Zinzerena Demigodess of Chaos, Luck, and Trickery

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Zinzerena Demigodess of Chaos, Luck, and Trickery

Postby shroudeye » Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:13 am

Zinzerena was born a drow mage with an aptitude for illusion magic. Her mother faked her death in order to smuggle her away from the priestesses of Lolth. She grew in power, studying alone as a spellcaster and assassin specializing in the use of poison and disguise, and gained her divinity by tricking Keptolo, Lolth's consort, out of a fraction of his. As a result she is hunted by virtually the whole drow pantheon, though Keptolo hates her most of all, which gives credibility to the rumor of her death. Because of her past actions which caused her to become a pariah amongst her peers, Zinzerena is now beloved and worshipped by those drow who wish to throw off the shackles of the priesthood of Lolth. Many believe that she has been killed or banished by Lolth, but none can prove this and often wonder if this is yet another sly trick intended to fool the other Drow immortals. Even Lolth, due to this lingering doubt, has taken to masquerading as Zinzerena to attract her followers and destroy them in order to draw her out of hiding.


"The legs of the spider are made to be broken."

Proverb of Zinzerena

Title(s): The Hunted, the Princess of the Outcasts, Rebuker of Shadow
Home Plane: Prime Material Plane
Power Level: Demigodess
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Evil)
Portfolio: Deception, humiliation, ambush, chaos, assassination
Symbol: Shortsword draped in a black cloak
Worshipers: Drow, assassins, Illusionist
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery
Superior: Vhaeraun

Though now divine, Zinzerena has not yet shaken off all the echoes of her mortality, and thus remains on the Prime Material Plane, where she hides in the cities of the drow, inspiring chaos wherever she goes. Zinzerena, though a mistress of disguise, commonly takes the form of a dexterous-looking cloaked and masked drow elf. Legend has it that Zinzerena once undertook a raid on a Beholder's lair only to find it was already in combat with a slaad. As most drow do in such tales, she waited until the combat was over, the beholder was grievously weakened and the slaad dead. Quickly she did slay the Beholder and absconding with a sword and cloak that the slaad had brought with it. With these powerful objects now in her possession, Zinzerena gained prominance as the drow deity of Chaos, Assassins, and Illusionists. Her symbol is now a shortsword draped in a black cloak, symbolizing her hidden menace and past deeds. The deaths of the Slaad and Beholder, and the taking of the sword and cloak was yet another intricate plot against Keptolo, for she created the situation where his allies fought one another, armed with the magical items, provided by Keptolo, that Zinzerena claimed as her spoils, all in one brilliant stroke of genius.

She goes by different titles depending on whom you ask; The Hunted, given for her treachery. Princess of Outcasts, given for her attitudes and station amongst the other drow gods. Most recently a new title was given; Rebuker of Shadow, because after she aquired the sword and cloak, she broke free of her shadowy world that all drow must dwell and as a result gave the same freedom to the drow that dwell on the material plane, allowing them to walk freely in the sunlight without the pain and blindness that tormented them for so many ages. The weapons and armor of the drow do not benefit from bonuses derived from Earth Nodes or a zone of Faerzress and still deteriorate in sunlight however, unless special means, like the use of darkoil, are taken to prevent this from occuring.

Sword and Cloak of Zinzerena -

Piwafwi d'barra's erl'elee (Cloak of shadow's Embrace): This cloak appears to be a typical Piwafwi all drow have access to but this one is unique and far more powerful. Unlike typical Piwafwi, this cloak does not deteriorate in sunlight for it is a creation of Chaos rather than purely of the Underdark. All powers function in light or darkness, except the augmented stealth abilities, which rarely manifest in full daylight. The garment, made of ensorcelled spider silk, hides one's heat signature and any sound their movement would make, therefore rendering detection by a Drow's natural infravision much more difficult, thus enabling uncanny stealthy abilities in the shadows.

The following magical properties are bestowed upon the wearer:

The cloak also displaces the wearer, this is a constant effect for purposes of combat situations - The wearer appears to be about 5 feet away from their true location. The wearer benefits from a 50% miss chance as if they had total concealment. Only True Seeing reveals this displacement. The wearer also gains a random resistance of 120 to elemental and energy types, chosen by the Gm. They suffer no harm from being in a extreme environments, the wearer's equipment is likewise protected. The subject could still suffer unfortunate side effects from environmental extremes however. The cloak radiates a constant protection against Law and good of 30 feet as if the spells Magic Circle against Law and a Magic Circle against Good. This provides a +6 deflection bonus to AC and a +6 resistance bonus on saves. Both these bonuses apply against attacks made or effects created by Law and/or Good creatures

Vhid Namba (Chaos Hammer): This weapon is a +1 short sword, made of a dark alloy, and is black in color. Forged out of the stuff of Chaos and darkness, this blade hides many of its deadly powers until the perfect time to unleash them presents itself. There is no known copy of this weapon and is considered unique amongst its peers and the method in which it was manufactured remains unknown as well.

The following powers are granted to the wielder:

a +4 Insight bonus on Search, Spot, and Survival checks made underground. The wielder can use Blindsight as a standard action once per day. An additional luck bonus is bestowed upon the possessor of the Vhid Namba. This bonus is determined randomly each combat on a roll of a D6.

On a critical hit, the blade strikes with the effect of Chaos Hammer, and all within a 20ft radius can be subjected to this terrible power. The power takes the form of a multicolored explosion of leaping, ricocheting energy. Only lawful and neutral (not chaotic) creatures are harmed. This power deals 5d8 to lawful creatures (or 10d6, to lawful outsiders) and slows them for 1d6 rounds. In addition, the subject takes a –2 penalty to AC, attack rolls, damage rolls, and Reflex saves. A successful Will save reduces the damage by half and negates the slow effect. This power deals only half damage against creatures who are neither lawful nor chaotic, and they are not slowed. Such a creature can reduce the damage by half again (down to one-quarter) with a successful Will save.
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