Grp C: Investigating the Coast [IC]

The adventures of Phaeral, Nikhil, Kaedyn, and Dorn.

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Re: Grp C: Investigating the Coast [IC]

Postby Phaeral Oeri » Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:42 pm

Phaeral nodded.

“I like your idea, Ashleigh. That way, we don’t risk hurting it because we don’t know how to take care of it right. And if something unexpected happens on the road, we won’t have to worry about it running away unattended.”

He glanced at the others.

“I wish I did know more about animals. It would be nice to have a dog with us sometimes.”
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Re: Grp C: Investigating the Coast [IC]

Postby Rahn » Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:21 pm

Rahn agrees as well after he finishes the last vestiges of his breakfast. "Sounds like a plan to me. I'm all for having less to haul to Callenburg. And hiring a handle is probably a good thing too. Knowing my luck with animals, the mule would probably end up in some grassy field ignoring me."

When the others are ready, Rahn will assist in selling the loot and acquiring a pack mule and handler.
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Re: Grp C: Investigating the Coast [IC]

Postby Gothrom » Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:47 pm

In between swallows of ale, Gothrom contributes to the conversation, "Instead of hiring a man for the mule and a mule for the loot, can't we cut out the middle man and hire a man to carry the loot? Some humans are pretty strong, and with luck it may even be smarter than the donkey!". He guffaws at his own joke and returns to his drinking, confident that the others will be able to find a solution to their problem.
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Re: Grp C: Investigating the Coast [IC]

Postby Ashleigh » Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:46 pm

Asleigh's eyes have a little sparkle, "I know someone who does have a dog, or at least said he was getting one. That roguish warrior, Raddick, back at Callenburg. I know Brunhilde would remember him as we fought together alongside him in the arena. But Phaeral, I think you met or at least saw him in the Guild's Common Room before we left on journey here."

"I think I still owe him a date if I recall. He was a little cute, but also a bit rude."

She daydreams a little of some memories while the group is heading about taking care of business so they can depart in a timely manner.
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Re: Grp C: Investigating the Coast [IC]

Postby PMiller » Fri Mar 04, 2011 6:02 am

After an hour you manage to work efficiently to arrange the sale of the lesser valued items in the village and hire a handler, Arthur, for your pack mule. Ashleigh changes her mind about selling the tanglefoot bags and suggests that you hang onto them, "They could come in handy, you never know."

Ensuring you have enough rations to make it 3 days, just in case you get caught in a storm again, you are ready to set out for Callenburg not too long after breakfast. And so, after two boring days on the road, the city gates of Callenburg appear in the distance and you arrive at the Adventurer's Guild without incident. You pay find a place to billet Arthur and the Donkey for the few days and you all spend the night in the Guild's lodgings.

After another day spent taking care of mundane bookkeeping and dealing with arrogant and insufferable mages, you are able to identify the potions and the magic cloak (+1 Cloak of Resistance). Visiting a trusted jeweler and some other recommended merchants you can appraise the jewelry, clothes, and other items. Sitting down together you are able to total your loot's value at just under 8600 gold coins. However, with a sad farewell, Brunhilde takes her share and parts ways leaving you about 6867 gold coins of value.

While you are figuring out what to do with your wealth and which items you think you might decide to keep for yourselves, everyone agrees that going to the Guild's Common Room for some food and drink is in order. There you can discuss future plans, possibly meet old friends, check out opportunities for adventure, and potentially recruit a replacement for Brunhilde in your group.

<<Please go to the Guild Common Room next.>>
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