortable in her armor as it hides her figure. She has no reason to be shy about it, she has the toned and athletic body of someone who wields a large chunk of steel daily.

Used to the camaraderie of the military and then mercenary companies, Finoula is friendly and easy going, except when talking about her past. Her low birth prevented her from knighthood and she developed a sense of shame about her upbringing. Her family is loving and giving and Finoula is ashamed that she turned her back on them. She is more of a soldier than a leader.

Coming soon
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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

Postby Ghost » Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:38 pm

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Name: Ghost (current name unknown to history books)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Roles: Back-up, front-line
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Description: Generally in black form fitting clothing/leathers with some purples and deep blue stitchings, although subtle. Has a mane of white hair with a streak of black. Currently wearing a modified cloak with a hood. Has pale white skin, with black lips and deep set crystal blue eyes. Almost always cleanly shaved. He does not know his parents, but his family was rumored to be from the Unapproachable East or Mulhorahndi (Egyptian). His intimidating presence and appearance has more than made others hesitate before talking to him. Allowing for his namesake.

Personality: Sharp, witty, dry, dedicated and easy going. He likes children and is known to play games with them. Dislikes any kind of oppression and will voice his opinion on the matter, even if he has no facts or knows what is going on. He always tries to do what he perceives as "Good" and is most of the time right, he has been judged by his failures more often then not.

Background: For such a long time, he murdered just because murder was fun and exciting to him. Which inevitably left him with nothing and no one. Though a Heartwarden came into his life, he looked at her as a Priestess of Fire and Sun. A Priestess of Sune. Love was pressed into him gently at first and all it did was poke at the strings of evil inside of his soul. It took much time and effort but Ghost had finally seen the light, though in doing so messed with his sense of good vs evil. Being good allowed for Ghost to do things he would not have dreamt of ever doing as Evil. He had done volunteer work, he had delivered fatherless brides down the aisle, He even watched old men and women nagging at each other. Ghost had to experience life again. Ghost even voluteers his services at the church.

He grew up on the streets of Mulhorahnd. Fought Tooth and Nail over scraps of food where-ever it was left by merchants. Found a potion one day that changed his skin to a pale death-like visage at a very young age, his eyes lightening as a result. The after affects almost giving Ghost an allergy to the sun. Much like all street urchins, his life was extremely hard and there wasn't a day where his skin was lashed or whipped or stoned. If it wasn't for his quick cleverness he would have been another dead urchin to be dragged under another rock. Going from new family to new family pretendingto be sick had allowed for him to survive for so long.
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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

Postby Seftan » Thu May 31, 2018 7:05 pm

Gan Khenbish
Race: Human (Flan)
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Roles: Tank, Control, Back-up healer
Class: Knight 4, Cleric 1, Ordained Champion 1
Alignment: Lawful Good

Tan and lean with dark eyes, a crooked smile, and thick brown hair worn in a braid. Gan is gregarious and impulsive with tribal bands tattooed on his biceps and forearms, and small gold hoops adorning his ears. A jagged scar runs down the left side of Gan's face and across his eye.

Gan means "the bold one," and this moniker is well earned. In the culture of his people, it is believed that darkness will inevitably swallow the light; and so he who laughs as the blade is driven through him is the true victor. This nihilistic approach to life has not left Gan bitter... rather brash, sarcastic even, and completely fearless. Although disgraced in his homeland, Gan continues to uphold the high moralistic code of his fallen brothers in arms as he seeks his righteous end across the ever distant horizon.

Born and raised in a Flan monistary in the Bright Desert, Gan spent his youth in study and quiet contemplation. After the end of the Greyhawk wars, the Bright Desert was conquered by Rary the Traitor and Gan found himself forcefully consigned to the Warlord's army where he quickly proved his mettle in battle. As he was an orphan of his people, upon his indoctrination to the Order of Honor (the legion of slave soldiers formed by The Traitor's ever expanding ambition) he was given the common conscript surname "Khenbish," which literally means, "Nobody." For years he fought and trained. First as a forced soldier, in time as a trusted lieutenant, finally riding in the vanguard as an anointed knight of Lord Robilar (the bastard).

Although Gan knew the masters he served were wicked, the lives of the families of his men were held in sway. Lord Robilar was shown to be completely mad and unworthy of his command over the warriors of the Flan, and finally Gan and the knights of his order could take no more. Durring the lengthy desert campaigns of Rary's obsession, Gan led a rebellion alongside his brethren. Although the battle was hard-fought, in the end Rary's might allowed Robilar to prevail and "Honor's Rebellion" was put down.

Gan and those of his bretheren that survived were condemned to death and left to die on pikes as food for the crows. It was there on the spike that a vision of Heironeous, pleased at the young knight's sacrifice in the name of honor, appeared to Gan with an offer. Die there on the pike, or pull the nail from his chest and live to champion the cause of honor and daring in battle. Something was unlocked in that instant, and a long slumbering part of Gan's being awoke bringing with it new reserves of power. Against all possibility he freed himself from the pike, new found energy surging inside him, and stood in amazement as what should have been a mortal wound closed before his eyes. Although it was too late to save his brethren, Gan pulled each down in turn and buried them with his hands in the desert sand.

Now impossible to return to the Halls of Honor where the study of combat had become his life, Gan left the desert lands he had always known and traveled to the free lands of Greyhawk. There he rededicated himself to the service of the lost and the salvation of the damned. He would fight as he always had, this time not for glory, or survival, but for redemption.

"Gan Khenbish" Character Sheet

Level Ups | Show
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Re: Grp A: Character Thread (Backgrounds & Level-ups)

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Appearance: Nikhil is of medium build, muscled but not overly large coming up at about 6ft. He has with dark brown eyes, and somewhat shaggy dark brown, almost black hair that is not quite shoulder length. His face has an unshaven look, with a small goatee. His expression is sharp and serious or reserved.


Nikhil was the bastard son of a noble who had a taste for exotic mistresses. Although accepted tentatively in the house, Nikhil was mostly ignored as a child by his father and raised by various old and retired retainers around his father’s estate. As a child this suited Nikhil as he was able to do and get away with things he otherwise would not, for example picking up the sword and going on mock adventures. Thus Nikhil had a fairly decent childhood, learning the martial arts from his foster parent.

At the age of 12, that Nikhil showed both arcane and martial potential to a half-elf Duskblade master passing through his father’s estate. Impressed with the potential in the boy, the duskblade sought to apprentice the boy thinking that he would make a good duskblade. The boy’s father had no objections, and even encouraged it seeing as it was a way to rid himself of a growing nuisance. And so Nikhil left the noble estate as apprentice to a duskblade.

Years later, Nikhil learned all he could from his master for his maturity. Seeing that the young man should go see the world, the duskblade master sent Nhkil to Callenburg with enough money and instructions to find work. There Nikhil ran into an old friend named Raddick. Following his friend's recommendation, Nikhil joined the Adventurer's Guild.

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