Journals of the Wenceslas Refuge (Plot Hook)

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Journals of the Wenceslas Refuge (Plot Hook)

Postby shroudeye » Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:13 am

GM's Note: Below is a simple plot hook designed to introduce new technologies, creatures, and places within any futuristic/horror game world. I intentionally left much of this open for changes and flexibility. Feel free to alter the Time Line to match your own concepts. Some of the history below is fact but is mixed with some elements of fantasy to make it more of a fiction.

Journals of the Wenceslas Refuge

Many years have passed since the fall of man and the world became a colder, less hospitality place. A new Ice Age gripped the Earth, plummeting the temperature, and expanding the polar caps once more. Few creatures existed on the surface now, further south, closer to the equator is less sparse. Remnants of humanity that dared to struggle in the harsh environs of old managed to find a subterranean complex from ancient times. It protected them from the severe cold, sheltered them from the pain of life for a time. A hidden vault containing previously undiscovered files of that era had been breached and the explorers read to their content.

1945 Historical Footnote:
The Bell was secreted away by a joint effort between the Nazi scientists and the United States to move The Bell into government custody for reverse engineering and study, It was suspected at that time that "Die Glocke" and Xerum-525 was actually Extraterrestrial in nature, having either fallen into the hands of the Nazis by force or some sort of treaty. No information supported this theory back then nor to this day.


...I am Awake!

The refuge in-which they thrived was once called the Wenceslas mine, and to anyone's guess, was located in the old place known as Poland. Soon they came across information about a man whom was the overseer of the mines, one who was responsible for a great number of terrible devices used in a failed war of supremacy over 100 years ago. He was only known as Kammler, and is associated with apocryphal Nazi super weapons. The Nazi was a tyrannical group of madmen bent on the purification of the world and its inhabitants, and this facility was just one part of the grand scheme for domination, deep underground, and hidden for a very long time.


1965 Historical Footnote:
A similar type of object supposedly crashed in a place known as keksburj, located somewhere in North America. Witnesses claimed it was acorn in shape, very large in size, and was covered in strange, alien symbols in a long band all the way around its base. The "Object" was then hauled away by the military within minutes of the crash. Officials claimed the crash site to be one of their weather balloons.

...I am cold

Further study of the cache of documents and photos revealed that a device known as "Die Glocke" or The Bell, was successfully tested within the Wenceslas mine. A small mention of a strange, mercury like substance used to fuel the device known as Xerum-525, but not much else could be found about the substance nor could any be found within the facility. Strangely The Bell vanished along with its creator somewhere around the end of the second great war. To this day, Die Glocke, it's use, and along with it Kammler's disappearance remain one of the unknown mystery's from that time.


2050 Historical Footnote:
New technology made great breakthroughs. Nanotechnology expanded and used more and more making manufacturing obsolete. A new power source had been discovered through cold fusion techniques, it was called Xerum-525, and revolutionized the world. Hopes that this new fuel would eliminate the causes of global warming were realized but now the planet was plunged in a new ice age and many perished.

...I am lonely

Present day: Last of the Journal Entries...

2065, week 1
A faint signal was detected in the north pole, continuous and intentional. We discovered a way into an old weather station and entered. The complex was frosted over and held no living beings but had power for adequate lighting. We of the Wenceslas declared this to be our new home, a beacon of hope for all that could receive the signal we detected as well.


2065 week 2
A few of our group have vanished below the complex during an investigation of the yet to be discovered power source of the weather observatory. I fear they may have encountered a collapse of some of the tunneling systems underneath and have perished. I am sending another group to find out what happened.


2065 week 3
I am the only one left. All have gone missing and I presume that they are dead. I am afraid to leave the safety of the control room but also will not have enough supplies to last the week. The conditions outside were too harsh for travel and there are no resources to find. I may have to take a chance and look for myself to what happened to all of my people.

Encounter ideas:

Some possible scenarios are-

Kammler used the device to travel into the future to escape persecution for his war crimes but was intercepted by Cultists bent on world domination.

The Bell became sentient due to the advancements in technology, namely Cold-Fusion Nanotechnology, which made it a being of near limitless capabilities.

Another idea is to have Aliens inhabiting the planet and using the device for their own ends.
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