Grp C: The Thornbury Forest [IC]

The adventures of Phaeral, Nikhil, Kaedyn, and Dorn.

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Re: Grp C: Kaedyn & Nikhil [IC]

Postby Kaedyn » Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:40 am

Kaedyn leaves his mount stabled and heads into the inn. Calling to the barmaid, he orders, "Lass, I could use a good, hot bath after some ale. Do a man proud and see to it, young lady."

With a clank of his platemail, he sits down heavily and starts laying weapons aside.

Conversation is light, everyone being worn out from a long day and the apprehension of the day's events with the potential tragedy they could discover on the morrow being on their minds.

The hot bath after dinner and before bed helps him sleep well when they retire early. He is refreshed when he awakes before dawn and begins his morning ritual of prayer to Boldrei. Still before first light, he is down in the common room to break his fast with the others.

spoiler: show
Current AC: 21 (20 Flat-footed / 11 Touch) 23 with shield
Current HP: 34/34 remaining
Current Weapon in Hand: Longspear
condition in effect:

Javelins: 5/5 remaining
Destroy Undead: (DC=18, 5d6 damage): 3/3 remaining
Spells Remaining:
Orisons 5/5 (Guidance x 2, Light, Detect Magic x 2)
1st level 4/4+D (Bless, Bane, Doom, Divine Favor, Disrupt Undead(D))
2nd level 3/3+D (Spiritual Weapon, Silence, Sound Burst, Spiritual Weapon (D))
Touch of Healing = 6HP
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