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DM Contact Info

Postby DM Sirine » Sat Jul 15, 2006 8:33 am

Want to contact a specific DM about their game, but you don't have an account on Here is a list of DMs who have listed their outside contact info. If you don't see the DM you want to contact here, feel free to post in our guest forum and ask!


DM Sirine:

AIM: DM Sirine

DM Guildmaster:


DM Sleepwalker:

YIM: dmsleepwalker

DM Infernal:

AIM: DM Infernal

DM Nerull:

YIM: GMRongar


DM Psionik:


DM Shadow:

AIM: icemaninarmy
YIM: icemaninarmy

DM Spellbinder:

DM Planescape:

email: chauchatcsrg@
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