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Re: WERE: Ch4 - The Hunt for Trinia [IC]

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:14 pm
by Narissa
Narissa frowned, “I think you are referring to some spells of restoration and removing paralysis that I would be able to cast eventually. I have not the profane power yet, unfortunately.”

“Even from a scroll, I would not necessarily be able to. However, with our coming reward we can afford a few potions to do the same thing until then. They will likely be somewhat costly at 300 gold coins each… and we might have to ask at a temple to purchase them.”

Re: WERE: Ch4 - The Hunt for Trinia [IC]

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:16 pm
by PMiller
~ 15:12: Midland - Citadel Volshyenek ~

After a few minutes alone, the clerk returned with three plane sacks that looked to be containing the trio’s payment. He set them on the table and they certainly made the clinking noise of coinage.

“Here you are. The reward the Field Marshall promised. Two contain silver and the third has gold.”

Judging by the size and apparent weight, it looked to be about 2000 silver pieces and 800 gold.

Taking the sacks, the three sisters were free to go and soon found themselves back outside the citadel. The guards remained on edge as when the trio entered.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:33 pm
by Gweyn
Gweyn had thanked the clerk politely. She put one sack in her pack and assumed that her sisters would do the same, so no one had to be overburdened. Not that Visara would necessarily struggle under the weight, but the bulk would be an issue – if only for the fact it looked like they were carrying giant bags full of something good.

She pressed her lips together, thinking.

“So, shall we go see if any temples are open in this mess?”

Gweyn shook her head.

“I would not blame them if they chose to close their doors for fear the riots spread, but perhaps some might be persuaded to open up for us.”

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:15 pm
by Narissa
Narissa offered, “I think there are more temples around where we are going. The Field Marshall mentioned the church of Pharasma, mayhap we only need to stop there once we get to the Gray District. As I recall, that would be all that is really there besides the tombs and graves. Surely they would have what we are looking for.”

“Besides, the clergy of the Lady of Graves are not exactly particular about their patrons as those that worship at the feet of those self-righteous bitches like you know who.”

She started walking towards Eodred’s Square along the main road leading south from the citadel. They were not all that far from the gray District.

“If we have to, there is the Pantheon of Many over in the South Shore area that might have things.”

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:33 am
by Visara
Visara grabbed one of the sacks and tucked it in her pack as well. It was a lot of coin with the silver. The half-dragon wasn't sure she wanted to be carting around the extra gold.

Once outside of the citadel, the discussion resumed on what the next step.

"Not that the weight of the coinage is a problem, but I think I'd prefer dropped these sacks off at the Pontius or somewhere else that is safe. That way they are not in they way. Maybe we hit these temples, buy any supplies we need with the reward, and then drop what's left off at the inn."

The trio continued at a slow pace away from the citadel.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:49 pm
by Gweyn
Gweyn nodded to Visara’s plan.

“That is fine with me, Sister. We can go back and drop off these bags after we are done.”

They kept to the larger streets, and walked with purpose. People who passed gave them the occasional second glance, but did not bother them. The riots apparently weighed heavy on the citizens’ minds, even if they hadn’t been directly affected by them. Word traveled fast, regardless.

They reached Eodred’s Square. Gweyn wondered who Eodred was, then remembered he was the king who had died. That meant the square had not been named such for very long. Or perhaps it was the name of his father, or his father before that. Perhaps she would ask Zellara later.

“So we have…approximately a thousand gold, yes?” Gweyn kept her voice down and did not speak when other travelers passed near. “If these potions are three hundred each, we will be able to afford three easily. Another if we dip into our other funds. I wonder what we should prioritize.”

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:15 pm
by Narissa
Narissa was not too concerned about carrying around the extra gold after purchasing a few potions. “For a hundred gold, we don’t really need to make a separate trip back to Midland from the gray District. Let us pay with the silver first to get rid of the sacks.”

“Perhaps we should purchase two that will remove paralysis and one of restoration. The paralysis could prove troublesome in the middle of something where we could probably wait some to deal with residual effects of poisons until we are able to return to the temple if the one potion is not enough. Spell casting services cost less gold than the potions.”

They were leaving Midland soon, the walls that sectioned the graveyards of the Gray District from the rest of the city already in front of them. The arch to pass through the wall was only a few blocks away.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:26 am
by Visara

Visara agreed with her sister.

"The potions to remove paralysis. Aye, That is a good idea."

Nothing was worse then not being able to act. Especially in the middle of combat. That was something the half-dragon feared. It was a rare thing, but not being able to move and the feeling of helplessness ran against everything the barbarian stood for. The redhead did not want it to happen.

With the entrance to the graveyard close, Visara paused the trio will they figured out where to get the potions.