Salem's Witches

These groups of hunters are out to save the world from the demons, devils, ghosts, spirits and the monsters found under the bed and in your closets. Although most of the world doesn’t know or believe in most fairy tales, these hunters are out to try to stop the things that go bump in the night from doing their evil deeds in the world as we know it. Some bonds have already been formed and others are still being built. But will they be able to survive from the dangerous things they hunt? Will they be able to trust one another enough to try and fight together? Or will they collapse under pressure? These hunters will face dark times and go down a long dark road. Will they find hope or loss at the end of their path or paths? Happiness or despair? Life or Death? Will they ever find Dex, the one hunter who may have already lost his life to the demons? Each of them must draw from their strengths and work together or they will finally meet and stare death in the eyes.

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Re: Salem's Witches

Postby Josh Corbett » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:47 am

“No, wait! Alec!”

Josh groaned as Alec rushed out the door.

He expected immature behavior from his father, but he had always thought Alec was a little more responsible. Yet Josh supposed there was a reason why the two men were such good friends. There had to be a meeting of the minds there.

There was no time to go after his uncle. Hamilton was their priority. He turned to his father.

“All right, you help me with Ham. We’ve got to get him in the tub, and iced down. Come on.”

Hamilton had collapsed on the bed, slumped over his computer. Josh grabbed one of Ham’s arms and gestured for his father to get the other one, and together, they wrestled Hamilton into the bathroom and got him propped up on the closed toilet seat.

“You start the bath. Cold water only. I’ll get his clothes off.”

He knew for certain that he couldn’t rely on James to help him with anything that involved undressing another man. Josh stripped off Hamilton’s clothes from his unresisting form, starting with his shirt. The material fairly stuck to Hamilton’s skin with clammy sweat. Getting off his boots and jeans was even tougher, but the rest was easy since Ham apparently went commando.

“Okay, Dad. You have to help me get him in there. Grab his arm.”
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Re: Salem's Witches

Postby Hamilton Rhodes » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:41 am

Hamilton barely moves as you get him to the bathroom and stripped down.. about all he does is mumble some words and one clear thing comes out..

no clothes... no worries.. hm hm hmmmm

the rest is mumbled gibberish.. he barely seems to react when you lower him to the water..
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Re: Salem's Witches

Postby DM Aberrant » Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:06 pm

Oh my God...I am going to die laughing...I am sooooo glad I did not read this at work! I would have laughed so hard!


Alec got on his bike and just as he was about to start it, his phone rang. He looked at the number but it was a number he didn't recognize. Hello?

He smiled as he heard the voice on the other line Hello Sweetheart. How are you?

Yeah...Yeah...Yeah...I'll be there. Don't go anywhere. Just stay there and I'll be there to pick you up.

He started his bike and off he went.
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