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Series of adventures set in Greyhawk's campaign setting. The adventurers are currency running through the ancient dwarven stronghold under the Stone Tooth.

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Party XP & Notes

Postby PMiller » Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:58 pm

Thread for Notes and Standard Practices for the group

Character List
Male Human - 6th Level Swashbuckler/Fighter, Vlad - 18395 XP
Male Dwarf - 6th Level Cleric/Inquisitor, Orekk Kragsmere - 18395 XP
Female Elf - 6th Level Ranger/Scout, Hellsing - 18395 XP
Female Human - 6th Level Sorcerer, Araella Silverkin - 18395 XP
Male Draconic Human - 6th Level Duskblade, Morrolan - 18395 XP

spoiler: show
Female Human - 6th Level Bard, Araella Silverkin - 15770 XP
Male Human - 4th Level Rogue, Vah Fuch- 8260 XP -NPC
Male Half-elf - 4th Level Cleric, Taris Bellows - 8260 XP
Milamber (Mantis) - 2nd Level Egoist - 2940 XP
Old Orekk Kragsmere
Female Human - 5th Level Bardic Sage, [b]Old Araella Silverkin - 14090 XP

XP Tracking | Show
Arrive at Barrow's Edge: 1100XP
Cave Entrance & Big Bronk +1050XP
Hob Warriors, Cook, & Weasel +600XP
Gray Ooze +150XP
Undead & Trap +350XP
Spiders +150XP
Darax & Urrtarr +394XP
Chest Trap +50XP
Noak +337XP
Kurik's Gang +1112XP
Spiders +300XP
Yellow Mold +450XP
Carrion Crawlers +400XP
Skeleton Champions +533.3XP
Illusionist, Gnolls, & Rogues +1283.3XP
Orc Raiders & Bear +1160XP
Orcs in barracks +480XP
Ulfe & Wolves +440XP
Orc Leader & Warriors +800XP
Orc Adept, Acolyte, & Archers +1320XP
Ettin Skeleton +300XP
Fire Trap +100XP
Trogs & Bear +500XP
Yellow Mold +450XP
Trog Scouts +300XP
Trog Lair +1680XP
Sub Lizzy +250XP
2 Gricks +360XP
3 Duergar in Throne Room +600XP
3 Duerar in Foundry +600XP
1 Allip +120XP
6 Skeletons +540XP
1 Wight, 2 Skeletons +300XP
Animated Rug +240XP
Animated Dummy +90XP
Animated Table +125XP

Current Marching Orders
Outdoors | Show

Watchstanding | Show
5 Watch Shifts from 17:30-07:00
Araella & Orekk
Orekk & Hellsing
Hellsing & Vlad
Vlad & Morrolan
Morrolan & Araella

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Postby PMiller » Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:51 am

Group’s Background:
Vlad has been lying low in a small hamlet inn while traveling South, running from his troubles; something to do with a jilted nobleman in the city of Cryllor in the Kingdom of Keoland. Vah Fuch, a like minded rogue aided him in his escape from the bounty hunters that were sent after him. While staying over at this small hamlet inn, they encountered a traveling bard, Morrolan, who convinced them that it was a good time in their life to be a little more productive; for their own good. Morrolan had been exploring the world in his goal of becoming a great warrior and learning more about his dragon heritage. Recently he has been seeking adventure in the company of a cleric, Taris Bellows. Vlad and Vah Fuch were swayed by the bard’s words and ideas and decided to try their hands at adventuring; hoping the career change will keep their heads out of the hangman’s noose. Having overheard these lengthy persuasions in the inn’s common room, another pair of adventuring types offered to also join company. Phoenix and Hellsing were also traveling in the southern part of the Kingdom of Keoland in search of adventure and decided that a larger adventuring group would help ensure survivability in the dangerous lands of the Flanaess.

Having heard of the dangers of the Dreadwood, the group continues east along the roads and trails along the southern edge, en route the coastal town of Saltmarsh in the Viscounty of Salinmoor. Morrolan has heard that it is a growing fishing town that promises to be good base of operations for aspiring adventurers being situated between the Dreadwood and the Hool Marshes. While staying at an inn in Gregor’s Junction, a small hamlet along the southern edge of the Dreadwood, they heard a rumor about a hamlet called Barrow’s Edge. The townsfolk of Barrow’s Edge are putting out a call for adventurers, requesting help and promising reward. The hamlet is sort of on the way to Saltmarsh, making a slight detour towards the edge of the Dreadwood.

Gregor’s Junction is a Hamlet, founded and run by Gregor Mindleson, acting as mayor. He also owns the inn, (Mindleson Inn) and a shipping company that his two sons run. He also owns half the general store as well. The hamlet has a Temple of Fharlanghn, a blacksmith, a general store, a tanner, a small open air market, the Rusty Plow Tavern, watchmen’s barracks with constable’s quarters, large stables (owned by Gregor), and shipping company office. The constable’s name is Nadale Firdorn. Gregor’s shipping company runs a caravan of sorts that transports goods between Saltmarsh, Burle, and Harnsburg (the next town West from Gregor’s Junction about 3 days journey.) Other traders’ caravan traveling the road from Harnsburg to Burle and Saltmarsh frequently use Gregor’s Junction as a stopover. The Keoish Army runs patrols that travel along the road also frequently stopping over as well.

Rumors to heard at the tavern:
1. Hunters have reported signs of goblin activity along the southern edge of the Dreadwood, east of Gregor’s Junction, this has been happening over the past several months, but so far no goblins have been seen near Gregor’s junction.
2. Jacob, a farmer, lost some livestock, but no one is sure what happened. He farms is SE of the hamlet, about 1-2 miles away.
3. Undead rise from the ancient and abandoned graveyards. They prey on unwary travelers at night. No further information can be substantiated.
4. Barrow’s Edge is probably exaggerating their problems, to try and get more subsidies from the Viscount of Salinmoor to increase their village coffers to help them continue to grow.
5. Evil wizards control the village elders in Barrow’s Edge.
6. There is a Temple of Pelor in Barrow’s Edge, but it is just a rural parish.
7. Barrow’s Edge also does some trade with people of Gregor’s Junction as well as the traveling Halfling caravan that frequents the roads of the Viscounty of Salinmoor. The Halflings sometime also stop in Gregor’s Junction.
8. A dwarven warrior, Rurik Redbeard, and his band are said to be around slaying monsters. He has been asking rewards from villages without any proof of actual threats or successes. He has been to Gregor’s Junction, but he hasn’t been seen for over a week now.

The mayor’s daughter had a necklace stolen, and the adventurers were suspected. Unable to actually prove anything the Constable asked them to leave anyway. The group stopped off at Jacob’s farm and investigated the livestock theft. They found a footprint, but not much other evidence. They continued on towards Barrow’s Edge. Along the way they helped a farmer with his cart and learned of a problem at the trader inn along their way. Upon arriving at Barcus’s Trader Inn, the gnome has asked for help with his problem concerning the undead beast the Garthulga.
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