Character Thread: Araella Silverkin

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Character Thread: Araella Silverkin

Postby FrancisJohn » Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:24 am

Here is the new and improved Araella Silverkin!


Araella grew up in the smallest of villages, an only child of two loving parents. She had a normal, fun-filled childhood filled with the curiosities of exploring the world. She used to play outside all the time, and took great interest in collecting oddities. Funny looking rocks, feathers, insects, unique flowers, weird looking bark, and anything else that inspired her imagination. She had a charming and bubbling personality, and had many friends. On her 17th birthday something quite peculiar happened.....

In the afternoon of her coming-of-age birthday celebration, very strange thing happened. Araella's obnoxious cousin Franco was fooling around as usual.... chasing all of the little kids around the party. Never one to be careful he accidentally bumped into the table that was holding the birthday cake display! Araella cringed as she saw this happen across the field. The cake was about to fall off of the table! Although over twenty feet away, she was able to catch the cake with her mind, and keep it from landing on the ground. It floated in the air for a moment before somehow she was able to move it back onto the table, just by using her thoughts! As shocked as she was, no one else seemed to notice. The party continued as planned despite this near disaster, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Araella thought best to keep this to herself, as the all the stories and legends in her village led her to believe that magic was a force to feared and shunned. As she took long walks in the woods, she discovered that she had other mysterious abilities too! She could change the colors of leaves at will. She could make sounds appear out of nowhere, and eventually could even change what she saw by creating different scenes of whatever she imagined. Araella was beyond herself when she realized that she could make little balls of light float around however she desired. During her chores around her small house, she realized she can clean things up just by thinking about it, and can easily mend her clothes by using the same mental force. What simultaneously excited her and scared her was the fact that the more she practiced these abilities, the stronger they became.

During one of her trips into the forest to practice her magicks, she noticed she was being followed by a small creature. A ferret! The ferret seemed friendly enough, and oddly she noticed she felt more aware of her surroundings when the ferret was near. They both developed a liking for each other, and eventually the ferret was comfortable enough to let Araella pick him up and play with her, and even put him in her pocket! She named him Sid. Just like Araella, he was well-liked by all. Eventually, the bond become so close that they could mysteriously think each others thoughts and share each others emotions.

Keeping these secrets from Araella's family and friends became increasingly more difficult. She found herself having to lie often, and actually became quite adept at stretching the truth to hide her magical abilities. Life continued this way for weeks that stretched into months. Araella would use her new-found magic to abilities to help her in her everyday life hidden from others of course, and also took long walks in the woods to 'practice'. She even realized that all of the odds and ends that she has collected over the years can be used to trigger more magical abilities! Everything changed again the day before her 18th birthday.

On the way back from one of her practice sessions, she smelled smoke. Araella sprinted back to her village. She was aghast as she found half her village in flames! It was apparent that a goblin tribe already raided the farms and were in the midst of razing the center square. They were almost to her row of houses! She ran home and saw her parents cowering inside, but more importantly a group of goblins were heading her way. Araella was spotted!

Unsure of what over came her, Araella looked down at her forearms and felt a surge of energy. She took this energy, held her arms forward, and out flew a ball of magic. This bright blue force hit the goblins in the chest, and they fell down dead in their tracks. Her parents watched this transgression and gave their daughter a look of utter terror. They were speechless at what they saw. A crowd of villages gathered around at a safe distance as well, witness to the display. The leader of the goblins approached, with a menacing grimace and a more gruesome war in hand. He called forth the goblin troupe to attack! With no time to react, a burning sensation appeared in her arms once more. She channeled this energy once more, and a violent ray of fire streamed forth at the offending goblin warlord. He was absolutely fried to the bone, in front of human and goblin alike. The silence felt like forever, but the goblins immediately retreated and ran away.

Their was an immediate village meeting to discuss the goblin attack, and more importantly, what to make of Araella. Araella and her parents were horrified at the awful things said about their only daughter. "Witch! Wizard! Sorceress! Heathen!" They closed the meeting to the public townsfolk to discuss matters privately. Araella couldn't stand waiting for her fate, so she infiltrated the meeting. She was quite mortified to find out that she was to be banished from the village! This still could not compare to the initial look of fear in her parents eyes when they first saw her true powers.

Araella ran back to her parents, and told them the awful news. This goodbye couldn't be long enough, but the torture of time forced Araella to bid farewell. She wanted to leave on her own terms and her parents knew she had to run away. They helped her quickly pack her traveling supplies and sent her on her way. Her mother's tearful last words simply tore up Araella's insides. "Here... take this mirror. it was your grandmother's. If you ever get lost or confused in life, take a look in it. Always remember who you are." Unable to speak, she left her family and her home under the dark night sky.

Although deeply hurt from her effective banishment, Araella was able to move on and eventually return to her personable self. She missed her parents dearly, but immensely enjoyed exploring the world at large. Her magical power grew over time, and her travels took her far and wide.
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