Fallout: Dramatis Personae

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Fallout: Dramatis Personae

Postby Herzog » Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:54 pm

Dramatis Personae

Character Sheets for Window Conversion. One post per character.
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Re: Fallout: Dramatis Personae

Postby Mordecai » Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:55 pm


Mordecai - Wasteland Scout

spoiler: show
Mordecai grew up in the wasteland, just like everyone else. It was not an easy life by any means. Hazards and dangers were around in spades. One learned quick that the wasteland was a harsh mistress. But people banded together and made ends meet for the greater food. For the most part.

Mordecai leaned early the skills that made him a scout today. The twenty something year old had always been somewhat of a loner, often wondering out in the wasteland by himself. He also became a good shot with a rifle that he acquired. With a practiced eye, the scout began to offer out his skills to those that needed them, and eked out a living.

Appearance: Mordecai stands over 6 feet, but is lightly build and rather lanky. His hair is done up dark dreadlocks, slicked back, and held in place by a bandana. A spiked goatee and mustache gives he man the look of a snake. Mordecai on the other hand is thin as a rail. He tends to wear tans and reds. Colors that blend into the surrounding wasteland.

Personality: Sharp and witty.

Traits, Mordecai has...
    Average Strength (d12)
    Good Agility (d8)
    Average Health (d12)
    Decent Knowledge (d10)
    Good Perception (d10)
    Not so Lucky (d20)

Skills: Mordecai is...
    An expert in Firearms, Rifles (d8)
    Decently skilled with Firearms, Pistols (d10)
    Knows how to use Melee Weapons (d12)
    Expert at being stealthy (d8)
    Good at Tracking (d10)
    Good at Wilderness Survival (d10)
    Knows a fair amount about the Charlotte region (d12)
    Average Armor proficiency (d12)
    Evasion (d12!)
    Opportunistic (d12!)
    Below average at Athletics (d20)
    Below average Sleight of Hand (d20)

Skill definitions:

- Evasion is like Super Power to evade area attacks. When first gained, starts out at d20 and if successful be used as a second attempt to avoid damage from the attack roll when Agility failed.
- Opportunity is like a Super Power to gain a free attack in melee. When first gained, starts out at d20 and if successful be used as a free attack roll right after an ally already hit the target.
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Re: Fallout: Dramatis Personae

Postby Mercevial Xenn » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:12 pm

Mercevial Xenn: Ex-VSFer (Lawman)

In 2249, Lucas and Bethany Xenn gave birth to a baby boy. Mercevial was a big child but was calm and sweet. Growing up, instead of bullying those who were smaller than him, he protected those he felt were victims. This protective personality was augmented by the birth of Aash, his younger brother. The two boys were very close and did most everything together.

When Mercevial was 16, he and Aash were walking back from the Rec District when a group of boys accosted them, demanding their well earned goods. Although Mercevial injured a few of the boys, the gang laid a good beating on the brothers, sending Aash into a depression fueled by fear. Bethany, Mercevials mother, worked as a historian in the vaults library and, by Mercevials request, brought home volume after volume of books dealing with self defense. Mercevial was determined to never again be a victim.

In 2267, at the age of 18, Mercevial entered into the VSF cadet program. There he met another bright and promising student by the name of Jude Neffarian. The two boys hit it off right away. Instantly there was a friendly rivalry between the two that promoted them to better one another. The result was the two finishing heads and shoulders above the rest of their class, both breaking cadet records along the way.

In 2272 Mercevial and Jude were approached by the head of security, Marcus O’Neill. Marcus discussed with them plans to infiltrate the gangs that had steadily been growing, and report back any information they might be privy to. A year later, the plan went into effect and the two began acting as street thugs, under the sanction of the VSF. They were brought into the folds of the biggest of the disorganized street gangs.

Over the next two years Mercevial and Jude worked their way up through the ranks of the gang under the watchful eye of the gangs leader, Darwin. During this time Mercevial had several run ins with Aash, his brother. It seemed that Aash had adopted the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ attitude and had come to run with gang members for protection. Delighted that Mercevial had also taken up the criminal life, or so it seemed, Aash delves deeper into the gang life. Not able to break his cover, Mercevial and Jude keep an eye on the young Xenn brother.

Three years later, in 2277, the undercover VSF members had collected quite a bit of evidence against Darwin and his gang. The term of their undercover work was quickly coming to an end. They were brought to a meeting in the heart of the gangs compound and discovered that a gang member had been discovered stealing drugs from the storage units. The perpetrator was brought in to be executed. When the doors opened, Aash appeared. Before he could identify Mercevial and Jude, the latter rushed at him and knocked him unconscious with a hard punch to the jaw.

Darwin was enraged and approached Jude for swift justice. Jude pulled a handgun from beneath his jacket and shot Darwin in the face, killing him in cold blood. Those who were loyal to Darwin were also quickly dispatched by Jude and his co-conspirators.

Jude announced he was the new leader of what was now to be called the Black Roaches. He demanded everyone but Mercevial leave the room and then told Mercevial that if he were to move against the Roaches, or tell anyone of his true identity, he would kill his mother and brother, his father having died of an industrial accident down in Level 13 a few years before. He then forced the pistol into Mercevials mouth and shot a bullet through his right cheek before banishing him from the compound forever.

Reporting to Marcus, Mercevial explained what happened and expected immediate action. But the bureaucracy and rumors of political corruption halted any such actions, much to the chagrin of Marcus O’Neill.

In 2278, a plague decimated the inhabitants of Vault 47, wiping out a good chunk of its population. Most of the victims, including Bethany Xenn, were of lower class. Mercevial, crushed by the loss of his mother, took a mundane position within the VSF but trained hard, hoping to one day tip the scales of justice and dispose of Jude Neffarian once and for all.


Mercevial maintains his lean and muscular frame through a very dedicated lifestyle of training and diet. He stands six feet tall and weighs a very solid 210 lbs. He keeps his hair very short and neat. He has an ugly exit wound from a bullet on the right cheek of his stubbly face.


Most of Mercevials life has been driven by events when he was 16. He was a very focused teenager, dedicated to strengthening himself to fight what he viewed as wrong. More recently, the betrayal of his best friend has left him emotionally inept and physically scarred. He sits at a precipice in his life where he could easily go into his shell and just as easily begin to start a new life of trust. The lawman is used to taking orders but has recently begun to not follow blindly. His family taught morality is his compass now.

Traits: Mercevial has:

Amazing heath and remarkable stamina (D8)
In great shape with impressive strength (D10)
Notable dexterity and balance (D10)
Intelligence that would be considered fair (D12)
Fairly lucky (D12)
Not much in the way of perceiving things or noticing nuances (D20)

Enhanced Sports Pads (Armour D12)

Skills: Mercevial is:

Unequalled at Melee Combat (D6) -18
A natural athlete (D8) -12
Skilled with a pistol (D10) -7
Considered to have an affinity with archaic weaponry (D10) -7
Pretty good with a rifle (D12) -3
About average when it comes to survival (D12) -3
Effective wearing medium armour (D12) -3
Quick to evade (Evasion) (D12) -3
Good with animals (D12) -3
Book learned in automobiles and motorbikes (D20)
Mildly knowledgeable about rope use and different knots (D20)
An amateur hunter (D20)

Skill definitions:
- Evasion is like Super Power to evade area attacks. When first gained, starts out at d20 and if successful be used as a second attempt to avoid damage from the attack roll when Agility failed.
Mercevial Xenn character sheet

Araella character sheet
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Re: Fallout: Dramatis Personae

Postby Zak » Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:12 am

Description: Small and somewhat thin teenage boy (15 years old) with short brown hair and green eyes. He is not very athletic looking, but he does move with agile grace. He is only five and half feet tall, weighing a scant 135 pounds.

Personal Style: His clothes tend to fall slightly baggy, the jumpsuit matching everyone else and his boots well worn in. Often he is seen carrying around his backpack with his personal effects.

Personality: Sometimes quiet and introverted, but when comfortable with friends he will be talkative. He prefers avoiding confrontations and hiding away to avoid trouble. But he is smart and devious and can hold his own when it comes to dealing with problems. Being weaker and smaller in body, he compensates with stealth and unconventional methods. He is not above stealing what he wants or destroying things of others for revenge. He can be geeky, but his skills are valuable to those that are intelligent enough to realize it. He knows this and it gives him confidence when dealing with certain types of individuals.

Zak’s father was an engineer in the vault, but he died in an accident when the boy was about 5 years old. He was taken care of by his father’s friends who were always like ‘uncles’ to him anyway. His mother died in childbirth. So at an age when he was becoming no longer a cute little kid, he found himself orphaned and needing to depend more on himself than he should have had to.

Zak became a survivor. He was used to sneaking around and getting into things at an early age. But he still absorbed as much knowledge as he could from his ‘uncles’ to prepare him for taking his G.O.A.T. to expectantly place him as an engineer. But Zak was using his skills to provide services for some of the older boys in the gangs to trade for protection from being beaten up. He was often sneaking around and getting into places to pilfer or ‘borrow’ parts and such to make things for those bullies that requested his services.

Zak also did some training with a member of the security forces, learning to shoot some while he was gaining practical knowledge on learning to make ammunition. Though not really part of the gangs, he was frequently helping them out and breaking vault laws to keep himself out of trouble with them and the Overseers over-zealous cronies. So, he has been walking line in between both groups.

Character Sheet | Show
Traits: Zak has…
    Not very strong and rather small (d20)**
    Pretty good agility and dexterity (d8)
    Average stamina and health (d10)
    Experienced much for his age with decent Wisdom (d12)
    Decent perception and can notices most things (d10)
    A reasonably amount of luck (d12)

Security Vest (Armor d20)

Unpent XP: 1

Skills: Zak is…
    Good with Firearm Weapons d18
    Good with disabling devices d10
    Good at sneaking around d10**
    Good at building and crafting mechanical things d10
    Average at building and crafting structural things d12**
    Average at making and using explosives d12
    Able to operate computers and other technological devices d12
    Somewhat knowledgeable about working with chemicals d12
    Average at building and crafting electrical things d12
    Average at repairing things d12
    Studied Technology from books in the Vault d20
    Studied Physical Sciences from the books in the Vault d20
    Capable of using Simple Weapons d20
    Somewhat knowledgeable about Tactics d12
    Talent for Tactical Planning d20! (3XP)
    - Unlock using Knowledge of Tactics to increase skills of others 1 Rung (max d10) during an encounter for 1-3 rounds depending on level of success (1-2=3 rnds/3-4=2 rnds/5-6=1 rnd).
    - Can be improved to increase durations and bonus
    Not very good at Unarmed Combat d30
    Native English speaker d30!
Zak d20 Sheet, The Window Sheet - Played by PMiller
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Re: Fallout: Dramatis Personae

Postby Robin » Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:18 pm

Description: Too pretty for his own good, Robin has fine features, high cheekbones and arched brows, porcelain skin and full, beestung lips. His eyes are large and haunted, the color of the sky in old photographs. His build is slight, fine-boned ands almost fragile-looking, though he is more resilient than he appears. He wears his chestnut-colored wavy hair in long, careless locks that he often tucks absently behind his ears.

Personal Style: All of Robin’s clothing is castoffs from older and usually larger men. Oversized sweaters gape at his neck, exposing his delicate collarbone, and his sleeves are long, overlapping his hands. His drawstring pants are baggy and frayed at the cuffs from dragging on the ground. His boots, however, are heavy black leather steel-toed lace-ups that go to mid-calf, scuffed but sturdy; most importantly, they fit his overlarge feet properly. His jacket is an old olive drab military field jacket, which falls to mid-thigh.

Personality: Quiet, aloof, wary; intelligent and bitter. He is very jaded for one so young, though still has a streak of defiance in him, in spite of everything. He is a survivor, above all else. Robin rarely makes eye contact and flinches away from anyone who gets too close. He tends to watch others surreptitiously, always observant, eyes hidden under tangled locks. He has a head for science as well as people, though experience has taught him not to trust anyone. Though Robin is confident about what he knows, he rarely talks.

Background: Robin was born in 2263 and lived a sheltered existence for his first fifteen years. Robin’s mother was a noted scientist specializing in hydroponics, and his father was a doctor. They lived in the upper levels of the Vault, reserved for workers with advanced skills.

Though his parents were not cruel people, they were both very engrossed in their work, and had little emotional attachment to their son. Robin’s mother, in particular, had high expectations of his intellect and became frustrated when Robin seemed to fall short. Though Robin was advanced for his age, his parents failed to realize that children needed time to develop and grasp advanced concepts. Robin’s mother, though brilliant in her field, had little emotional intelligence or people sense and would often say inadvertently hurtful things to her son.

Nevertheless, Robin grew up quietly observing both parents’ trades and picked up much in the way of scientific and medical knowledge. He became an assistant to both parents, alternately working in the medical wing on level two, and the hydroponics lab on level thirteen. Robin’s parents would often bicker about which one Robin would work for that day, leaving him feeling as if his only value to them was the skills he possessed.

Soon Robin came to realize that his father had dealings with some dangerous individuals in the Vault. Robin’s father would often ask him to deliver a ‘package’ to a certain location, and pick up another ‘package’ in return. His father brushed off his questions about the nature of these errands, but it wasn’t until Robin actively spied on his father did he learn that his father was synthesizing drugs for the gangs using natural materials from his mother’s hydroponics lab. Robin was stunned, but uncertain of what to do with his new knowledge, so he merely kept his mouth shut.

When Robin was 15, a sickness spread through the Vault and many people died. Robin’s father what he could for them, but the plague was so widespread there was little to do but isolate the sick. This practice turned ugly when the rumor started that the Overseer had medicine that would cure the plague, but was only giving it to the elite classes and those loyal to him. Riots broke out, and there were several acts of violence against security forces, though they were quickly put down.

Even as Robin’s mother lay dying of the sickness, the a few of the gang members from the gang Robin’s father had dealings with cornered him in his clinic and tried to force him to give them some of the medicine that would supposedly cure the plague. When he pleaded with them that there was no such thing, the gang members grew enraged and began to beat him.

The leader of the gang showed up to call his men off. He ended up having to kill his own lieutenant in the conflict, but it was too late to save Robin’s father.

The gang leader, Jude, was furious. He decided the best thing he could do was to retreat, though he did make sure they took some medicine from the clinic, plus another prize: young Robin, the doctor’s son, who had invaluable medicinal knowledge.

Robin was now a slave, albeit a well-kept one. Soon, the sickness passed and things stabilized in the Vault, though tensions between the gang and the security forces remained high. With a combination of illegal weapons, stolen medicinal stores, and one of the few trained medics in the Vault on their side, the Black Roaches gang was a force to be reckoned with.

Character Sheet | Show
Poor Strength (d20)
Average Agility (d12)
Great Health (d8)**
Keen Wisdom (d10)
Good Perception (d10)
Neither good Luck nor bad Luck (d12)

1st level skills:

Really good at treating injuries (d8)
Good at surviving in the wasteland (d10)
Very knowledgeable about gangs (streetwise) (d10)
Very knowledgeable about earth and life sciences (d10)
Very knowledgeable about physical sciences (d10)
Can craft drugs (d12)
Good at escaping bonds (d12)
Pretty good at hiding small things (d12)
Okay at being stealthy (d12)
Kind of a crummy shot with firearms (d20)
A Surgeon (d20!) - Allows First Aid to be used for minor surgeries. Can be improved, allowing for more complex surgeries with each rung improvement. Unlocks First Aid/Medicine d6, & First Aid/Medicine d4 when reaching d8.
Not very good at acrobatics (d20)
Terrible at Simple Weapons (d30)
Terrible at Unarmed Fighting (d30)

16 pts for 3rd level:
-2 for Traits

14 points to spend

Firearms d20 -> d12 (3)
Unarmed Fighting d30 -> d20 (2)
Simple Weapons d30 -> d20 (2)
Navigation (d20) (3)
Stealth d12 -> d10 (4)

Additional XP awards:
2 xp
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Re: Fallout: Dramatis Personae

Postby sirfinn » Thu May 12, 2016 3:21 am

Description: Rough, worn, aged before his time. Samuel has a full beard, crows feet at corner of his eyes from squinting too much in the full sun. His hair is fine and roughly cut. Hands show lots of manual labour and he moves with a slow methodical shuffle, showing he conserves his meagre energy reserves.

Personal Style: Clothed in well patched denim trousers with a leather open vest over a well patched flannel shirt. Worn boots but well cared for. The only part of his clothing of note is the Brass bronco belt buckle holding his trousers up.

Personality: His father always preached wall tall with a big stick. Samuel didn't always agree with this mantra in life, particularly when raiders came a visiting or the mole rats got into the tato field. He would strike first using the local homestead terrain to his advantage. Raiders needed to fear visiting the homestead and well mole rats just need a good piece of hickory over their heads. Some of pa's preachings were useful.
Currently, Samuel is not a full man, not broken, just missing part. His missing wife weighs heavily upon him. Each night he stares at the photograph he has, willing her return.

Background: Twenty two years ago, before Samuel was even a twinkle in Harry Givens's eye, his father, Michael, made a break from the Vault. Turmoil in Vault 47 had brought about the third Scout group being sent out to examine the nearby countryside and report back. Michael Givens a trained Machinist/Maintenance Officer had been tasked with recovery of several items to help the Vault 47 continue it regular maintenance operations. What the Overseer didn't know, is soon after leaving the Vault all the Scout group had decided not to return and determine their own future under their own terms. Freedom and Liberty. Loosing a few in their travels they finally settled in the outskirts of Monroe, south of Matthews. Turning of seasons saw the small community slowly eke an existence, out of the ruins of Monroe. They were not a prosperous community but they did manage to make do between salvage and mutated crops. Water was dragged to the surface using a windmill pump. Power also from wind and some re-tasked solar panels off several suburban rooves. So the small farming community survived.

Two years before Samuel popped into the world, Harry while hunting, came across a drifter group being savaged by mongrel dogs. A tense violent battle occurred with Harry getting a nasty bite, but doing enough to help drive mongrel dogs off. Leading the drifter group remnants back to the Monroe community afterwards, allowed him to meet his future wife, Penny. The soon to become, Penelope (Penny) Givens nursed the wounded Harry back to health. A simple marriage happened after a season's courtship. Two miscarriages occurred before a Samuel Theodore Givens came screaming into the world summer of 2260. A restless infant and troublesome child saw him in many scraps and hardships. Harry and Penny Givens brought three more siblings into the world with only Samuel's younger sister, Alice survived to have children of her own.

Samuel's sixth birthday saw his left arm splinted and in a sling. He had climbed a tree outside the walled enclosure to play and watch for raiders with his two close friends. Some stupid dare saw Samuel, walking on a rotten branch and falling. Even a six year old can't defy gravity when waving his arms like a bird.

Seasons passed swiftly and by the tender age of nine, Samuel was put through defensive weapons training with first a short staff, then onto club, cleaver and knife fighting. He secretly, did best with knives, but Harry encouraged using longer hardwood staff, so he might not be found on the ground, in a brawl for his life. The early satisfaction of getting a knife thrown well, turned into a private rush most would call an addiction. If Samuel had a knife on his person, he knows he can survive once he has it in his hand.

Days of toil in the vegetable patches or moving salvaged steel to the wall or the endless daily drills with basic weapons were finally rewarded with him being allocated a plot to build his own hut on his 16th summer. Building the hut came after all his other duties of farming, guarding, hunting and scavenging outside the walls. Putting his skills learned in toil for the community, he crafted himself a dwelling. His own castle even if a little drafty and numerous pots were needed for leak,s the rain found too easily. The first winter has Samuel forced into structurally strengthening and filling any drafty holes he could find. His efforts were rewarded as he caught the attention of a lass called Alison, whom he courted and married in 2272. Within the year, their first son, Remi arrived, two years later a second child, Isolde.

Two hundred and one days ago, Samuel's life changed and not for the better. Raiders managed to get over the wall again. They were bold after a successful raid a few months earlier. Both times the same barn ended up burnt to the ground. It hasn't been rebuild, no third time lucky. What changed Samuel's existence, was after all was done after the raid his wife was found missing. Along with three other women, presumed kidnapped. A fruitless search over the past 6 months had seen little sign of his missing wife. Samuel aged quickly and his anger grew over the kidnapping. No raider since, has seen any compassion from him. The half dozen he has dispatched all died hard, bleeding out, disarmed and without hope. The same feeling Samuel carried with him, every day. Without Alison at his side, Samuel saw no colour in the world, it was all grey with darker and lighter shades. Alcohol didn't help, he even distanced himself from his children, as he saw Alison's eyes in both. Harry took them in, shielding them from Samuel's anger and frustration.

When not out actively hunting for signs of raiders, he continued his labours on the farm; without Alison at his side had made life more challenging. Seeing one too many nights where Samuel had passed out and damaged furniture outside his hut. Harry finally broached the painful subject. "You need to find Alison or dare I say it, another wife son. Your children will be fine here."
"You have some sacks of corn you can sell. Some of that raider armour, you won't wear and a dozen pots of adhesive made from plant starch. Take the young bull Brahmin with you, as a pack beast. Trade him if needed."
"Come back when your head is back in the right place. Not before."

Two days later, Samuel hit the road searching. A week passes and he finds himself at the gates of small outpost east of Carolina Place called Lawyers Road, seeking entrance.
"Saw a half dead raider up the road. He is dead now. Got some of his stuff to trade along with other salvage."

Character Sheet | Show
Character Sheet: Samuel Givens http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=809652
Amazing dexterity and balance (D8)
In great shape with impressive strength (D10)
Notable heath and stamina (D10)
Mediocre Intelligence (D12)
Fairly lucky (D12)
Not much in the way of perceiving things or noticing nuances (D20)

Brahmin Hide Trenchcoat (leather armour) (non proficient) (Armor d20)

Skills: Samuel is:

Holds his own at Melee Combat (D8)
A natural athlete (balance/climb) (1D10)
Quick to evade (Evasion!) (D10)
Skilled at making mechanical gadgets (D10)
Good when it comes to survival and not eating the red berries which are poisonous (D10)
Decent shot with a rifle (D10) (4pts D12-D10)
Effective at Hiding from trouble (D12)
Competent with a knife and throwing it. (D8) (4+5pts D12-D8)
Decent with animals (D12)
Ok with local knowledge/terrain (D20)
Ok Handyman on farm (D12) (3pts D20-D12)
An amateur hunter (D20)
Poor Dirt farmer (D30)

16pts (rifle, knife, handyman upgrades)
Skill definitions:
- Evasion! is like Super Power to evade area attacks. When first gained, starts out at d20 and if successful be used as a second attempt to avoid damage from the attack roll when Agility failed.

Gear | Show
Club/Nightstick, 5 knives, Photograph of Alison, Pipe Rifle, 20 x 9MM rounds, 1 x stim pack, Back Pack ( BP ), wasterlander clothing, Trail rations 7 days, sleeping bag/swag, pot, Eating Utensils.
Basic tool Kit, Hammer, 2 screwdrivers, Adjustible spanner x2, crowbar, Multipurpose tool, 3 canteens: 1 litre water each, Flashlight -wind up.
Brahmin hide trench coat, a pair of working binoculars
All the third sack except 6 cobs of corn was traded for radstag jerky, molerat chunks, carrots, tato and mutfruit.

Trade goods: Young bull Brahmin : pack beast,
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