Grp C: En Route Callenburg [IC]

The adventures of Phaeral, Nikhil, Kaedyn, and Dorn.

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Re: Grp C: En Route Callenburg [IC]

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Coraline appears amused at Ashleigh's remark. "Cooking can be time consuming. Still, I find it enjoyable. It would be nice to have a chance to do so later. Eating the food that others make has its own sense of pleasure, though. I will look forward to seeing you there." She watches Ashleigh and Rebel depart.

Kaedyn's suggestion seems to puzzle Coraline a bit. Nonetheless, she nods in response. "We will meet you there, in that case." She looks to see if Phaeral is ready to depart. Once he starts to leave, she follows him out.

spoiler: show
Move Action: None.
Standard Action: None.
Free Action: None.

Current AC: 20 (11Touch/20 Flatfoot)
Current HP: 25/50
Current Weapon In Hand: +1 Lance.
Conditions: Immune Disease, +4 Fear Saves (10ft Radius)
Lay on Hands: 0/15 used.
Smite Evil: 2/2 used.
Turn Undead: 0/6 used.
Spells, Level 1: Lesser Restoration

Current AC, Terra: 22 (10 Touch/21 Flatfoot)
Current HP, Terra: 28/56
Current Weapon In Hand, Terra: 2 x Hooves & Bite
Conditions, Terra: Improved Evasion, Endurance, Speed 50ft
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