Fallout Universe Specific Items

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Fallout Universe Specific Items

Postby Herzog » Mon May 23, 2011 3:00 pm

This thread is to list items, stats, etc of items unique to this fallout game not found in any source books. IE, stuff the DM makes ups.

Items thus far:

  • Caps: Money in the wasteland
  • Stim pack: heals 1d8+1 HP
  • Radaway: heals 1 step of radiation sickness as defined in the Apocalypse rulebook
  • Pipboy: Electronic note taker/basic PDA. Also contains shortrange receiver only.
  • Security Vest: The security vests are like a pull-pouch vest except tactical instead of concealable. They are light, provide +2 AC equip bonus/ +1 AC for non-prof. Max dex is +6, Armor check -1, weigh 2lb.
  • Pipe Rifle: A crude breech loading firearm made of an improvise trigger mechanism and a length of galvanized steel pipe.
    Range 60ft, dmg 2d6, single action(meaning fire once, then takes a standard action to reload), weight 9lb, TU 6, uses 9MM rounds
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