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Re: WERE: Ch1 - Korvosa: Mistaken Identity

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:24 am
by Visara
Visara continues to smirk at Narissa glad to be somewhat even, glad to not be the only naked now. The half-dragon woman turns her mischievous gaze on Gweyn, wondering how to make her naked too...

Luckily, Narissa's comment forestalls any action on Visara's part. Visara snarls a response, "Like hell that will happen! He may have my sword and faith, but I draw the line at getting on my knees for him." The idea of turning into a dragon appealed to Varisa, she had no intention of degrading herself in such a manner to achieve that power. She rather acquire the power of her strength and will. Perhaps, when there was time, she could research the old stories and see if there are any clues to awakening into a full-blooded dragon. But for now, Visara's enemies beware...

Finally realizing the bloody mess her wing's entrance has made and Narissa's talk of time, Visara sigh and says, "Yes, A bath. Again. Hopefully, it won't be a challenge to cleans these new wings." The barbarian woman picks up the loose bed sheet, snaps her wings around her body as best she could. Visara uses the sheet to fashion an improvised toga to cover her nakedness on the short trip to the bath.

At Gweyn's talk of a picnic, Visara frowns in thought. The idea had merit, but the half-dragon didn't revel in the idea of having Narissa teach her to fly. Hopefully, it would be something that came naturally to her. The mention of formal balls and dances causes the redhead to rolls her eyes and snort. "Hah! The only ball I care to attend is the kind where every one is running and screaming as I cut them down. In other words, not bloody likely I'll be attending any."

At that, Visara grabs some loose clothes that can be quickly modified for her wings, and peaks into the hallway. Seeing the coast clear of any curious onlookers that might talk of winged ladies, the red head dashes down to the baths. Formal balls, hah! Me, a barbarian of the north and half-dragon at that, has no business as such a thing...

Re: WERE: Ch1 - Korvosa: Mistaken Identity

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:50 pm
by Gweyn
“Perhaps it should be a masquerade,” Gweyn said, considering both Narissa and Visara’s words. “Then we can wear any sort of costume or outfit we please, and won’t be recognized.”

She shrugged.

“Well, that is something for the future, in any case. Now we must deal with this busybody Harrower.”

Gweyn peered closely at Narissa.

“And find out what this has to do with your heritage, if anything. Perhaps the image on the card was only a coincidence, akin to my likeness to Madarius. But if it is not…”

Her expression darkened.

“Well, at least we can hear what this woman has to say.”

Re: WERE: Ch1 - Korvosa: Mistaken Identity

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:09 am
by Narissa
Narissa smiles wanly, "We do have built in costumes. We could be an angel, a half-dragon and were hound."

Unconcerned about her own nudity, she makes to head back to her room commenting, "It is a bit disconcerting that I received that particular card. The woman better have a good explanation. I am beginning to think Hextor is laughing at me and enjoying my trials and tribulations just too much."

His Lordship is probably jerking his manhood as we speak.

Narissa walks back to her room to begin the process of cleaning up again and getting ready to leave.