Fallout:[IC] - Ch 4 - A Brewing Storm

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Re: Fallout:[IC] - Ch 4 - A Brewing Storm

Postby Mordecai » Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:25 am

Mordecai shook his head at the question of thieves.

"It isn't. And even if some one did steal, it wouldn't take long to out them out here in the outpost. Not many people, and many are known. We will be fine."

The scout gathered up the left overs of the meal and the utensils. He returned them to the meal shack and then rejoined the others under the lean-to. He set down his rifle and pack in the middle with the other things. He rolled out his bedding.

"Alright, rise and shine early in the morning. Sleep dreams."

The scout laid down and closed his eyes. It wasn't long before he had fallen asleep.
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Re: Fallout:[IC] - Ch 4 - A Brewing Storm

Postby Herzog » Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:24 am

Night came quickly and soon enough the entire outpost had grown quite. With the exception of the outpost's watch, most of the residents turned in for the night. The night sky remained clear for most of the night with a slight breeze. A peaceful ending to a troublesome day.

Continued in CH 5: viewtopic.php?f=384&t=9216&p=262540#p262540
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