Campaign Guidelines and House Rules

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Series of adventures set in Greyhawk's campaign setting. The adventurers are currency running through the ancient dwarven stronghold under the Stone Tooth.

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Campaign Guidelines and House Rules

Postby PMiller » Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:22 am

Campaign Guidelines and House Rules:

Campaign at a Glance
Setting: World of Greyhawk
Rule Set: D&D 3.5 Edition
Number of Characters: 6 maximum
Party Alignment: Good and Neutral, no evil

Character Creation:
Characters are level 1 at start (Party maintains uniform XP progression though)
Abilities - 40 point buy
Max HP at Level 1 (75% rule after that, rounding up on Class's Odd levels, down on Class's even level)
Normal 3.5 creation, max money or starting package listed.
Use any of these resources
- Core 3.5 books (or the SRD covering them)
- Complete series (Warrior, Arcane, Mage, Divine, Adventurer, Scoundrel, Champion)
- Other sources on approval from the DM (I think I have everything)

Campaign Overview
Setting information and location is covered under a separate thread. The adventures are going to start with the Scourge of the Howling Horde and move along into the 1st Edition Series U1-U3. Prior knowledge of any of these adventures disqualifies players from participation.

Campaign is in progress, but only finished 1 combat, and is needing replacement players as it transitions from PBeM to PBP format. Current players from the PBeM format are mostly novices to D&D.

Due to the nature of PBP format allowing people to participate during their free time on their busy schedules, the expectations is that players are available to normally post once per day. With the time zone different (the DM is in Japan) that usually means turn around for the DM within about 12 hours for major updates, but answers to quick questions sooner.

Any extended absence of over 2-3 days should be communicated to the DM as a courtesy (OOC thread, email or PM). If the situation is such that the player’s character is doing nothing or just following along, posts stating such should be used to acknowledge that the player has been reading the other posts and is current on the events in game. Extended lapses in posting by a player can have adverse effects on the group’s enthusiasm for the game. Communication is the key on player absences; the DM can NPC the player for the duration if necessary.

For combat and other appropriate situations, when it is a player’s turn, or a post is directed at a player's character requiring a response, they must respond within 24 hours. Failure to do so, without having provided advanced notice of unavailability, can result in being dropped from the game. Holding up the game is rude and inconsiderate towards the other players.

Character generation
Player characters are starting the game at level 1. Ability scores are determined by a point buy system as defined in the DMG, with 40 points. Only one ability score can be over 16 (before applying racial adjustments). Character concepts should be approved by the DM via PM or email, before generating a character sheet. Once the sheet is approved a formatted text file is used to generate the official character sheet thread.

Posting Conventions
In Character (IC) posting should be done in third person. Players are required to use quotation marks for speech. When not speaking in Common, then the language should be identified as such <in> with the spoken words in italics as well. Internal thoughts should be in italics without quotation marks. Use of colors is acceptable, but the player should be consistent. Use of bold with certain colors may be best due to the light background of the forum. Actions should be defined and separated out from the role-playing content and put in brackets {}. Out of Character (OOC) issues should be put in the OOC thread and not in the IC threads. Short questions that pertain to the individual post are an exception however.

The DM will be rolling initiative for everyone once combat commences. The players initiative order will be revealed, but not the opponents until they have had their first turn. Players can delay their initiative, but they need to post that they are doing so and under what conditions they are waiting for.

Combat Posting
Players will be allowed to post combat actions simultaneously if desired, particularly is their actions are not dependent on another player’s results. Player’s are encouraged to do their own dice rolling (Attack and Damage together) via Invisible Castle and post the BBCode links with their actions. After writing their input during a combat round from a role-playing perspective, the player should clearly indicate what actions (Move Action, Standard Action, Free Action, Full Round Action) were taken. Again when it is a player’s turn, they must respond within 24 hours. Under special circumstances the DM can NPC a player for RL issues as to not hold up the game.

Experience Points and Leveling Up
XP earned by the group during the game will be distributed after every combat encounter. Once the group receives enough XP to level up, they'll be required to complete a day of training (24 hours of uninterrupted rest, meditation, reflection, studying, physical training, etc…) in a town or city. Afterwards, the group will gain the level and character sheets can be updated. HPs gained after 1st level follow 75% rule, rounding up on odd class levels, rounding down on even class levels.

Bonus Experience
To keep leveling up manageable, there will be no individual XP Bonus rewards for skill checks and role-playing. However, everyone is encouraged to do their best to make the game enjoyable for everyone. Good contributions can generate an XP Bonus reward for the entire group based on good role-playing, problem solving, creativity, and cleverness.

Ammunition and Components
Ammunition and certain Spell Components (Such as for the Identify Spell) will be tracked on the character sheets and updated after combat has been completed. Recovered ammunition will also be included in the tracking.

Passive Spot and Listen Checks
Whenever there is something to be detected via Spot, Listen or Sense Motive, and the players do not specify they are using that skill actively, the DM may secretly roll a passive check (with -4 circumstance penalty for lack of focus). The check itself and negative results will not be reported.

Spoiler Content and Information
When occasions arise where only one player learns something, the PM system will be used to communicate between the player and the DM. The player will then have the responsibility of sharing that information as appropriate in the IC thread.
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Re: Campaign Guidelines and House Rules

Postby PMiller » Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:51 am

Identifying Potions
The Spellcraft check to identify a potion is lowered to DC15+1/per spell level of the spell used to make the potion.
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