Red Raven [PF]

Among the mysteries that surround the Fog Peak Mountains, perhaps the most fantastic is the legend of the Jarl of the North Wind. Supposedly, somewhere in these remote peaks, this supernatural sovereign dwells in a fabulous ice palace surrounded by a golden fortune rich enough to tempt even the most accomplished rogue. Whimsical and vindictive, he jealously guards his castle’s secret location and throws intruders into the icy maze beneath his treasury, dooming them to wander through the twisting passageways until they inevitably freeze to death.
Of course, most sensible people consider these tales to be little more than myth. After all, no form of magical divination has ever succeeded in finding this Jarl or his supposed palace.
But the stories persist, and through the years a surprising number of people have set off into the mountains to look for the fabled fortune; most of these were never heard from again. Most sages agree that although the Jarl and his fortune probably don’t exist, there is something in the mountains that makes them dangerous to explore. The stories remain popular, though, and every once in a while a traveler emerges from the wilderness claiming to have seen the Jarl, his famous treasure, and his infamous maze of ice.

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