Grp A: Working for Lord Kyle [IC]

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Re: Grp A: Working for Lord Kyle [IC]

Postby Sandstar » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:34 am

Olbryn hastily reconsidered her plan to whack the second wolf with her mace as Nikhil's horse collapsed on the other side of her, about to succumb to its injuries. Instead, she channeled divine energy into a healing spell and directed it into the quivering beast beside her, stitching up torn flesh and preventing it from bleeding out - for the moment, in any event.

Furiously, she moved alongside the horse to confront the wolf, screaming incoherently at the top of her lungs and swinging her mace at the predator in an attempt to make it back off, if only in temporary surprise.

Combat Info | Show
Free action: Make a lot of noise at W3 (NB not an Intimidate check which would take a Standard Action, so not expecting a result, but the sort of thing she would do in this situation)
Move action: Move 5ft to AI21.
Standard action: Cast CLW on Nikhil's horse: 13 hp back (

Conditions in effect:

Wand CLW: 45 charges
Ammo: 24 Bolts

Spells Available:
Cantrips: Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Mending, Purify Food&Drink
1st Level: Cure Light Wounds (D)[CAST], Endure Elements, Hide from Undead, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith
2nd Level: Detect Thoughts (D), Hold Person, Owl's Wisdom, Spiritual Weapon
3rd level: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (D), Cure Serious Wounds, Summon Monster III


Character Sheet: Olbryn
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Re: Grp A: Working for Lord Kyle [IC]

Postby Kailus Elboran » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:09 pm

Kailus needed an immediate spell, and that ruled out almost everything. Almost.

Summoning more arcane energy he stretched out a hand to shower out colours.
But unfortunately, the wolf shakes off the spell without effect.

| Show
spoiler: show
Spot+6, listen +3

Move to AH16
Cast Color Spray on W4

DC15 for the spell - 1D20+6z=14+6=20 - Wolf saves

Current AC: 14 (11 Flat-footed / 14 Touch)
Saves F=3/R=7/W=8
HP: 21, Current:14
Current Weapon in Hand: Staff

Staff To Hit=+2 Damage=1D6
Spells Remaining: Mage Armour, Sleep, Magic Missile; Summon Monster II, Flaming Sphere; Fly, Fireball
Conditions in effect: Auto search secret doors <5'

Sky Fury (Hawk)
Init: +3, Speed: 1-ft/60ft
Current AC: 14+4=18 (15 Flat-footed / 18 Touch)
Saves F=2/R=5/W=2
HP: 8, Current: 8
Current Weapon : Claw / Claw (To Hit=+5 Damage=1D4-2)

Conditions in effect: Weapon Finesse; Improved Evasion; Share Spells; Empathic Link; Low Light Vision; Spot +14; Speak with Master, Mage Armour (+4AC)
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Re: Grp A: Working for Lord Kyle [IC]

Postby Seftan » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:42 pm

Gan moves past the startled horse as it pushes into him and plants himself just south of the steed. Bringing his attention back to the furry aggressor, the Knight raises his weapon and slashes a fatal blow through the dire wolf on the other side.

Combat Information | Show
Free Action: Power Attack (-5h/+10d)
Move Action: AI,14
Swift Action:
Standard Action: attack W5: hit 20, damage 24 ... 85&page=58

AC: 24
HP: 54/54
Fort 6, Ref 3, Will 8
Spot 0, Listen 1

Threatened terrain = difficult
SoF(+3ac, 59r)
LawDev(+3h, 9r)
PwrAttk(-5h, +9d)

Weapons (h = in hand):
(h)Guisarme +10, 2d4+7
(h)Spikes +9, 1d6+4
Longsword +10, 1d8+6

Spells (x = cast):
0 - Light, Create Water, Detect Magic
1 - Protection from Evil, (x)Shield of Faith

Gan Character Sheet
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Re: Grp A: Working for Lord Kyle [IC]

Postby Tasha » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:14 pm

Tasha moved in between the horses to fire two arrows on the wolf that took down Nikhil's horse.

“Get away puppy! You shall not each out mounts!” she snarled at the two wolves on that side of the campsite clearing.

On one of her arrows manages to penetrate her target's tough fur hide.

Actions | Show
Swift Action: Move AI 18, triggering Skirmish
Full Attack, Rapid Shot: 1 arrow hit 11 dmg to W3


Combat Information | Show
Init: +6, Speed: 50ft
Current AC: 24 (24 Flat-footed / 15 Touch)
HP: 36, Current: 20
Current Weapon in Hand: Buckler (LA), Spiked Gauntlet (RH)

Javelins: 5/5 remaining
Silver & Cold Iron Arrows Remaining: 20 & 20
Wand of Lessor Vigor: 45 charges
Turn Undead: 4/4 remaining
Travel Devotion Movement: 1/1 remaining
Spells Remaining: Orisons (3/3), 1st Level (3/3)
Conditions in effect: Favored Enemy (+2 Arcanists), Skirmish (+1d6), Track, Trapfinding, PBS, Precise Shot, Knowledge Devotion +1, Uncanny Dodge
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